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    Although might I suggest before P3 starts? That whole planning thing can really help. 😉

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    #246 - November 30, 2022

    I just had to write you a note. I'm so excited. First, if you see previous emails I didn't want to eat mushrooms. I took your suggestions and they were delicious!
    My weight I was concerned about has stabilized. Two weeks ago today was my first day of the three days after hcg nasal spray
    I'm half a pound less.
    Today is day two of travels. I have meals for 3 days. Yesterday we stopped at cracker barrel. I asked for a plate and offered to pay a fee. I had the steak with tomatoes and cauliflower. I'm enjoying the chocolate muffins too. I brought my scale with me. And my weight is stabilized
    I'm so thankful for this program. It has been such a positive experience. It takes time to plan when you're traveling but I feel so good.

    - Debra

    #245 - November 6, 2022

    I'm super impressed! I started my hcg journey over 10 years ago and I'm not going to lie I wasn't convinced. I'm a physician assistant with over 20 years of medical experience and I was very skeptical that this diet was just another extreme fad diet that wouldn't work! I started at 198 back in 2011 and I'm now at 144 and have been stable there for the most part for many years now. From time to time I find myself slowly drifting up and that's when I will do a short round to get back on track. Throughout all of the years, I have floundered my way through P3. I knew you existed as an "hcg guru" because I had seen some of your information and videos online. This time, I said to myself why not give her program a try? So, I did!
    I'm just super impressed with the organization of all the info, the videos, the recipes make huge amounts of food AND they actually taste great! It's such a relief to have all the thinking already done for me, the grocery list, the menu planning. I've actually lost another 0.6 pounds since I started!
    All of this hard work must have taken you many years to finish. It's obvious you are passionate about the program and helping other people. You must know you have impacted countless people's lives for the better who are forever grateful!!

    - Mamie

    #244 - May 5, 2022

    P3 went great … food is delicious and I was able to stay with in the 2 lbs… actually the scale never went up. I'm now in P4 and beyond … my biggest struggle is getting enough food and calories in , but I'm not hungry. I lost 25 lbs , started hcg Jan 31st at 145 lbs and as of today May 4th I am 118 lbs. I'm beyond excited!! Now I'm in workout mode. Trying to get lean and toned. Thanks for everything.

    - Nancy

    #243 - April 20, 2022

    This is the first time my husband did the diet with me. We love the P2 and P3 recipes! We love to cook and your recipes have been a lifesaver!

    - Maria

    #242 - April 20, 2022

    I finally was able to start p3 and it has been so great! The food is delicious !!! So far as good on the scale too 🙂 just wanted to let you know! I watched some of your coaching videos yesterday and I really liked those as well. I also can't believe I made curry I would have thought it would be so complicated but it came out so delicious. The only thing I haven't don't yet are dessert smoothies but I am excited to try since I have a Vitamix.

    I think I'd like to keep trying to do some intermittent fasting so I think it would be helpful having a schedule where you don't eat breakfast or dinner but it's not too hard to figure out on my own what to skip.

    - Danielle

    #241 - March 31, 2022

    I'm still losing weight. I am enjoying the recipes. I make a few odd because I don't eat pork or bacon so I substitute it with lean meat like chicken or ground beef or shrimp or fish. Some of the portion sizes are huge to me! Lol. I guess it's because I went so long eating smaller portions. So like the egg bacon thing, I didn't use bacon I used ground chicken and I can only eat one. Lol. They were delicious. I am starting week two and am looking forward to the Fritters and the poppers for sure. This has been a wonderful guide. It truly is. I have also started experimenting baking my own breads with Carbolose flour and honestly I am pass the sugar cravings and I gave up caffeine a few months before HCG. You inspired me to return to my kitchen and bulk cooking works for me.

    - Barb

    #240 - February 20, 2022

    Bi Brilliantly gorgeous Being 🙂

    I haven't started P2 yet (I'm revisiting HCG from 2009). That has given me time to start stocking with the products you've suggested and experimenting with the recipes. I've not made any of the main meal recipes yet…. I will though! However, I've been making the mug breads and the smoothies. We love the breads/cakes. We are absolutely addicted to the smoothies!!! You have done a fabulous job making dessert fun and delicious, while super easy!!! I have a vita mix (since 2004 and still going strong!). So these smoothies are decadently delightful!!! It's helping us keep calories down now while we enjoy eating dessert, yay! I was intimidated by the recipes at first, I'm not even really sure why, possibly because of some of the ingredients? Also, the toppings, browning butter and such. However, these recipes are so easy and now I see them as simple. I've almost memorized some of them.
    You usually ask about favorites. I've not made all of them… yet. Still stockpiling ingredients, At this point, we love the pumpkin pie and Vanilla Dream the best, although we haven't had one we do not really really rally like. Seriously, you've created something uber special, thank you so much!!!
    I'll report on the recipes and let you know how those go. I have no doubt I will love them as much as everyone else does!!
    Immense Gratitude,

    - Debbie

    #239 - January 27, 2022

    I am loving the program so far and am really enjoying the food! I am still scratching my head wondering how I'm able to eat more than double the calories of the HCG diet and maintain the weight loss! It's just crazy to me. But so far so good!!! 😅

    I am so grateful for your very detailed program. It is all outlined so well and makes it easy to follow! I am so glad I came across your program!!!

    Well done!

    - Stephanie

    #238 - January 14, 2022

    First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for creating your P3to life program!!! I have absolutely loved it and it works!! Many years ago, I did hcg, which worked, but then I was just floundering when it came to maintenance and I never stabilized or kept it off and everything just came right back on. This time I decided I was willing to do hcg again, but I had to find a way to keep it off. As I did my research, I found you, and I'm so glad I did! I finished hcg in September and had lost 14-15 pounds. I've been very diligent with your program and have continued to lose! As of now, I've lost 36 pounds! I feel so much better. I just can't even describe it, but I know you know the feeling!! My daughter did this with me as well. She is 19 and we both had just gained some extra fluff the past year and a half or so. She has lost about 20 pounds, and I'm so proud of her too. She is also very faithful to your program.

    - Kendra

    #237 - December 7, 2021

    Let me thank you for your program to support hcg. I just completed my 3rd round. The first two I worked with a nurse practitioner. I lost 25lbs and 20lbs respectively. Doing the full 40 days on the first and then more like 32 on the second. I was proud of my progress, but gained it all back after each one as I struggled trying to figure out how to return to 'normal' life. As a mother of 5, I was tired of cooking two separate meals. And every time we had a holiday or trip, I would gain back another 5lbs. Your P3 to Life has been a life saver. I have stayed within my 2lbs of last injection weight (all except Thanksgiving weekend😋) and have only had to do 2 steak days - one for a week trip to Denver/Phoenix and one for Thanksgiving. For someone who was constantly oscillating during those 6 weeks with constant steak days, that has felt amazing!!! All while cooking the same meal for all of us - just usually adding in a carb, did I mention that 4 of those children are teenage boys!?!? 🤣🤣🤣 And they even enjoy eating the 'weird mom food' as it is affectionately called in our house.

    - Cassandra

    #236 - October 27, 2021

    I'm loving your recipes on Phase 3 and it's been easy. Some meals I've made some more quantity so I haven't had to cook something different for my husband and kids.

    I'm in Australia so everything for us is grams and kilos so I just convert a recipe from oz and pounds when I do it. I'm getting to know the conversion of fahrenheit to degrees as well. lol

    I'm keeping with my weight and lost a little this week of Week 2 so that's fabulous. I can't believe the delicious food that tastes great can help you lose and maintain weight.

    I'm loving it and so glad I purchased from you.

    - Belinda

    #235 - October 18, 2021

    So far P3 is going pretty well. I have lost an additional 3.5 pounds since p3. The week one food was AMAZING.

    - Mary

    #234 - September 23, 2021

    I wanted to thank you for creating the P3 to Life program. did the HCG Diet.

    Finding you was like a dream come true!

    We are eating delicious healthy meals & feeling completely satisfied. A bonus is that I'm down 7 more pounds since stopping HCG.

    - Gretchen

    #233 - August 20, 2021

    Everything is going FANTASTIC. I'm not hungry. The volume of food is amazing and its good too. I've needed somethings sweeter like the Chia Pudding, so I added coconut Cream to it, and it was perfect. My weight is down from my LDW/LIW of 142.8 - this morning after day 3 I'm 139.8. Feeling great about that. What I love the most is my husband is allowing me to help in the kitchen with the meals. On P2, he did "EVERYTHING" and I mean "EVERYTHING". I need to learn and desire to learn. You know what Confucius say: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!" I'm ready and my teacher has appeared ! YEAH! Some other things I love are: 1) Not hungry, 2) volume of food is amazing, 3) The Smoothies are FANTASTIC, 4) Variety!

    - Melynda

    #232 - August 16, 2021

    I'm loving your program and all the detailed coaching. The menu is great and I love the printed b/w version for cooking reference. I bound the first 3 weeks.
    I have watched your YouTube videos over the past 5 years or so while doing hcg at least 5+ rounds. P3 has always been a struggle for me. I'm already a healthy eater, just eat too much! Many of the products in your P3 menu I have already which has helped.

