Tired of guessing are ya?

hCG Diet
Weight Loss


with the very FIRST



Phase 3 to Life
hCG diet Maintenance Program

You will notice as you read along, I am sprinkling the page with real testimonials for how this program is working for ladies like you. Because you want to know this isn’t all just a bunch of unreliable gibberish, am I right?

90 second interview excerpt: Heather went from Keto to P3tolife after the hCG Diet Protocol.

2 min: Jess maintaining for 5 months with P3tolife:

We tend to have a love/hate relationship with Phase 3.

LOVE: the idea of FINALLY putting olive oil back on our salad – I mean sheesh –
dressing w/o oil should seriously be a crime.

HATE: So many unknowns & guesswork in P3. It’s ALMOST enough to make you wish you could retreat to the safety & structure of P2. Almost.

What if you could have an EXACT plan to follow in Phase 3?

Literally. NOT just a “eat x grams protein and x grams carbs each day” program but instead:

  • an exact meal plan – amounts of food, servings, etc already laid out for you
  • recipes – that fit with the meal plan
  • grocery lists
  • coaching videos to guide you through the mental aspect,
  • weight correction advice
  • shopping and cooking video tutorials.

Yes, an entire structured program
that removes all the guesswork and decision making for you.

Would that be helpful to you?
Would that stop the freak out?

Have you freaked
over at least 1 of these Q’s
while in P3?

(like how I’m being my own stock photo there?)

  • Is this low carb enough?
  • Is this too high carb?
  • How much protein should I have?
  • WHEN do I add cheese & nuts back in? and how much?
  • Oh-my-google, this sauce has 1g of sugar & I ate it, did I just ruin everything? Do I have to start over?
  • I’m eating low carb and I’m gaining, NOW what do I do?
  • I gained weight & was told I’m not eating enough, how do I fix it?
  • I gained and was told I’m eating too much, how do I fix it?
  • That “2lb” rule that’s always hanging over my head – do I do 3 steak days in a row to get back to that if need be? #starving #wahhhhhh
  • WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Because it’s not going well. Even though I’m trying my best.


You have known what to eat to stabilize – which for you has been:

chicken breast, cold salads, and broccoli. #notthegoodlife

But frankly, you aren’t really content with those foods – especially when contemplating eating this way forever in order to prevent weight gain. How can you eat the rest of your life that will be satisfying without weight gain?? That is the question.

There is another way. Really really.

I know you wouldn’t believe me that this is possible, because I wouldn’t have believed me either – that’s why I hope all the video testimonials from real women who’ve done the program will show you this is for real.

Arleen’s results from the P3toLife Program – in 1 minute:

We see lots of
before-and-immediately-after weight loss photos.

But how often do we see
weight MAINTENANCE photos?

I think it’s safe to say for SURESIES, you WANT to stabilize and
maintain your hCG weight loss – between rounds and long term.


Is it encouraging to you when you see

a gal whose managed to live the
last 5 years without being on a diet?

If that gal had always been thin, yeah probably not. Because she’s obviously
not had the struggle we’ve had. But,

what if that someone was once 50 lbs overweight and a previous binge sugar eater- to the tune of
a 1/2 gallon of ice-cream in a day?


My weight maintenance photos the past few years:

My History in a Quick 3 Minutes:

I’m Rayzel. A mommy blogger (which makes my credentials Rayzel Lam, Mb 😉 ) who loves finding creative solutions to my problems. And one of those problems was HOW do I learn to maintain my hCG weight loss when I eat a lot?? And when I don’t want to eat chicken breast and cold salad the rest of my life??

Like you,

I found the hCG protocol. Which was awesome. It’s how I lost 50 lbs. Each time I did a round of hCG, as I pondered what was next, I found myself having

2 emotions about p3:

You too?

The nearer Phase 3 came, the more I was freaking out.

I know I ain’t the only one who does that- I get emails like this all the time:

We Work SO hard to lose that weight on hCG.

If naturally thin people only KNEW how hard it has been for us. For some of us, the hCG diet has been this miracle when we tried EVERY other diet, and for the first time in years, found a protocol that was ACTUALLY working for more than like 5 lbs.

Naturally we don’t want to gain it back. But so many do.