    - Karen

    #231 - August 16, 2021

    I love the food, having a grocery list, having someone (you) do the work for me. I'm thrilled with my results as well.

    - Julie

    #230 - July 27, 2021

    I cannot thank you enough for creating the P3 to life recipes! I love every one of them! For the 1st time in my life I am full and content with these recipes that I love. I am 68 years old and enjoy eating healthy and I've been cooking since the end of May after doing a small round of HCG. I am so happy and content with how I feel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can only imagine the time involved in the recipes. I totally trusted you and you have changed my eating and life. Never had to do a maintenance day!

    - Marla

    #229 - July 17, 2021

    Thank you for reaching out. Your recipes are great. My husband is liking them too and he doesn't have a weight problem. The main issue I'm having is adding in enough calories. I guess my stomach has shrunk and I'm getting too full.
    I haven't done any of the smoothies yet. Not hungry enough for I've been on P3 for one week and I've actually lost another 3.4 pounds. Thank you again.

    - Debbi

    #228 - June 30, 2021

    I just want to say I LOVE YOU!!! Haha! I so appreciate all that you have done for people, the time that you have invested for the research, menus, testing etc.

    I was hesitant at first to join P3 to Life due to the cost. However, I believe it is one of the best investments of my lifetime now!

    I am so impressed with your work! Thank you for actually and so very obviously caring about others succeeding.

    - Kim

    #227 - June 10, 2021

    Hello Rayzel,

    I'm doing great! I'm on day 14 of P3 for life. I have lost 2 lbs and maintained it. The food is amazing. Thank you so much for putting together such great meal plans. It is worth every cent and more. I do have to make myself eat because I still have that fear of gaining weight. I'm getting ready to go on vacation next week so wish me luck. I started my journey 03-31-21 and went for 59 days and lost 39lbs. with the additional 2lbs on P3 for life I am down 41lbs. I will be starting a second round in August and will try to lose an additional 40lbs. I used the drops the first round and this next round I am going to order the shots. After listening to all the research you have done it seems to me that the shots work better and you are less hungry.
    Thank you again so much for putting this program together! I don't know if I would have done this well without it.


    - Tammy

    #226 - June 10, 2021


    P3toLife has been worth every penny so far! I liked all the recipes this week but I'm omitting the smoothies as I don't really have a sweet tooth. These recipes will be staples. I used to just cut carbs as my go-to in the past, I'm happy to be trying to stabilize with a more maintainable carb allowance. I'm learning lots about myself and my eating patterns.

    Scale is holding steady so far (small fluctuations but under my last injection weight)

    Some people complain about all the cooking, I don't mind it. I can see now my past screw ups were due to not cooking & planning. I'd snack instead of cook myself meals other than dinner. This is definitely a better route, meals feel healthy and I feel good!

    Thanks so much!

    - Keri

    #225 - May 14, 2021

    Just wanted to say thank you for helping me maneuver my way through P3. I was so up in the air about who or what to follow after losing 50 pounds on P2. I've started week 2 of P3 and I'm amazed and excited at the same time. After eating the large portions of your yummy food, oh happy day, I'm maintaining my weight loss!! My hubby is also taking advantage of the new foods, so I'm doubling up on the recipes. It's more cooking than I usually do, a lot more, but it is totally worth it. This kind of cooking opens up a whole new world. I'm from North Carolina and southern food doesn't have all the spices. I started using more spices in P2 but this program takes it to the next level of yummy.

    At first, I was a little reluctant to think about trying the smoothies but as you talked about I knew eventually I would need something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Soooo I ordered a Vitamix and I Loooove it!! I've always been one to pour milk in my ice cream because I liked the icy texture it gave. Well, these smoothies are totally the bomb! They are totally me! I can do my walking/a little running 3 days a week and not feel guilty like I cheated or messed up having a smoothie.

    Also the knife I have used for years needed retiring so I bought the knife you use. I now realize why I liked my old knife. My old knife was lightweight. The knife you use is a perfect fit in every way and is now my favorite.

    Happy to have found you and grateful for the program.


    - Tamra

    #224 - May 1, 2021

    In our past we were always fit and athletic and we decided back in March 2021 we had had enough. We did P2 using your recipes (so delicious) and I literally read your hcgchica.com website from "cover to cover" along with following all your advice in P3tolife.

    We are currently on week 4 of your P3toLife program and it's been great so far. After the second week we did go back to Crossfit slowly and continued to weigh daily. Our daily calorie intake did increase quicker than your recommendation but we kept with the same food/meals just ate bigger portions.

    During week 3, our weight stabilized and we have been adding in more clean foods (carbs) and even with that our weight has been great. I'm eating 1900-2100 calories/day and my weight has only fluctuated between 132.2-133.6! My overall window seems to be between 132.2-136 (during my period). He has stabilized between 194-196. For both of us, our results were way better than we had expected.

    We did not have any steak/apples thru the entire 6 weeks and we are both 5lbs under our last injection weight.

    Overall our energy levels and sleep have been great and I love the mental clarity that goes with eating your recipes.

    We have recommended your program to a few friends and will continue to refer more to you in the future. Thank you so much and we look forward to finishing your program!

    p3tolife Testimonial - Kassandra Before and After
    p3tolife Testimonial - Jeff Before and After

    - Kassandra

    #223 - April 29, 2021

    I just needed to take a moment and tell you how completely blown away I am by your P3tolife program!

    I have been methodically pouring over ALL the information that you have put together and I am beyond impressed at how well put together and detailed this is.

    I truly feel inspired that when I complete my current round of P2HCG that I have everything I will need to transition to a successful P3 phase.

    I am actually looking forward to trying out the recipes and eating plan.

    Thank you so very much for creating a lifetime tool for people who really struggle with the maintenance.

    Job very well done.

    - Dawn

    #222 - April 20, 2021

    Hi, I'm starting week 6 in the P3 to Life and already thinking about what happens after I finish week 9 and no more meal plan lol! So far it has been great I'm 4 lbs under my last injection weight and have stayed around that this entire time yay! I'm a regimented person probably due to my military background but having a weekly plan of meals for the day is sooo good for me and I can totally stick to it.
    So what do people liked me do at the end of this? Do I go on Pinterest and follow low carb or keto type meals along with mixing in the same meals from all 9 wks? I know I have gluten issues and some dairy/ lactose issues which I can work around. I just want to continue this style of eating. I have sugar issues like you so this has been great for me! I feel so much better and I'm happy with my weight and how many close fit again.
    Thank you!

    Rayzel: My reply to Angela was that some options are repeating the meal plan weeks, or utilizing paleo & whole 30 recipes into her choices. Low carb can be okay too, but depends on how one does with dairy. Keto tends to be the most different macro makeup from P3tolife, so if one wanted to go that route, I’d test it out and see how your body responds.

    - Angela

    #221 - April 20, 2021

    Today is Day 3 of P3, and I'm enjoying this so much!!
    Your recipes are scrumptious, even to my hubby who is not on the plan!
    Your work with these guides makes it so easy, and I'm enjoying cooking so much again cause I don't have to think of what to make!!!
    I'm down 2 pounds from LWD.

    - Juli

    #220 - April 12, 2021

    I have to tell you ...kudos! kudos!!- to you and your taste buds!!!!
    I am beginning week two of phase 3 and I am thrilled with the meal plan and the recipes , everything has been 😊 soo good, never would've guessed I was on any kind of plan or restrictions😉 All your hard work has paid off tremendously, thank you for doing this

    I realize now after all my other attempts at hCG how badly I failed on P3 🤦🏻‍♀️this is a lifesaver! thank you -thank you ..keep up your good work keep inspiring us💕

    - Brandy

    #219 - April 10, 2021

    I am almost done with the first week of P3 and your meals, and they fabulous!! I love the food (especially the portions) and I've stayed within my goal weight within a pound! I am amazed at how detailed everything is and appreciate all your work. This plan has been worth every penny.

    - Janine

    #218 - April 4, 2021

    I recently purchased P3 to Life (after 20 lbs and 12.5 inches lost in 41 days). Once I entered the P3 site, my eyes drank in all the beautiful colors and graphics. It feels special and nice. I can tell you put so much thought behind ideas that can help people with all the little extras that you included. I just wanted to tell you that I noticed, and I thank you.

    Wishing you all the best and much success with P3 to Life,

    - Rhonda

    #217 - March 31, 2021

    The recipes are fantastic and I've enjoyed each one! I am impressed with the amount of work you have put into this program and I know it will serve me well...well, forever!! So, thanks a ton!! I appreciate the lifetime membership!!

    - Stefani

    #216 - March 25, 2021

    You have helped me stabilize, maintain and given guidance all along this journey.

    - Genie

    #215 - March 24, 2021

    This program has exceeded my expectations and hopes!

    I have done multiple hCG rounds (some of us take longer to learn better habits) and P3 has always been a struggle for me. As a matter of fact, I lost an additional pound during the 'magic 72 hours' post last dose and immediately gained that plus another 2.5 pounds in P3. Once I decided to invest in this program, I did a steak day to reset and started with great anticipation and excitement.

    I've been blown away!!

    I'm in week 2 and lost an additional 4.4lbs- I can't believe it! The food is great - I will be adding many of the recipes to my normal/maintenance rotation. AND I LOVE the thorough organization! I've been able to easily adjust/sub ingredients (not a fan of pork) because you make it so easy. I cook during the weekends, as much ahead of time as possible, and that also makes it easy coming home from work.

    - Stephanie

    #214 – March 14, 2021

    I'm loving the P3tolife. I am finding I am stabilizing but I had wished I had this when I completed my last P2 round. So I am going to do another round of p1 and p2 to lose 9 lbs then go right into p3 and do my best to stabilize at 126-128 lbs.

    - Susan

    #213 – March 7, 2021

    How about a pat on the back? I absolutely LOVE your recipes. I use the UNIQUE recipes and the P3toLife recipes and meal plans. I am currently in P3 after a successful P2 round resulting in 27 pounds lost, plus 4 more pounds down during P3.

    When I am shopping for the meal plans, I will occasionally think "Eh, this recipe might not be so good, but I will give it a try" and each time it ends up being a favorite. I have stopped doubting!

    Thank you for that. YOU ROCK!!

    - Melissa

    #212 – March 3, 2021

    You are an amazing inspiration. I am a P3toLife Member and LOVE LOVE your P3 recipes.

    I am a cook, so really appreciate the variety of ingredients and flavor combinations.

    - Judith

    #211 – January 23, 2021

    I am literally BLOWN AWAY by the amount of thought and detail that went into this program. You've thought of EVERYTHING!! I'm not weighing myself as I trust your program and I'm following it exactly.

    Currently on day 2 of week 3 and I'm excited to make the muffins this morning even without a muffin pan! I will say it was a big shift for me because I'm a minimalist and needed nearly every pantry item, etc. Cooking was a re-entry point for me that I'm happy to be doing. I'm even playing music and dancing while I cook because I'm so happy my eating plan is on point.

    Thank you Rayzel. I know quality when I see it and you have provided amazing value. Thank you for who you are and what you do!

    - Melanie

    #210– November 9, 2020

    I started the fourth week of the P3 original program, which I am enjoying immeasurably 😊

    I am so thankful for this program...I am cooking more than I have in my entire life and enjoying the food...you guys are a blessing...also maintaining my weight 😊

    - Jennifer

    #209 – October 20, 2020

    I started the fourth week of the P3 original program, which I am enjoying immeasurably 😊

    I am so thankful for this program...I am cooking more than I have in my entire life and enjoying the food...you guys are a blessing...also maintaining my weight 😊

    - Kathy

    #208 – September 24, 2020

    Hi there! I have been on your HCG Chica website MANY times. You are such a genuine person- that is why I keep coming back. It was only this round of HCG (6 weeks) that I decided to take stabilization seriously. I lost almost 20 pounds and I do not want to regain. It all very useful information. I am in week 2 and have not been up more than 1.6 lbs on any given weigh in. Thank you. I do love your hunger solutions like snacks, mug muffins and desserts. And tips like Swerve- are seriously so helpful. The insight that rang very loud and clear for me was "trigger" food, mine being pizza. Agreed-staying away from it is a good idea. Although very hard.

    I still have a lot of info to get through, many recipes to make!

    P3toLife: Worth Every Penny

    - Courtney

    #207 – September 23, 2020

    This is my 6th day on program...I went with the original plan and for the most part I am loving it🙂

    My favorites so far as balcony egg cup, Indian curry, turkey chilli, Spanish rice steak spaghetti meatball, mushroom chicken. My favorite desert is the double chocolate smoothie w cream drizzle.

    I tried chia pudding a few times...was never able to get it smooth...always lumpy.

    I have been amazed at all the food I can eat and maintain my weight

    - Kathy

    #206 – September 7, 2020

    Good morning from Florida, I've been using some of the P2 recipes. I really enjoyed the celery soup. Filling and has lots of flavors. I stayed with the SP selections. I didn't purchase the recipes until about 3 weeks into HCG diet. I was desperate for variety in my meals...I was bored with what I was fixing. I'm ending P2 Thursday and will be in P3.

    Regarding your P2 workbook. It is awesome. I'm the type that needs structure and I love the forms. I also did a lot of reading from your research and it gave me helpful hints so I was able to continue successfully. I would recommend subscribers to print it out and it's in a 3-ring folder I had at home.

    I enrolled into your P3toLife Program - reviewing many of your videos. Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping to get ready for P3.

    Thank you again. I don't feel I would have been as successful of 40 days on HCG without your assistance. Instead of dreading P3; I feel so much more confident with your P3 Program

    - Pamela

    #205 – September 4, 2020

    Thank you so much. I have been enjoying the videos & preparation for starting phase 3 today & looking forward to the dessert smoothies. Thank you for your down to earth ideas & suggestions for making this doable & ongoing maintenance, a healthy life eating practice. I've enjoyed learning how to read nutrient labels & make wise choice & thankful for google to look for alternatives to the branded products suggested that I can access in Australia, keep up the great work.

    - Annette

    #204 – September 3, 2020

    I've almost finished week 1 and I LOVE everything. I made a vow to try as much as possible cause I'm a very picky eater. And I'm enjoying everything...who knew I like cauliflower?!?
    I'm loving this program!

    - Jessica

    #203 – August 3, 2020

    Hi Rayzel & Co-

    First I wanted to thank you so much for all the very hardwork that you put into this program ( I have no doubt there was a combo of blood, sweat & tears).

    I am in the middle of week 2 and my weight fluctuation appears to be settling down. I have maintained my end weight now for 4 days. I am 5'8" so adding a little more fat (olives and a bit of butter) and an ounce or two of protein has done wonders for my hunger and satiety without impacting the scale.

    I am thoroughly enjoying your recipes and my husband has liked most of them, too. He is not a cauliflower fan so those are all MINE!!

    Again, thank you so very much! Your P3toLife program has saved me from the dreaded rebound and steak days while I wait to do my 2nd round of hcg. The best part is many of these recipes will become staples in my kitchen for years to come.

    Thank you and please know what a blessing you are!

    - Andi

    #202 - July 29, 2020

    First, I love the program so far! I usually find it easier to find opportunities than call out what is already great. I'll attempt both:

    Already great:

    - I love the different options with how to meal prep. I usually do one big Sunday but with coronavirus, my schedule is crazy busy and super unpredictable (I manage digital content for an airline so there is no end to work right now).

    - I love the recipes. I have made a few accidental changes but seriously love the food.


    - Rachel

    #201 – July 23, 2020

    I am loving the program so far. I appreciate all of the flavor in your recipes. I am continuing to lose weight. I am only eating breakfast and one meal per day. I had a gastric sleeve years ago and I simply cannot eat the volume of food on the program. I am having one coffee with coconut milk per day. I thought that would be okay since I'm not eating one meal. The smoothies are saving me; I have a real sweet tooth. I am also enjoying the chia pudding. If you have any nutritional suggestions for me, please let me know. I am taking D3, B12 and a multi vitamin daily.

    You are an inspiration and I appreciate your positive attitude.


    - Gena

    #200- July 15, 2020

    Rayzel,Thank you for the wonderful P3 program you have put together! Everything is so informative and helpful.


    - Susan

    #199 - June 7, 2020

    So far this program has been a blessing. I have done hcg several times over the years and always gained it back immediately. I was actually literally praying for a program that would help me transition. You have done a great job with this program. My stomach doesn’t handle red sauces of any kind very well. I have tried the recipes with the tomato sauces and although they are delicious they are giving my stomach a problem. Also I find that I am having some food left over from the receipes even though I share them with my husband. Rather than throw them out I eat them again the next day even though they are not on the menu for the next day. Is that okay to interchange them on days they are not listed. Also the smoothies are my life saver! YUUUUUMMMMMMM!

    - Gail

    #198 - June 3, 2020

    This website has been extremely useful and I deeply appreciate the clear and obvious time and energy you have put into it. I did hcg years ago losing 60 pounds. Kept it off for 4 years. Due to not taking care of myself and stress it came back. I lost 21 pounds in p2 and am now in P3toLife. I wish I had found this website earlier lol. I LOVE the recipes. (Well most of them lol). With P3 I really love the three weekly options. I think they are original, one has a few less recipes and then bulk your own or something like that. I originally was going to do the first one this week but switched to the second when I got busy so it was nice to have a simpler version for my busy week. And I love the shopping lists and I really love the links to products that aren't common. Ok, well thank you again.


    - Robbie

    #197 - May 23, 2020

    I'm on day 4 of the P3. I'm still in the depressing " I can never eat normal again!" phase and last night I discovered the double chocolate smoothie!! Holy Cow! I fricken LOVE you!!! Even my husband (who struggles with keeping weight on) loves it and he usually hates sweets! ...and I was down .4 lbs this morning 🙂

    The amount of work you have put into this P3 program is phenomenal! I know I would not be as optimistic about my success if you were not here to lean on. Thank you so much for the tutorials and tips and the sheer volume of research you have done to help the rest of us navigate through the sheer masses of information out there.

    - Lora

    #196 – May 18, 2020

    Today is my last official last day of P3 and I stayed 2.5 pounds under my LDW. I did this by doing your wonderful P3tolife program though I didn't really lose any weight on P3 though this is my 5th time in doing HCG and it's the 1st time I've been able to stabilize. 😀

    I never had to do a steak or apple day and was lucky enough to stay the 2 pounds under my LDW.