I have been around the block now in the hCG community through my blog and private email with thousands of hCGers in the past 6 years and I came to realize…


That is what I spent the last 2 years creating.


Is IT A magic fairy dust program?

Man, wouldn’t that be awesome. Sadly, that doesn’t exist. I can’t promise you will 110% for sure stabilize and maintain following the plan. Our bodies are all so different, hormonal balance, lifestyle, age, so many factors effect us. But this program will position you much more strategically for stabilization than without it.

let me show you why this program is SEVERAL STEPS ABOVE the only “program” we hCGers have had access until now – you know the one- the “fly by the seat of my pinterest pants” program.

If you want to hear it from my mouth:




there are 8 main facets

to the p3 program

the entire program is on a membership site (for a ONE TIME price) that has all the videos, audio, and PDF documents downloads for the program.



The recipes themselves were created JUST for this program, they can’t be found anywhere else.

Why the recipes are more special than just any ol’ low carb recipe you might find online:

They are unique in the way that I designed the balance of protein, fat and carbs to give you the most VOLUME and FLAVOR to your meals as possible while being a calorie amount that fits for maintenance for most women long term. Many low carb recipes are actually fairly high calorie and can cause problems with weight.

Alexandra’s thoughts about PORTION SIZES on the P3toLife program:

You will NOT be eating these recipes just for 7 weeks folks.

Nikki’s thoughts on eating P3tolife style long term:


Another P3toLife member emailed me recently:

“Today,  I completed my first week on P3to life. The food is delicious. It really makes me feel satisfied and not at all deprived.

This seems so doable. By the way, many of these recipes will DEFINITELY be staples for me for the rest of my life. The food is amazing. I no longer feel have to eat cold salads to lose or maintain weight. That gets old quick. Seriously, I had no idea how to prepare such healthful and delicious meals on my own.”

Arleen’s feelings about the food in the P3tolife program:



The meal plan is a 7 week tell-me-exactly-what-to-cook-and-eat layout, with 2 versions- a full color layout for device viewing and printable PDFS, that contains the meal plan calendar, an exact grocery list for each week’s meals, and of course….the recipes!

The meal plan – both the layout and recipes have been reviewed and endorsed by 8 health professionals from dietitians to nutritionists. You can check out their approvals in the FAQs below.

Nutritionally speaking, the calories are raised gradually each week. The plan is nut and dairy free (except butter) until week 3, where we start gradually easing them in. It’s higher protein, moderate fat, and low carb. Get all the super-duper exact details of the meal plan (how many calories each week, etc) in the FAQ’s below.

Why Raise Your Calories Gradually In Phase 3?

And this isn’t just good in theory either! Because I’m not just about how things scientifically SHOULD be. We all know that’s just now things go sometimes. I can honestly tell you,

whenever I’m contacted by an hCGer who has stabilized well, I inevitably find out they gradually increased their calories.

Meals are designed to have both VOLUME and TASTE, while avoiding recipes and foods that would likely trigger cravings or the urge to overeat.

When you follow the meal plan, you will AUTOMATICALLY be doing everything listed here without counting calories or figuring anything out yourself.


It’s super easy to add calories as needed. Promise.


What Lynda thinks of the PORTION SIZES of the P3 meals!

Andrea: her surprise of eating plenty + not gaining weight from that!

3 Meal Plan Layout options

You’ll see that there are to fit any person’s schedule & personality (you get them all with the program).


Maybe you want a pinky-hold for phase 3, rather than an exact roadmap. I get it! In that case, you’ll see all the P3 recipes are laid out cookbook style as well! This gives you that flexibility where YOU choose what recipes you make and when, while still having recipes that you’ll know for sure fit within best P3 guidelines.


Or what I’d like to call, the “You Can’t Ignore Your Brain the Smartest Part of You” section.

It’s all well and good to talk about what to eat and how much, but that alone is NOT what’s going to get you to long term maintenance, or even stabilization honestly. Our minds are the smartest part of us. hehe, get it? These conversations are all about specific strategies I have used in my own almost 5 year maintenance, as well as things that I had to change about what I thought, in order to make good choices and to FEEL good about them. These are the things that without them, I would not be where I am today. I would not have maintained my weight loss and I’d still be yo-yoing up and down like I did many years ago.