    - Dawn

    #195 – April 30, 2020

    Hi P3 Team!

    I’m really grateful to have finally purchased this program. I hesitated for two years and failed two P3 rounds in the process.

    I’ve listened to just about all the P3 success stories and I’m experiencing the same feelings as those ladies: the portions are huge! And…I’ve lost weight! Granted, I’m sure it’ll taper off but it’s still exciting! Thanks again!

    - Jenny

    #194 – April 24, 2020

    I am in week two of Phase 3. Thanks for all of your encouragement and information. Your Phase3 meal plans and recipes are AMAZING!!! I’m feeding them to my husband and daughter too, and they LOVE them too!!

    - Dina

    #193 - April 17, 2020

    I’m on week two and have been feeling great and loving the recipes!!! First time in phase three where I don’t have cravings! And first time in phase 3 where I’m not devouring nuts or apples because of your warnings of their high fat and higher carbohydrate content. Thank you for developing this!!

    - Elise

    #192 - April 14, 2020

    Omg!! A real breakfast, and these egg cups were so good! I have a feeling I’ll be using many of these recipes a lot in the future.

    #191 - March 31, 2020

    Things are going great. Having tasty meals laid out is so helpful and the way they are gradually increasing in calories is nice instead of somewhat guessing what To eat and how much. I think this will help us maintain as we are hoping to.

    We are about 1 ½ weeks into P3 and I love the guidance P3to life gives. It can be carried on indefinitely and help us develop good eating habits. I have lost 52 lbs. my daughter over 40 and my wife over 20.

    I am glad you have stuck with helping others and continued to grow your offerings.

    - Dave

    #190 - March 20, 2020

    I just started maintenance today. I made the bacon egg muffins this morning and loved the lunch as well! Thank you so much for developing this program. I love the hcg diet, but even though I'm very careful about what I eat have always inched my way back up the scale. I am so hopeful that this time will be different with the help of your program!

    #189 - March 14, 2020

    I had told myself that hCG was not for me, since I could not maintain the weight . Told myself that after menopause was even harder …Well that was not true with your program.

    I recommend your program to many people and even doctors

    #188 - March 7, 2020

    I have watched and used many of your smoothie recipes. They have been a life changer for me, helping with evening sweet tooth cravings.

    #187 - February 14, 2020

    Hi Rayzel,

    I am absolutely LOVING this so far!!! I must admit, I was skeptical to try after looking at all the food, but I didn't join this to not give it a try. First of all, when you said you are a volume eater, my heart sang, because I am the same way. In phase 2, I cut my apple slices really thin, so that a half an apple felt double in size. Same amount of food, but it takes longer to eat, looks large and feels more satisfying. I was also big on salads and ground turkey breast because, again, I could make larger portions of the same limited foods.

    So, when I looked at all the food now coming my way…and the amounts of food, I was leery (but excited). Well, I am amazed!!! I consider myself a bit of a "foodie," and the food this week has been SOOOO good! There hasn't been one meal I haven't loved. It's a lot of prep and work, but the batch cooking definitely helps, and it is so worth it! So, now I'm having a great time and my weight has stayed within a few points of a pound either way. I can hardly believe it! Also, I love that you are using good, natural fresh food sources (I mostly buy organic, as well).

    I haven't been able to finish all the meals (sometimes yes and sometimes no), especially the meatballs and squash spaghetti last night…which was HUGE! I also have substituted a half an apple rather than the smoothie for some nights. I don't have a Vitamix or a Ninja and probably won't be buying one any time soon…but my Oster has been sufficient so far. I'll like them better when it's warmer outside!

    I'm not sure what to do with my leftover portions yet…although I'm thinking I may substitute some of next week's (week 2) menu and finish what I have. Suggestions? I also will not be doing the peppermint smoothie, as I am not a fan of mint.

    One last thing. I see that you are a beautiful young woman, which was another concern, as I am 74 years old (feeling and acting more like 50). My body doesn't react the same way as it did when I was younger…so, again, I didn't know if this would be a factor. So far, I'm happy to report, it has not!!!

    Thank you for following up with your members. I really appreciate it, and will keep you posted!


    #186 - February 7, 2020


    This program feels life changing for me!!! I'm honestly so happy that I am doing it! I am finishing up Week 2. I could cry thinking about what a support you've been to me on this journey...and the food is my type of food! Yummm!! It's more than getting through a maintenance phase of a diet. You are teaching me things in the kitchen I just never learned and I've felt limited by my whole adult life. Your little tips are SO HELPFUL!! Your kindness and spirit make me feel accepted and loved, not stupid. You really have a gift!

    I truly think you've been a God-send for me. I can't believe I almost didn't purchase this because of the money!!! I thank the Lord that I felt that push inside that I NEEDED the support to succeed and relearn things.

    Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with people like me.

    Forever grateful!

    - Amber

    #185 - January 5, 2020

    I was beyond excited when I learned of your P3 program. Which I promptly signed up for and lost an additional 4 pounds using it. I loved all of your meals on there and felt full and satisfied and felt as if I could do this for life.

    - Kareen

    #184 - December 15, 2019

    I was at a party last night, with another Chica follower. Your ears should have been burning, as we were talking about you and how much you have helped us both. I am into P4 and love your P3-life program! I am down about a pound from my LIW. Your program has really made the difference in getting thru the P2 and stabilizing (hopefully for life).

    - Naya

    - DeAnn

    #183 - December 14, 2019

    Good morning!

    P3 is going great! I'm going into my 3rd week! I have rediscovered the joy of cooking and I love using powers quick pot. I am so happy. I have lost a few more pounds and I am full and satisfied. I was dreading this phase. I felt I would be hungry and that I would binge but found your program and has been amazing! I love the cooking day options. It has been an amazing experience and I am not afraid of Phase 4. I'm actually looking forward to. I have matured in my eating habits. I am really grateful. Thank you for all you do! The biggest hug!

    - Jeannie

    #182 - December 7, 2019

    I can't tell you how grateful I am for P3 to Life. It is changing my entire world. My weight continues to be stable and stays within the 2 pound range of my goal weight. Fingers crossed but so far I haven't had to make any corrections so far.

    The food is all so AMAZING. I love everything I've made and am cooking more than I ever have.

    Thanksgiving went great. I took a lot of food with me which worked out perfectly. I am such a planner by nature so it's actually fun for me to think ahead and get everything lined up for something like this. I got some Nush cakes. OMG. Delicious. What a perfect travel solution.

    I'm excited because I'm making the Thai yellow curry for dinner tonight. So yummy!

    I feel well stocked in the kitchen as well and have thoroughly enjoyed using the products you suggest. I even bought the Thai knife! Love it! And the Vitamix. Best gift I ever gave myself. So worth it.

    I can't thank you enough. Investing in P3 to Life is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. It has already paid for itself 10 times over.

    - Alex

    #181 - November 24, 2019

    I cannot tell you how AMAZED I continue to be by your recipes and tips.

    I have never cooked like this before and never thought I'd be able to eat so well and manage my weight at the same time. I've been easily able to make substitutions since I only eat fish. I definitely have my favorite recipes to which I tend to return often (especially the curries, the egg roll bowl, and the fish taco bowl - that dressing is sooooooo yummy).

    The chocolate peanut butter smoothie is my favorite. I make it almost every night. But I am excited to try the oreo one as well. I'm waiting on my onyx cocoa powder to come from amazon.

    I'll be pre-preparing food to take with me to Thanksgiving (which I've always done since I don't eat turkey and have been gluten free forever), but I'm excited to try some of the entertaining recipes for Christmas. I've also got some nush and seaweed snacks to take along for our Thanksgiving trip.

    The blackberry morning muffin is another fave. I make it in batches and refrigerate it raw then microwave when I am ready. Works great! I could go on and on.

    I can't imagine the time and energy it has taken to put all of this together. You have a true gift and I will be forever grateful for your help.

    - Deann

    #180 - November 20, 2019

    I lost 15 pounds on Phase 3 before even doing Phases 1 and 2 this time. I went from 260 lbs to 245 lbs just doing phase 3 meal plan . Than I did Phase 2 ( 40 day ) and went from 245 lbs to 222 lbs. I am currently on week 3 of phase 3 and am 225 lbs. After Thanksgiving I am doing another round of Phase 2 ( 26 days ). Hoping to get down to 210 lbs this round and than one more round to get to 200 lbs. I have only cheated on Phase 3 when I make the Lemon Blueberry Muffins or Bacony Eggs cups as They are so good I cannot stop eating them. Thank you so much for your program as I believe I can get down to my ultimate goal weight and learn how to maintain that weight.

    One more thing. I completely identified with you Rayzel as so many other did when you share about the sugar addiction, specifically candy and ice cream. I am or was a total binger like you were. I am not currently graving sweets because of these awesome smoothies you have created. Thanks again.

    - S

    #179 - November 18, 2019

    I used your recipes from P3 faithfully for about five months and now more recently - more sporadically. I absolutely found them very delicious, plus even lost 6 lbs using them faithfully. I appreciate all of your hard work, and the biggest limitation I have is time - and the planning it takes -- as I own a business and am married and spend a lot of time with grandchildren on my days off!!

    Thank you and my favorites are the mug breads, the smoothies, the lemon garlicky chicken, turkey chili, salmon and brussel sprouts and I absolutely love the flax seed green beans!!! You have been an inspiration to many and so helpful to me personally. Thank you!

    - Marilyn

    #178 - November 4, 2019

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I cannot thank you enough, Rayzel. I have done HCG probably 6 times and have always gained the weight back. I think because I am so scared of adding foods back so I continue on like I am in Phase 2 and then eventually give in to every craving I am having. I am not a cook, either, and I only eat fish (no other meat), which makes things challenging. Your recipes are AMAZING. Even the dumbest of the dumb in cooking (like me) can follow them. And they are soooo delicious. I am in heaven. The dessert smoothies!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Did I say that already? Lolol. AMAZING. I broke down and bought a Vitamix (which, by the way I have wanted forever) and it is sooooooo good. I mean, I can't even...

    I have no idea how much time and energy you have put into this program. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And all the videos! So helpful and you are so beautiful and positive and encouraging. I can't say enough good things.

    I have definitely not made all the recipes. I am lucky in that where I work has an amazing salad bar where I can make a salad with sold seared Ahi Tuna every day. I'm trying very hard to make it as easy as possible and utilizing that definitely helps. Then I can focus on breakfasts and dinners.

    Faves are: Every Morning Muffin Bacony Egg cups (I tried substituting shrimp but really couldn't stomach that for breakfast, so I added sundried tomatoes as in the omelet recipe in week 2). Curry recipes from weeks one and two (I am a sucker for any curry) Egg roll bow (I have made this several times...sooooooo good) Every Dessert Smoothie

    I feel AMAZING (have I mentioned AMAZING) and am maintaining my weight loss perfectly. And...I'm learning to cook.

    Beyond grateful.


    - Alex

    #177 - October 14, 2019

    I am on week 1 of maintenance. I am doing a modified P3tolife- I purchased your program. I say modified because I have consistently needed more calories than were prescribed.

    However, I simply added a small amount of nuts or cheese for a snack. The meals were very yummy and very satisfying and I'm so glad I purchased the program. (I have no affiliation and get no kickbacks here!!). Result? Zero steak days. My weight has been incredibly consistent! Also my husband likes the food so I can prep cook for the whole family (OK, some of it's too veggie heavy for my small children, and husband adds several ounces of cheese or butter to his plate).

    I just want to congratulate you on a job well done. I am a ND and I rarely see programs with this much work put into them. Also, I refer people to your website now because your explanations are so well put. Thanks a lot!!! Because the ND community doesn't openly support this diet, I was very worried about a lot of the experiences I was having. I felt like every question or concern I had was addressed in your blog and I think you should get some kind of award! In the ended, I decided that purchasing your program was probably the best approach and I'm glad I did.

    - Hilary

    #176 - September 17, 2019

    Rayzel, I do not even know how to begin to thank you. I did HCG years ago before others even knew about it. I lost great the first time and the maintenance worked well and I maintained for about a year and then I have used HCG several times since but always struggled to get the maintenance right.

    I am 61 and do not lose easily but for my health I need to keep my weight down and keep my lifestyle changes in check. I am a very healthy eater but still struggle with my weight.

    The P3 program you have taken the time to put together with help and the videos and information to succeed is a life saver and life changer. I have one more round to go to lose the last 10 pounds which I will do at the first of the year and I am not even worried about maintenance.

    I am in week 3 eating a blueberry lemon muffin and most everything has been sooooo good. NO STEAK DAYS! I fast on occasion but I really did not like the steak days. The smoothies are a lifesaver ( I love them a LOT) and I do not even crave other sweets.

    The hardest part is trying to decide which flavor I want and I usually have 2 of those a day and still am maintaining. Thank you thank you thank you. I really appreciate all the time you have taken to help us. I am good just continuing to eat all the delicious food you have given us recipies for and adding some of the things I have loved back in on occasion.


    - Sheryl

    #175 - September 3, 2019

    Omg, I love everything about it. The food tastes amazing. The way it's put together it's easy to follow. And I feel satisfied when eating. I don't feel deprived of anything. Especially when I have a sweet tooth.

    Thanks girl.

    You are amazing. Truly a blessing to have found your blog and p3tolife plan!

    10 days later...

    Hola Chica!
    Last day of week 3 is Monday!
    Still doing fantastic!!!! I have done the hcg diet 4 or 5 times and this is the first time I feel this good. Your plan is amazing!!!!
    I'm exactly 2 pounds below my lwd , yay!

    Big question... my husband and I are going to Mexico for 5 days (in two weeks) for his birthday. We are staying at an all-inclusive resort. Help!!! I know we will drink and be merry. But any tips for keeping from going totally off the rails? I know when we get home we will go right back to the eating plan.

    By the way, my husband and I have been eating the meal plan and for the most part our two younger kids as well. I love the variety and never feel deprived. And health wise, we feel amazing. Your plan is truly a lifesaver.

    Much love,

    - Crystal

    #174 - August 17, 2019

    My husband, who was raised on Twinkies and Dr Pepper, will eat spaghetti, chili, and maybe fried rice or some other basic meal. But every time I cooked something from phase 3 he loved it!

    I just wanted to thank you for the phase 3 work that you've done because the food really is so good! My husband, who was raised on Twinkies and Dr Pepper, will eat spaghetti, chili, and maybe fried rice or some other basic meal. But every time I cooked something from phase 3 he loved it! I couldn't believe it. I really thought when I embarked on phase 3 that I would be cooking two separate meals every evening. As a matter of fact for months after stopping phase three he would say what happened to those really good meals you were making?!! I told him it's that hcgchica that posted all those meals for us!
    I've probably done at least eight rounds of hCG in the last three years. I only followed phase 3 one time, because I think in my brain I really believed that once I was thin I could go back to how I ate when I was 24. Which was Eating healthy most days, working out and then also eating out here and there having a guilty pleasure snack/meal every other day etc. But after each round I continued to fail and gain the weight back. I do have some hormonal issues that definitely play a role in my weight gain, but I know that if I follow phase three for life I wont gain any weight. Because when I did follow P3tolife for six weeks I didn't gain a pound. I didn't lose anymore weight but I didn't gain any and that is HUGE for me. I actually did the (other fitness/diet guru meal plan) app where I tracked my workouts and my calories for two months and I did not lose any weight but instead gained about 8 lbs. It was insane to me that I was eating 1300 cal a day and still gaining. But I really believe looking back now that it was the types of foods I was eating (coupled with my estrogen dominance) that caused the weight gain.
    So I am committing a lifestyle change and accepting that I can't go back to the way things were in my 20's! At 44 I do believe that's a much needed and overdue realization!

    - Natalie

    #173 - August 15, 2019

    Hi Rayzel! Thank you SOOO much for checking in on us! My husband, Jeff, and I are both doing the program! Jeff lost 29 lbs on hcg and I lost 20. He is one week ahead of me in P3. He has lost another 4 lbs without trying. I am staying steady! We will be doing week 2 recipes this week and he just needs a little more food than I do. We are loving the recipes!!! Jeff was skeptical at first but he is 2000 % on board now!! Lol

    We genuinely see a path to achieving all our goals!! I am SOOOO thankful that I wasn't a tightwad and went ahead and purchased P3 to life!

    - Babette

    #172 - August 14, 2019

    I finished my first long (90 day) round of HCG back in May. I used your plan to great success for 7 weeks and then continued to maintain on my own (with in four pounds). Your meal plan is super helpful!! I am so happy to see a 8th week added, hope you continue to add.

    - Gina

    #171 - July 15, 2019

    I am now in Phase 4 and I have lost 4 more pounds since my last day of Phase 2. Feeling great and following your meal plans. Wonderful way to feel empowered!

    - Kathy

    #170 - July 5, 2019

    Thank you for the advice I just stuck with your program and the next morning I woke up at my lowest weight of 124.8 and have held there for two days! I can't believe it! I have not had a P3 where I have not had to to do many steak days. Today I shopped for week two of your meals and can not wait to try the foods!
    Thanks again for the support!

    - Sonja

    #169 - July 2, 2019

    I've never really liked cooking but these recipes are definitely making that change as these healthy recipes are really tasty.

    Hello,I'm currently on week 2 of the p3 to life program. I've done my second week of prep and I'm doing the batch cooking on the simplified plan as I'm a second shifter with 2 kids. I've been so impressed with the food that I'm eating. I've never really liked cooking but these recipes are definitely making that change as these healthy recipes are really tasty. My weight has remained stable as well.
    Also I bought the amazing blender and I've watched the smoothie videos but I don't think I made one right yet. In fact I may have given up!

    My reply
    Oh don’t give up on the blender! You will get it- once you do you have it and the treats are so satisfying! If you tell me what’s happening with the blender maybe I can help you trouble shoot!

    We went back and forth on this a little to help her figure it out and then...

    Oh my God! I just made the peanut butter cup smoothie and I don't know what I did different but it was amazing. And you're right it was worth it!