Just how important are “coaching videos” anyway? Is that just fluff-fluff?

P3tolifer Christine wrote this email to me:

“This wasn’t my first rodeo. I’d done the HCG protocol about five years ago and had been successful. At the time. And THEN GAINED ALL THE WEIGHT BACK AND MORE. I swore this time would be different and I knew where the weak spot was. Phase 3. IT’S THE COACHING VIDEOS THAT HAVE MADE THE DIFFERENCE FOR ME. I am now 5 weeks post P2, feel great and have actually lost a bit more weight. I feel IN CONTROL. RAYZEL HAS MADE ME THINK ABOUT FOOD DIFFERENTLY THAN I DID BEFORE AND HAS HELPED ME IDENTIFY PRIOR PITFALLS IN ORDER TO AVOID THEM. You know that super hopeful feeling you get when you start a new weight loss plan? This is the first time I’ve ever had that feeling weeks after finishing and it’s because of P3tolife. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS BECAUSE YOU SPEAK CANDIDLY AND DON’T USE STUPID CLICHÈS. My favorite coaching sessions are the Triggers & Learning to Identify Lies. For me, those are really powerful.” – Christine


A whole video series of conversations on how to do fasting in a good way so that you get good results from it without it backfiring. Because it can totally backfire. There’s a way our body seems to respond best to it from my experience, and I share all that with you here.


  These tutorials help you learn what to look out for and what doesn’t matter so much when shopping for ingredients and making choices about what to buy with food and tools. We don’t have to sweat EVERYTHING. So let’s learn what matters to make sensible and realistic decisions.


These help show some of the basic simple ways to do healthy cooking long term that will become 2nd nature as you do them. Once you know the basics, you can make healthy food you actually LIKE so that you’re not nearly as tempted to go back to previous ways of eating.


A tools & ingredients resource guide, with all the links to useful tools for the kitchen for healthy cooking as well as links to the alternative ingredients you will likely be using in the future. A protein powders guide with all the best brands from grass fed and organic sources only, where stevia or erythritol is the only sweetener.

Whewwww! That was a page-ful of info ya?

All the PDF documents – the meal plan PDF’s and the cookbook style PDF’s come in 2 versions:

1. FULL COLOR – best for device and computer viewing, and will really get you excited to make these recipes seeing the meals in full color!

2. BLACK & WHITE PRINTABLE – a lot of us like to print stuff, so you can do that too without spending $500 on ink. ;0


Pay 1 Time - Yours Forever
$199 One-time cost
Phase 3 to Life Program
Full Details

Questions? [email protected]



How is this different from making low carb recipes I find on Pinterest?

First of all let me say this, that is TOTALLY an option (of course it is, that’s what we’ve been doing so far right?) and it’s free to do that. Never feel like you are doomed without this program.

But one trouble I personally ran into is that even though I was eating low carb after the diet ended, I was still overeating. I thought If it was low carb that’s all that mattered. And I have a pretty strong fear of being hungry or not being allowed to eat

There are right now 2 typical approaches to phase 3.
1. Continue to eat Phase 2 but just more of everything.
2. Find low carb recipes on Pinterest. Make and eat these.

Both of these CAN work. But they are often not ideal for most, and this is why:


Positives: Two 100 gram portions of chicken breast have a total of 46 grams of protein. So with this as the example, doubling this would put you at 92 grams of protein for the day- which is a good amount, so that can totally work.

Problems: you are already quite sick of the foods, and because the variety is so limited, you are likely missing out on a lot of good nutrients from other foods. Additionally, adding more P2 fruits can cause the carb intake for a day on p3 to be too high. Doing this also wouldn’t include any healthy fats, something that most of us should be adding back in during phase 3. Main point really though is the vast majority of us would have a pretty hard time sticking to just these foods for 3 more weeks after already being stuck with them for 3-6 prior.


Positives: It’s free!