    - Kerry

    #168 - June 29, 2019

    Going great, I just started week 3 of P3tolife. Am moving and remodeling during all this so haven't had a chance to cook all the recipes (yet) but the mug bread is a lifesaver, as is the pork eggroll in a bowl recipe. Love the dessert smoothies too but often can't eat one, just not hungry. I'm really having to work thru the emotional component of overeating, that's number 1 since the physical "addiction" was pretty much cured with ph2.
    Your videos helped me/are helping me deal with all this change. It seems to get harder the longer I'm in p3 but I'm stabilized at 6lbs under my LDW! I've recommended your program to all my friends who are getting on the HCG bandwagon due to my success. One just bought it from the link on your hcgchica site for both her and her husband!

    - Michelle

    #167 - June 22, 2019

    It is going great! My family loves your recipes as well as I do they are fantastic!
    This is my 3rd week but I am finishing my week two recipes. I just double your recipes so I have enough for my husband to enjoy plus lunch and in the likely event my son and his five year old join us we have enough for them to enjoy too. My LIW was 116.2 3 weeks ago tomorrow. This morning I weighed 112! When I eat out or have to socialize I stick closer to P2 to be careful.

    - Renee

    #166 - June 21, 2019

    Hi Rayzel, I stuck to your plan strictly for 4 weeks, using the Simplified Meal plan. The only thing I did differently was to skip the dessert smoothies (as you know they are too cold for me) and either make a gluccie pudding instead or eat a small bar of sugar free chocolate (made with stevia - yummmm!) for dessert. I stabilised perfectly! I weighed almost the exact same number for 4 weeks in a row. Unprecedented!
    I have been winging it for the last few days, eating mostly very simple low carb meals and adding in a few carbs here and there, and so farI seem to be staying stable! But it's nice to know that if I need to I can turn back to your plan. What I learned from your plan is that when I used to do low-carb I ate way too many calories. Now I just think "low carb but go easy on the fat" and I am good!
    During the 4 weeks I followed your plan strictly, I generally batch cooked all my food for the week in one go, at the start of the week. Though it generally took me 2 nights to do this. (I get sore standing and cooking for hours at a time, as I suffer from chronic pain, so I spread the cooking over 2 nights.) But even so, I preferred to just get all of the cooking for the week done at the start of the week and then just sail through the rest of the week without having to cook rather than have to do another big cook half way through the week.
    I hope that info helps! Thanks so much for all that you offer us in this amazing program!

    - Tahnee

    #165 - June 21, 2019

    You have been a total lifesaver! I love your podcasts, website and I have lost 30 pounds on HCG (I'm in round 2 now and your P3 program helped me travel to Cabo and Spain while maintaining my weight loss from round 1.) I'm 56 with two boys (20 and 16) and am active, playing tennis and hiking with my dog- but have been carrying too much weight around since my Mom died and the grief and emotions overtook me. I'm feeling so much happier, vibrant and grateful now that time has healed. I decided to live more fully and be my very best self ("Leveling up- and LOVing up" as my grilfriends and I call it).
    I LIVE off of turkey chili (and Miracle noodles in P1) and I cannot tell you how much I love (when I'm in P3) the morning chocolate mug and key lime pie dessert (in fact all your dessert smoothies!). Your recipes are awesome and I'm a reformed Whole30 girl who LOVES WellFed recipes. You are just as, if not more, masterful! Those SAVE my life and keep me on track.

    - Janet

    #164 - June 21, 2019

    I started the first round at 166. I got down to 146. The second round I only did 3 weeks and lost another 5 pounds bringing me to 141. I've stabilized between rounds and been able to maintain but I know I could never do it without P3 to life!! Thank you for all you do for this community. It's truly priceless!!

    - Vanessa

    #163 - June 21, 2019

    I'm on P3 now for about 7 months and doing well! I'm really thankful to you for creating your program. It makes it so much simpler to maintain. I did hcg years ago as well, and it was difficult to do P3 trying to come up with my own recipes, your recipe book is an amazing resource. It is so thoughtfully created (the way you've done it by calorie, protein source,etc.) I also love that you are so proactive in updating/adding new things. I know it's a lot of work, and I really, really appreciate it!

    - Laura

    #162 - June 16, 2019

    I just want you to know that I could go on FOREVER about how much I love your recipes!! They are so flavorful and delicious and I have not encountered one recipe that I do not like!

    - Crysal

    #161 - June 8, 2019

    So pleased that I did Phase 3 to life. Stabilized for the first time EVER. Went on a two week trip to NY and maintained as well. Piece of cake, so to speak. Hoping this is a successful round and will most definitely be following Phase 3 again. I cannot thank you enough for your advice and words of wisdom!

    - Judy

    #160 - June 6, 2019

    I just wanted to let you know that I did purchase the P3toLife program. I did all 7 weeks of the original meal plan. There was so much food, It took me 11 weeks to complete the 7 week program. I just finished the last Java Muffin.
    Not only did I stabilize in P3 with NO correction days, I dropped an additional 10 pounds on the P3toLife program. Best P3&4 ever!

    - Kelley

    #159 - May 21, 2019

    Thank you so much! Again, I have done HCG three times and this time, I vowed I would follow P3 to a tee, and this has helped tremendously. I never knew how to cook and I really feel empowered and IN CONTROL of my weight for the first time. Worth every penny! Please extend my gratitude for these new tools and sense of personal growth, you guys are a part of that!

    - Daniela

    #158 - April 24, 2019

    Also, we are in week 3 of P3 to life and 1-4 lbs below our LIW and loving your recipes! We are using some of our favorite recipes from Week 1 and 2. Thank you Sooo much.

    - Rhonda & Mark

    #157 - April 20, 2019

    I just wanted to say how much your P3 to Life program has really helped me transition to a healthier lifestyle and diet after I participated in a HCG doctor supervised weight loss program. I have been able to maintain my 25 pound plus weight loss eating delicious food, feeling totally satisfied, and chock full of energy! I have a new appreciation for cooking healthy yummy foods ! I'm technically off of phase 3 and moving on to phase 4 and I'm heading out on holidays next week. I feel totally ready to eat healthy and yummy foods while in Mexico while indulging AND staying on target. I don't think I could have achieved my weight loss without the valuable information on your program and website, in particularly the P3 to life menu plan. This experience has been life-changing! I wanted to say thank you for putting together an amazing resource. Many thanks,

    - Corina

    #156 - April 11 2019

    I'm on my second round of HCG - I lost 30 pounds my first round and stabilized for three months with your P3 plan, where I lost an extra six pounds.

    - Suzie

    #155 - April 10, 2019

    P3 is going great for me! I'm following your plan perfectly and it's been great! I miss the built in snacks so I've been dividing up the meals as I go. Last night I was having quite a bit of cravings so I ended up making 2 smoothies for myself!! I was happy to see no weight gain today. So far I've lost 3 pounds in P3 and I'm on day 10 of P3. I couldn't be happier and I know it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for me purchasing the P3 plan!

    - Vanessa

    #154 - April 8, 2019

    HI there, I love your eating plan, it's the only plan that has worked to stabilize me after p3. It's the most delicious, tasty, and nourishing food.

    - Tara

    #153 - April 3, 2019

    I was shocked by how quickly I was able to gain muscle mass because I really only started working out for the last week of phase 3 and not even every day.

    Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the p3tolife meals & materials. I'm almost 5 weeks from the end of phase two and I'm within 2lbs of my LDW - I credit p3tolife with my ability to maintain.

    The article you linked to in your response below had the recommendation of doing a Dexa scan to keep an eye on body composition. I read that about halfway through phase 2 so I scheduled it immediately and then again at the end of phase 2 and at the end of phase 3. I'm so glad I got the Dexa scans. The mid-phase 2 compared to end of phase 2 showed that I had 9lbs of body fat loss - with no loss in lean muscle mass. But more impressively, the end of phase 2 compared with the end of phase 3 showed a 3lb overall gain - 4 lbs of additional lean muscle and another pound of body fat loss. I was shocked by how quickly I was able to gain muscle mass because I really only started working out for the last week of phase 3 and not even every day. When the scale started to creep up I was traveling for work and it was difficult to do steak days - I was starting to get pretty worried until I got back and did the scan. It really made me feel great to see that the gains were all positive.

    The recipes have been fantastic - I actually did HCG successfully back in 2011 and maintained the weight loss for almost a year. In 2012, I started a new job with lots of free junk/processed food and not great access to healthy lunches. My weight crept up and I'd respond with a round of HCG - only to immediately start putting the weight back on as soon as I got to phase 3. It became a pretty toxic cycle so back in 2017 when my life just couldn't handle any more rounds of hcg - I decided just to accept myself as fat.

    Fast forward to early 2019, I found myself in a new headspace with two unmixed vials of HCG and decided I'd do one final round of hcg with a promise to myself that I'd be OK if I gained it all back and that I'd never do another round once this HCG was gone. This round of phase 2 HCG I followed your recipes and they were a game changer. Phase 2 is never easy but I found it much easier to adhere to the protocol because I was able to look forward to your recipes for my evening meal. I am 5'9" and before loading, I was 182 lbs (192 by the end of loading - impressive eh?). My LIW was 159.6 - and this morning I weighed in at 161.1

    My sister is the one who convinced me to purchase your p3 plan and I'm really happy I did. I had a mental block at first around preparing ALL of my meals since before this round of HCG - I really didn't cook much at all. Once I got past that and decided just to follow your program - I discovered that I actually really enjoy meal prep. I've invested in a bunch of the tools you recommended - even the Vitamix. The dessert smoothies are fantastic!

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you personally - you clearly invested a ton of time and energy in the recipes and I'm grateful for them every day. I've been making a way bigger batches than the recipes are written for - so I've only just made it to week 3, but I've enjoyed every single one so far. I've found that I've been hungrier now that I'm back at orange theory - so I've been augmenting the program a bit with cashews when I'm at work and I'm still maintaining. On days when I follow the program exactly, I actually seem to lose weight.


    I feel wonderful - I'm back at orange theory now and the workouts just feel easier. I think it's because there is so much less of me to move around. I feel more in tune with my hunger. I never thought I'd be thin again - I really had resigned myself to being bigger for the rest of my life. So thank you for everything you've done to help people like me succeed on the diet. It's truly made a huge impact. I leave for Hawaii on Friday and I got to buy a whole new wardrobe

    - Layla

    #152 - March 30, 2019

    I have mixed and matched a bit, depending on the groceries in the house and despite being a bit 'free' about mixing up the weekly recipes I am still maintaining and have not had to have any 'steak days'.

    Just to add to the group, I am going into week 3 and am totally DELIGHTED with all your recipes! My husband and daughter are not dieting but both have stated "OMG! This is SOOO good!" I have mixed and matched a bit, depending on the groceries in the house and despite being a bit 'free' about mixing up the weekly recipes I am still maintaining and have not had to have any 'steak days'.

    Rayzel..you are my HERO!

    We have especially loved the pork cacciatore, the steak and Spanish rice and the creamy lemon chicken (which I am planning to serve next Thursday when our daughter is bringing a friend over for dinner!)

    Thank you to you and to your team for bringing us this wonderful, delicious yet calorie/carb conscious program together! It is beyond what I ever thought that I could possibly eat on my low carb diet!

    With love,

    - Susan

    #151 - March 18, 2019


    My fiancé and I are entering Week 3 of P3ToLife and it is working like a charm! Not to mention, we absolutely LOVE the recipes. I did HCG once before about 5 years ago, and P3/P4 was really difficult for me, as I'm someone who likes to follow an exact plan (hence my success with VLCD) and I felt like I suddenly had too many options and too much "figuring out" to do on my own. Your program takes out ALL of the guesswork, and that's exactly what we were looking for, so again, THANK YOU!

    - Kaitlin

    #150 - February 17, 2019


    I am absolutely loving P3. I just finished my shopping for Week 2.

    I must add that my husband has been enjoying these meals along with me and he believes that I have turned into a gourmet cook!!

    Thank you for all your hard work. It is sincerely appreciated.

    - Michele

    #149 - February 16, 2019

    Your desserts have been saving me from my sweet cravings at night back.

    Let me start by saying thank you!!!! Thank you for all the hard work, dedication and love you put into this program. You have made the P3toLife truly an enjoyable learning experience.

    (I apologize for the lengthly email, but excitedly, I finally have some time to write to you)

    I first started the HGC diet three years ago and of course slowly start gaining the weight back around the holidays, then it’s another round for me once again in the new year. Well, this time around I decided to join P3toLife. I was a little hesitant but excited as I work full time, taking a night school course, I’m a mom, a wife and didn’t think I would have the time to do all this cooking after a long day at work. Well, to my surprise, your delicious recipes and my results has made the extra time involved worth it! I have also just ordered the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker/crisper to assist me in prepping two separate meals in one night.

    I just started week 2 of P3 and have made every recipe in the order you listed. I must say mind-blowing! I have always liked to cook for my family, and with your recipes and new ideas, we are all really enjoying our meals with a new twist and I thank you! Of course, my husband and son will have rice or pasta added to their dishes.

    Your desserts have been saving me from my sweet cravings at night. Each one has been so delicious and I look forward to a new flavor each night. I still haven’t decided which one is my favorite. Still have many more to try!

    I’m on day 3 of week 2 Recipes. After weighing myself this morning, I have dropped another pound. My LWD was 127.8 and I’m down to 124.6.

    I can’t thank you enough Rayzel for creating P3toLife. You are the real deal!

    Best wishes,

    - M

    #148 - February 3, 2019

    I couldn't have done it without all your posts and videos - I watched a lot of them just to keep me focused and motivated!

    I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I am SO THANKFUL that I purchased your P3 To Life Program. I know you guys get tons of emails, but I just felt like I needed to send an email expressing my gratitude.

    In all honesty, I did not have a ton of weight to lose, but I needed to lose about 20 pounds to feel my healthiest and get back to my active self (I had a major health issue in 2017 which took away all my physical exercise options for about a year). I lost about 15 pounds doing the short version of HCG injections, and I couldn't have done it without all your posts and videos - I watched a lot of them just to keep me focused and motivated! So, I knew that I needed to do P3 correctly or all of this was a waste of time again and I promised myself I wouldn't do that. So, fast forward a month and I"m almost done with my first week of P3. The recipes are AMAZING!!! The flavor is unbelievable in each of the ones I've tried, and even my husband is a huge fan. He mentioned tonight that this is the first time in his life that he has eaten a 400 calorie meal and it actually be good and filling at the same time! The Turkey Chili is his favorite so far and probably mine too 🙂 I was skeptical at first because how can a meal that is so healthy and low in calories actually be filling?? But, you proved me wrong and I am so happy you did!

    Anyway, I say all this to say that I am just so thankful for having these recipes to help me through P3 because that is where I messed up horribly last time. I am so full and don't feel like I'm being cheated out of a good meal (can't even finish the portion usually!). I'm actually still losing a little weight (which I have about 5 pounds I would like to see gone but exercise and continuing with your meal plans will hopefully take care of that). So again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! 🙂

    All your hard work and dedication to this process is greatly appreciated - thank you for all you do and can't wait to keep learning more!!

    Thank you,

    - Nikki

    #147 - January 29, 2019

    This program not only works, but it is also rock solid. It gives me the confidence every single morning to step on the scale, and enjoy my day without worrying about gaining the weight back.
    Hi Rayzel,
    OMG, OMG, OMG - you are absolutely brilliant! I wanted to give your P3 to Life at least a week before I responded, and I truly can't say enough good things to you right now.
    1.  I ended up losing another 4 lbs, and have been stabilizing.
    2. The food is INCREDIBLE and my family absolutely loves it. These recipes will be in our lives from here on out. I can't get over the flavor and the creativity - you really did put a lot of sweat and love into this project and for that I thank you.
    3.  You made me love cooking again (I've always loved it) but you've resuscitated my passion for cooking and the grocery lists could not have made it easier to organize and plan for the week.
    4.  My stress and anxiety have been alleviated and I can only imagine the benefit that has on Phase 3.
    This program not only works, but it is also rock solid. It gives me the confidence every single morning to step on the scale, and enjoy my day without worrying about gaining the weight back. (I know that seems dramatic, but we work so hard on Phase 2, it is such a relief to have peace of mind in Phase 3 - that alone is worth the cost of the program). 😉
    This is one of the best purchases I've made for so many different reasons, and I just want to thank you for all your hard work, passion and patience with people like me. You've made a difference in our lives and it's so much bigger than delicious recipes.
    Congratulations to you and all your efforts!

    - Erin

    #146 - January 31, 2018

    #145 - December 30, 2018

    I’d like to thank you for your program! After I finished my second round, I P3 to life helped me stabilize so well, I was so happy! (after my first round, I gained 9 lbs and had to do several weight correction days – no correction days needed with P3 to life!!

    - Lisa

    #144 - December 2, 2018

    Using your guidance with P3TOLIFE has been amazing. I'm in the middle of week 3 with ZERO steak days and am actually 5 pounds below my last injection weight. I didn't try losing that 5 pounds and am being careful to eat enough calories. It seems to be balancing out.
    I've never eaten so many vegetables in my life! You're reframing my mindset and giving me good habits like having 2 or 3 cooking days so I've got healthy meals ready for work or busy evenings.

    - Ronna

    #143 - November 26, 2018

    It's going great! I'm glad I did this. I've gone 13 days into Phase 3 with no problems. No steak days.
    I really appreciate that you have done this to help so many women. It's not just about weight; it's about the quality of life.

    - Darlene

    #142 - November 12, 2018

    Love Mug bread. It’s FAB. Have no idea how you came up with all of this – but THANK YOU!!!!! Grateful for these recipes, the insights, the community you have built, and way you laid out this program. On week 2 and loving it. Thanks again!

    - D.M.

    #141 - November 10, 2018

    #140 - November 10, 2018

    What is happening right now! Wow. This food is amazing. The turkey chili! Wow. Then the chicken curry. Totally looking for that flavor. Today I made the pork bowl and was a little skeptical but holy smokes is that fantastic. The flavor blends so well together. You did it, made this program easy and ridiculously delicious. Thanks for taking the time to put this together! Oh maintaining for the first time ever and actually still losing. Amazing.

    - L

    #139 - October 30, 2018

    I am now slightly below my LDW at 118.2 and I am not having any cravings.