Problems: Low carb recipes can often be very calorie dense recipes. This can be a problem if you aren’t gradually raising your calories when you first come off the 500 calorie diet. Also, most low carb recipes are created by people with the one purpose of them simply being low carb, but there is no thought given to the getting the proper amount of protein, fat, and carbs to give you a balance day of eating. It’s very easy to under eat protein. You would have to do quite a bit of legwork to create a plan where you could gradually increase your calories each week.


The Phase 3 to Life hCG Maintenance Program is designed specifically so that you will be following the BEST route to stablization and maintenance of your hCG weight loss,
while having almost all the legwork done FOR you already.

Speaking of which….how do correction days/steak days go on the P3tolife program?

LET THESE LADIES SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCE (spoiler alert…they didn’t need any stinkin’ steak days!)

Tell Me More. I’m a need details person.

I totally get it, I’m a need details person too.

Is this price a one time fee?

Yep! It’s a ONE TIME FEE. So no recurring payments or subscriptions or anything. You pay once, and the program and access to the membership site are yours fo-eva.

Is the meal plan just going to tell me to eat cheese slices on day 2 and raw zucchini sticks on day 5?

No way Jose! I wouldn’t ask for money to tell you to eat cheese slices. That would just be plain wrong. :)- Each weeks’ meal plan is a custom set of recipes designed specifically for this program- meaning these recipes aren’t anywhere else.

Can I get ALL the details of the Meal Plan?
  • Custom recipes– they were created specifically for this program. They don’t exist anywhere else
  • 113 recipes total
  • Exact meal plan for each week, 7 weeks worth, so you know exactly what to make & eat each day. Most members enjoy rotating these meal plan weeks over time for long term maintenance.
  • Exact grocery list for each week
  • Meal plan layout allots 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert smoothie.
  • Calories are raised gradually each week. This is actually a thing. It’s called Reverse Dieting and is frequently used by nutrition experts to raise a person’s metabolism.
  • Week 1: Calories increase from 900-1000ish, 42g average net carbs, 85g average protein, 45g average fat.
  • Week 2: Calorie increase from 1100ish-1200ish, 37g average net carbs, 108g average protein, 62g average fat
  • Week 3: Calories increase from 1300-1400ish, 54g average net carbs, 110g average protein, 66g average fat
  • Week 4-7: Similar to week 3.
  • EASILY add additional calories if still hungry (never be hungry!) with simple non-cook ideas (we’re talking some olives or an extra tbs of butter here – super easy). Although so far, most members actually emailing asking if they have to eat all the food because they feel full (stop when satiated you guys!).
  • Dairy & Nuts are not added until week 3 (except butter – we do use butter sometimes)
  • Higher protein focus – this is because higher protein can help with cravings, provides satiety, and will help your body rebuild any lost muscle from your weight loss.
  • Meals are designed to have both VOLUME and TASTE, while avoiding recipes and foods that would likely trigger cravings or the urge to overeat.
  • Fudge room left for the calories in your morning tea/coffee
  • 3 Entertaining Menus – each of the menus + recipes are designed for a party/entertainment type meal with guests. They are low-carb versions of things people might traditionally like to make for a gathering, like chocolate cake, or apple spice cake, or stuffing and rolls. These are just a bonus I decided to add to give you guys more options and flexibility with this way of eating for life!
  • Both full color recipe images & black and white printable PDF’s
How do I know this meal plan/recipes is worth following? After all, you're just a mommy blogger.

Hey, that’s Rayzel Lam, Mb to you. 😉

No really, I get it. Which is why I’d like you to know that I had this meal plan reviewed in detail by 8 health professionals, from dietitians to nutritionists (and believe me it was NO small feat to get educated health peeps to agree to review something related to the hCG protocol! I must have contacted at least 150 people, then had to explain the whole thing etc etc and these 8 brave souls were willing to not judge hCG by it’s cover). You can see their approval of the meal plan and recipes here.

The reason they felt comfortable recommending it, with their own credentials behind it, is because I’ve done a LOT of research on the various factors that would be important to a meal plan like this that follows a protocol like Phase 2. The factors that effect how I designed the meal plan are:

  • when coming off a low calorie diet
  • when factoring how we react emotionally and psychologically to some foods
  • the physiological reasons behind what makes us feels satisfied with what we eat
  • the process that is most effective for raising one’s metabolism gradually to prevent weight gain after fast weight loss

These are the factors I have applied to my own life in maintaining my fat loss from the hCG protocol in full for almost four and a half years, learning from trial & error plus lots of google research. 🙂

THAT is the foundation the recipes and the layout of the meal plan are based on.

Will I have to cook a lot?

This depends on your definition of a lot. Let me tell you exactly how I’ve laid this out. The meal plan is designed for the most part where you will make a dish, and eat it for one meal, then eat the other half of the recipe as leftovers the following day for a meal. Ie. dinner one day, lunch the next, and vice versa.

However, there is also a SIMPLIFIED version of each week’s meal plan, with just as much detail for you, that involves batch cooking less recipes each week, and eating them times that week (ie. a lunch that you eat 3-4 days in a row, instead of twice).

Do I have to count calories?

Nope! That’s what’s so awesome about this is that if you choose to follow the exact meal plan layout, if you cook the recipes and eat the serving size it says, you will AUTOMATICALLY be gradually increasing your calorie intake each week, WITHOUT counting anything yourself! You can literally not even think about numbers, outside of scooping yourself out a 1 cup of cauliflower rice, or weighing yourself 6 oz of chicken etc.

Can I count calories easily if I want to?

Yes of course!

If you end up deciding to use the cookbook style PDF’s of the P3 recipes, each recipe has the nutrition information per serving clearly labeled so that you can just enter a custom entry on myfitness pal or whatever for “379 calories, 40g protein….” etc.

PLEASE note, if you start to enter in specific ingredients on an app like MyFitnessPal, you may find the numbers are not always the same as what my plans say- this is because there are a lot of inaccuracies with many of the ingredient entries on these apps. I used the USDA Nutrition Database for sourcing the macros for the ingredients of these recipes and had them cross-checked by a nutrition professional for accuracy.

What if I'm still hungry on your meal plan?

Live with it. TOTALLY JOKING! No actually it’s very important that you not be hungry – I think that is one of my greatest fears in life, having to purposefully be hungry :)- There is a lesson on the P3 to Life membership site that will give you tips on how to easily increase your calories as needed on any given day if you are hungry after eating your P3 meals already. We’re talking simple stuff like having some olives. It ain’t hard to add food till you feel satisfied.

And to be perfectly honest, the number 1 question I mostly get from my P3tolifers through email is not what to do because they’re hungry, it’s “Rayzel, I’m getting full, should I still eat the whole meal?” These meals are well designed to give you a lot of volume for the calorie amount.

Answer to question btw: Do not each past fullness. Listen to your own hunger (or I’m-not-hungry-anymore!) signals to dictate how much you eat. Most find their appetite comes back in a gradual way during P3 and week 1 especially they often get fuller faster.

I know you told me how this is different than just picking low carb recipes off pinterest of yummly but how's that again?

Basically, choosing any low carb recipes can totally work. BUT it’s not ideal because many of us, including myself, do not have a very good idea of just how much food we need and when our bodies are in that volatile place where weight regain is very easy after having lost so much weight in a short span of time on Phase 2, having a more strategic plan that’s laid out for us will make up for our lack of knowing what we need. So for instance, the meal plan as I’ve designed it increases your calorie intake gradually each week so that your body can adjust and adapt with the least chance of regaining fat.

When left to my own devices, I find that I end up eating a lot of volume of calorie dense foods and the calories for this quickly end up being over the quota of what my body can handle.

What if I want to make the P3 recipes but I don't want to follow the meal plan - I'm a natural born rebel.

Guess what? While I can’t promise it will work AS well for you as following the specific meal plan (because of the gradual increase of calories and macros that happens with meal plan layout), I have all the Phase 3 recipes on the site as PDF’s just by recipe- so for instance there are PDF ebooks by type of recipe, rather than following the layout of the meal plan (ie breakfast, main meals, dessert smoothies). So if you can download those and be like, hmmmm which dessert smoothie do I feel like making tnite? I’m a rebel, you can’t tell me to eat a banana nut smoothie on day 5, I’m picking the pumpkin pie smoothie so there! You can totally do that. If you still want to track your calorie and macro intake, you can do that as each recipe has that information listed on it.

Can you guarantee I'll stabilize in Phase 3 with this program?

There is no way I can guarantee that. First it would illegal, but outside of that, our bodies are all so different and there is no way to be completely sure. What I can say though is that this is a much more strategic approach than guessing and making random low carb recipes. So basically it will make it much more likely that you will stabilize and maintain following this vs. not having a plan.

If it helps, so far all the women who email me who are actually following the program have either stabilized or even lost weight with P3tolife. It’s honestly a smashing success of a plan- more so than I could have ever thought possible.

I have a question not answered here

Totally! Just email me: [email protected]


GLUTEN: I'm celiac or gluten intolerant

ALL the recipes in the P3toLife program are 100% gluten & gliadin free – in fact the entire plan is also grain free.

DAIRY INTOLERANCE: I'm allergic or intolerant to dairy or some milk products

There is no dairy the first 2 weeks of the program except butter- and if butter is a problem for you it’s just a cooking oil so you could easily just use olive oil instead.

For weeks 3 and beyond, we occasionally utilize some dairy in the form of half and half or heavy whipping cream or cheese, but all of it is in small amounts and for the liquid dairy, these would all easily be replaceable by things like coconut milk or coconut cream (which is what the recipes I have in the first 2 weeks do!) and then for the dishes with a little cheese, there is only 1 recipe where the cheese is a main component- the eggplant lasagna- the rest of the dishes it’s really just a garnish type thing in small amount so you could simply sub a handful of nuts or seeds in place of it or some nutritional yeast (which we utilize in other dishes because it has a cheesy flavor!) If you have any additional questions about this just email us [email protected]!

What type of ingredients are in the plan?

To give you a few more details:

  • All recipes are grain free
  • All recipes are completely sugar free – what I mean by this – the only “sweetness” utilized is very small amounts of whole fresh fruits for flavor and texture, and 2 sugar free sweeteners which are stevia and eythritol, both of which have been found to NOT impact blood sugar levels. No other “sweet” ingredients are used. No dried fruits, no concentrated “natural” sugar like coconut sugar or dried dates or brown rice syrup.
  • The plan is low carb but not Atkins induction (why? We have found it’s just not necessary- these meals are filling and nice volume due to the use of healthy low carb vegetables and fruits and prevents you from overeating).
  • All recipes are dairy free the 1st two weeks except butter as a cooking oil, and weeks 3+ contain occasional small amounts of dairy that can be easily subbed if you have an intolerance.
SEAFOOD: I get allergies & explode when I eat seafood. Can you tell me how many seafood dishes there are and if I can easily sub them?
Good Q! I’m so sorry to hear you explode when you eat seafood! ;0 Below you will see exactly what seafood dishes are in each week’s meal plan, and my suggestions for subbing- and YES I think these subs are easy to do!
In most cases you will see there is only 1 recipe that you would need to sub per week.
1. Smoky Salmon & Crispy Roasted Brussel Sprouts (sub chicken breast or lean beef cut)
1. Mediterranean Mahi-Mahi with Asparagus & Sundried Tomato Tapenade (sub chicken breast)
2. Chili Lime Shrimp & Snap Peas (sub ground turkey maybe!)
1. Salmon Salad Wraps (sub canned chicken- many do this anyway)
2. Fish Taco Bowl (sub chicken breast or fajita style beef strips)
3. Pan Seared Salmon & Broccoli Slaw (sub chicken thigh)
WEEKS 1-3 total: 6 Seafood Recipes
1. Sesame Crusted Tuna Steak w/ Cucumber Avocado Salad (sub chicken thigh)
Please note the following meal plans are not yet up on the P3 site- they are coming soon (they are not advertised in the program, they are something I chose to add to support my current members more!)
1. Cauli Rice Jambalaya with Chicken and Shrimp (can just use chicken only)
1. Chimichurri Shrimp with Zucchini Corn Salad (sub chicken or beef)
WEEKS 1-7 total: 9 Seafood Recipes


How do I know if I'm NOT a good fit for this program?

If you don’t want to cook.
If you want to just eat chicken breast, lettuce and broccoli.

And I’m not being sarcastic here! A few of you truly don’t mind just eating super duper simple and mostly the same from day to day, and this is not that sort of plan.

I figure most of you can figure out how to eat simple chicken breast and salads if that’s what you’re aiming for. This plan is designed to show you the type of delicious, filling variety of eating that’s possible while still maintaining – a type of eating that you can see yourself eating forever without getting bored out of your mind or gagging on the thought of it.


is it easy to start?

Planning a bit ahead is of course, ideal. If you can get this program 1-2 weeks before P3, awesome. But maybe you’re more of the “planning-schmanning” mentality at the moment because you’re already……


It’s pretty much as simple as:
1. Get the program
2. Print/download Week 1 grocery list
3. Go shopping.
There are a couple specialty ingredients I try to include each week that are ideal to find on Amazon, but they are not required and can be subbed out or skipped.

Danielle Was Starting P3 THAT DAY:


We all must factor cost into the decisions we make. Is the cost worth the benefit? In this case, to help you decide if the Phase 3 program is worth the cost to you, consider this:

  1. TIME SAVINGS. Is this worth all the legwork that has been done for you, or would you rather do the legwork yourself?
  2. MENTAL & EMOTIONAL ENERGY SAVINGS. Does having a specific meal plan and specific recipes that you KNOW are Phase 3 approved, put your mind at ease?
  3. Will it save you from being a victim of DECISION FATIGUE? Wh-what? It’s a thing! They’ve done studies on this, for real. Basically the more decisions you have to make, the more mentally depleted you become, which causes you to make poorer and poorer choices. See it hasn’t been your fault all along. You just had too many choices to make, without even knowing what was the right way. #thatsbeenme #manyatime With this program, you will have far fewer decisions to make regarding what to do and eat and even how to think in Phase 3.
  4. Do you want something that can be either strict or flexible, depending on where you are currently at in life? With the Phase 3 recipes laid out in a specific meal plan AND cookbook style, Phase 3 eating can be as specific or flexible as you like, while still remaining within best P3 practices.
  5. It’s EXACT. I can’t really underscore enough how valuable it is having an exact plan to follow that almost guarantees your success after all your hard efforts at weight loss. I can’t guarantee anything you guys, not legal, but what I can tell you if that I’m getting emails every week from P3tolifers with the SAME. STORY. “Rayzel! For the first time ever, I stabilized and never had to do a steak day!”

Justina’s Experience as a P3toLifer:

Andrea’s take on whether the P3 program is worth it or not:

(She said she’d pay for it every P3 if she had too! Wow! But I wouldn’t make you guys do that).


ZERO RISK. Money Back Guarantee.

This is about giving you tools and strategies to help you as you navigate your weight journey. If you feel like the program isn’t doing this, I’m not here to hold your money hostage. You can just email me for a full refund. I mean that you guys. There is no time limit on this. People who this program is right for, it’s super right for. If it’s not the right thing for you, no worries- just email me.

Main goods of the program:

  • 7 week EXACT meal plan layout PDF’s
  • Grocery list for each week
  • Cookbook style layout PDF’s for more flexible recipe choosing
  • 3 Entertaining Menus that include things like low carb, sugar free Chocolate cake with frosting, and grain free stuffing, for entertaining your friends and fam with food they will all love that’s okay for you too.
  • 113 recipes in total
  • Instructions for transitioning P3 recipes to P4.
  • 15 Coaching Videos
  • 15 Weight Corrections w/ Fasting Videos
  • 7 Shopping Video Tutorials
  • 17 Cooking Video Tutorials
  • Tools & Ingredients Resource Guide
  • Protein Powders Guide (all organic and grass fed sources)
  • Full Color Version AND Black & White Printable Version of ALL PDF’s
  • Bonus: 4 Video Exercise Interviews (w/text & audio)
  • FREE Bonus: 9 Weightlifting Demo Videos (yes, I’m aware you may totally not care about this- I’m just throwing it in there free, remember it’s not costing you anything!)
  • All future updates to the program free (like weeks 5-7 meal plan & recipes once available and boy they ARE coming folks).

Quick video tour
inside the P3 to Life Program

Aaannd more P3toLifer testimonials, because, #realitywins

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Phase 3 to Life Program
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What professional peeps have to say

DOCTORS & Dietitians review

Since I have a hunch my own qualifications,
Rayzel Lam, Mb, Mommy blogger, don’t really count.

First up, a Nutritionist who actually followed my Phase 3 program after a round of hCG:

As tough as dieting can be, finding a sensible diet program that will teach you how to eat properly and give you lasting results can be even harder! P3tolife’s programs are exactly what someone coming off of an hCG diet needs in order to ensure long-term success.

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With delicious meal plans and recipes coupled with guidance such as shopping lists and coaching videos, they have put together a program that will ensure your success if you follow it. The worst thing someone coming off of any diet can experience is the slow creep back up the scale and the dread of a lifetime of calorie restrictions and starvation in order to stay thin. P3tolife’s nutrition plan is right on point as a modern, sensible, and effective way to approach real nutrition and teach you how to eat delicious and healthy foods to keep that scale where it belongs!

Dr. Brandon Lee
D.O.M., Certified Weight Management Specialist

The P3tolife hCG maintenance program is a regimen for ladies seeking to maintain their weight. This diet involves provision of calorie-controlled, low-carb, high-protein, all-natural gourmet meals.

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The calorically restricted eating protocol in this diet helps in gradually increasing calorie intake while still maintaining your ideal weight. If you are busy and you would like to maintain your weight, the P3tolife program is for you!

Dr. Tracy Sherman

After the hCG protocol, it is vital to have a properly mapped out diet plan to steadily bring your metabolism back to optimal speed. This needs to be done correctly in order to sustain the weight lost, and without shocking the body which would ultimately lead to unwanted fat storage.

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Rayzel’s Phase 3 Program does exactly that! It is laid out in a unique way, beyond the original P3 guideline of simply avoiding starch and sugar, by telling you exactly what to eat. It strategically sets appropriate caloric ranges, while including correct macro and micro-nutrient amounts for each day. As a registered dietitian, I can tell you that the layout of Rayzel’s P3 program is a wise approach to stabilizing weight loss after the hCG protocol.

Brianna Shahin, Registered Dietitian, MSc
Owner, The Food Pharm

A smooth transition from weight loss to maintenance is absolutely crucial for long term results. Rayzel’s P3 meal plan does just that; provides safe and effective guidelines for the transition from a low calorie HCG diet to a more sustainable plan for stabilization.

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Her plan is particularly advanced in the area of recipes. As a Registered Dietitian, I believe that Rayzel’s P3 plan is both safe and effective at transitioning HCG clients from HCG diets to stabilization. I would not hesitate to suggest it to my clients.

Melissa Ketter, Registered Dietitian

As a registered and licensed dietitian, I support Rayzel’s program. Each meal provides clients with the RDIs and macronutrients sufficient in stabilizing one’s weight. Rayzel has beautifully crafted your next meal plan.

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I appreciate that Rayzel took a personal experience and designed a plan that will help others succeed as she has. The plan balances macronutrients and calories to allow for your metabolism to adjust. Each week, the calorie goals accumulate gradually. The fat and carbohydrate ratios are increased slowly to reduce intolerance like stomach upset. I personally loved the smoothies for an afternoon pick up.

Maegan White, MA, RDN
The Wanderlust Dietitian

Just think.

How will you FEEL
if you stabilize & maintain
following a tailored p3 plan?

This means…

if you have another round of hCG to do,
you can be losing NEW weight
instead of re-losing the weight
you gained between rounds.

This means…

if you are mostly done losing weight, you can also be
DONE trying to constantly fit more hCG rounds
into your already busy and will-power strained life.

This is me maintaining for 5 years,
and it can be you too.

Remember, this is not a magic fairy dust program,
HOWEVER, it’s many steps above
the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pinterest-pants program,
and it will increase your odds of success many-fold
while saving you tons of time, energy, sanity, and possibly….
prevent a full-on emotional breakdown
with ben & jerry’s as your buddy. 😉



Lynda’s Feelings About the P3toLife Program in 1 min 20 sec:

Natalie’s P3toLife program experience:

SavCourtney’s Phase 3’s with and without P3toLife:




Pay 1 Time - Yours Forever
$199 One-time cost
Phase 3 to Life Program
Full Details

Questions? [email protected]