    I am on day 8 of the P3ToLife program and doing great. This is my overall 11th round of hcg and therefore my 11th P3 experience since 2011. I am 5'1" and used to be real petite, around 105 lbs in my twenties and thirties. I had my first child at 41 and maintaining my best weight became more and more of a problem. Once in my fifties I found that hcg provided my only option to lose weight and I lost the same 10-12 lbs over and over. Nonetheless, I accepted this as a new normal. I switched to ketogenic eating, IF and bulletproof coffee, all of which worked for a year or so, until I noticed I was putting on more weight. This round of hcg, my starting weight, which had been around 123 to 126, now was 131. So I lost and ended at 119.6, feeling great.

    The main discovery this time around, however, was your P3 program. In the past, as so many others, I struggled, mostly with the lack of structure, a strict protocol. So your recipes are a huuuge help. It has allowed me to feel satiated and refrain from snacking, which is my emotional eating habit, it turns out. I used to snack on healthy things, like nuts or nut butter with apples, but the very impulse to have to resort to a snack even after a filling meal is one I needed to break. I am now slightly below my LDW at 118.2 and I am not having any cravings.

    a Little bit later...

    November 23, 2018
    Well, I am done with P3 and this is the best round I have done EVER so far. I did not gain any weight over my LDW, and even go below most days. I have loosened the reins of the P3toLife program somewhat during week 3, and even more so now that I am in Maintenance. But, since there are a few weeks more of meal plans, and because you have a system that seems to work for me in these meals, I plan to continue to work with what you have included in this program.


    The stabilization component of this success story is what I have emphasized so far, but what I have neglected to mention is that I continue to feel really good in my body, which is such an important piece.

    - W

    #138 - October 20, 2018

    I'm just coming off my round two into P3. When I'm in VLCDs I purposely do not want elaborate food. I keep it VERY simple....tilapia and cucumbers is my go-to. So when I get to week one of your P3 to Life program.....the depth of flavor in the food just blows my mind!!! Literally, every meal is like sparklers going off in my brain. I am SO grateful for these recipes. Week 1 is such a star in your program.

    - Sue

    #137 - October 14, 2018

    Rayzel, you are absolutely the best and a genius! I am just starting day 4 on your P3toLife program, and am totally amazed at the 3 different recipes I have already prepared and eaten. They are all full of volume, and absolutely delicious! I, too, was quite nervous and anxious about starting Phase 3, but P3toLife makes all the difference. The program is so well prepared, very specific, and with any questions I may have had, you responded immediately. I can’t thank you enough for offering this program to us, and I look forward to all the new recipes, as well as the desserts! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    - Laurie, 57 years old

    #136 - October 13, 2018

    P3tolife has been great, as I haven't been experiencing the blood sugar drops very often which has been an absolute godsend!!!!!!

    It was timely to come across your P3tolife as I was about to start P3 and was nervous about all the weight coming back on. I dropped the ball in January and skipped P3 after losing 10kgs and the weight flooded back.....I started HCG at a weight of 100kg, after P2, 88-89kg. I am stabilizing well and after my birthday in October will do P2 again. I am only 155cm so I can't manage extra weight without it becoming unhealthy. I have Metabolic disorder with insulin resistance and at risk of T2 Diabetes (strong family history). I do well on the ketogenic diets and have lost 24kg on a previous attempt 10 years ago. My main problem has been managing the insulin resistance (blood sugars dropping every 2-3 hours and getting over hungry), portion control and finding good food choices.

    When I get the recipes right they taste great too! I did the first menu (frequent cooking) for the first two weeks, however, this week I have decided to try the second one (less frequent cooking) as I am going away for a couple of days and preparing by batch cooking.

    - Johanna

    #135 - October 9, 2018

    I am telling everyone about your program. I lost 31 lbs on hCG and 6 lbs on p3tolife. I am in my second round of hCG at the moment. I was on p3tolife for 4 weeks. I will go back on p3tolife again. The food is fabulous and filling! I am so happy I found you!!!! P3tolife lives up to its title! I will always incorporate your recipes into my life. I love your program because it really does work!

    - Janet

    #134 - October 7, 2018

    Very very happy to report that I not only maintained what I lost on p2 but I lost 2 more lbs

    Hi Rayzel! I just finished my 3 week p3 and am still going strong into the week 4!
    Very very happy to report that I not only maintained what I lost on p2 but I lost 2 more lbs ???? thank you thank you thank you lol for this awesome p3tolife program!!!!!!!! This is the best investment I could have done for myself and my family!!!!! So very thankful for it! I now have a plan to finally maintain my weight loss for the rest of my life with this program! I have about 35 more pounds to go and I'm just so excited! I plan on after all hCG rounds to stay eating p3, your meal plans they are just so satisfying and I'm happy to stay permanently eating that way! Again thank you ! What a blessing you are to so many! God bless you and your family!

    - Diane

    - Sherry

    - Marise

    #133 - October 4, 2018

    I did a short round last year and my 3 weeks on the P3toLife program ended on Dec 20, 2017, just a few days before Christmas. The food is great, I ate this with my family. I really love the Indian Curry and we still eat that til now. I ended at 125/126 and I stabilized well even after the holidays. Imagine eating all that food from Christmas to New Year. I live in the Philippines so rice and bread are staple foods. 

    Then I had a surgery for my retinal detachment January 2018 and after that, I was required to position face down for 6 weeks. I was totally sedentary. No exercise and no special diet. I went up 2-3lbs and it stayed there for 6 months. I was AMAZED!

    I truly believe in the P3toLife program because I know Rayzel gave her heart to this project. Working with her for 5 years, I know that she is truly and genuinely concerned for all of us who went through this weight loss journey.

    - Lucelle

    Rayzel's assistant

    #132 - September 19, 2018

    Just an update that I'm really loving the recipes and the program. I'm eating way better (quality & taste) than in many years. The first couple of weeks I dropped an additional 3 lbs from my last injection weight and then I've managed to maintain that additional loss.

    - Andrea

    #131 - August 2, 2018

    P3 is going really well. I like the chia pudding. Meals are great. Weight is stable. Glad I took your advice to do the program.

    - Gem

    #130 - July 17, 2018

    Thank you for taking the time to spoon feed us these wonderful recipes. I went into this with an open mind and have enjoyed flavors I would never have tried previously. I’m loving this P3 phase and finally have a way to maintain, thanks to you.

    - Bonnie

    #129 - July 12, 2018

    A member who joined after P3 was already over, in Phase 4

    I've seen sooo many videos and read so many documents, I think Rayzel and I are already friends!
    I am very thankful and satisfied with the hard work and detail poured on this program. I am a P3tolife worry free, culinary diva and sexy as hell member! ????

    I started the program because doing P3 by myself was miserable. I was scared, hungry and anxious. I felt lost, unknowledgeable and disoriented. I read so many things and nothing was referencing the lifestyle, long term commitment I visualized for me and my family. Well, this was my first week in P3forlife, but in reality first week of P4. I lost around 6 pounds during my original P3 and enrolled to avoid starvation (I didn't knew how to eat more than 700 calories and was starting to feel fatigue an weakness)...

    Sooooo, my first week as a P3member was amazing, I increased my daily intake to 1000-1200 cals and maintained fabulously, eating delicious, nutritious and super yummy food. As this was tecnically my 1st week of phase 4, I added almond milk, yogurt, almonds & peanuts that I was dying to have and the results are great!

    - Ambar

    #128- June 29, 2018

    I could cry. I love you for what you've done, the research, putting it out there, marketing... thank you SO MUCH.

    Just wanted to let you know- I am SO GLAD you put out the P3 to Life program! I ended my last HCG round in March? I want to say... I've always had trouble with P3 and always gained the weight back because I didn't know how to do it right. My last weigh in on drops was about 260. Down from 297 in about 40 days. I had really hoped for 40 lbs in 40 days. I know that's not all that common for women, but I can usually get close.
    So, with the help of a friend, we pre-made food for P3 so I could just grab and go and not have to think much.
    I've stayed consistently around 257/258 since ending P2.

    - Jenn

    #127 - June 29, 2018

    In fact I did manage to lose 6.40 pounds!

    Hi Rayzel!
    Today was my last day of P3 and I did amazing! I did not have to do any correction days. In fact I did manage to lose 6.40 pounds! I was not hungry! I lost a total of 26.6 pounds on P2 and P3 in the past nine weeks and c5n't be any more happier! So so thankful I purchased your program and also got your P2 workbook for my next round. As you can see, I've got ways to go in my weight journey, but so happy to be in "onederland" right now! Thank you thank you thank you!
    Much love back! Thank you for you!

    - Beth

    #126 - June 28, 2018

    The incredible instruction and recipes you have worked so hard to make available to the world has made such a difference.

    Hi Rayzel,

    I have been keeping a food journal every day of my hCG journey, and today as I was making my entry I was so thankful for the place I find myself right now. I have so far lost about 54 pounds since January and I am in my 8th week of P4 of my second round. I've told you a bit about my story before, but I know that with so many who contact you, there's no way you will remember. However, this is my second time around with hCG, having done 4 rounds in 2016 where I ended up regaining everything I lost. Even so, after a very stressful year in which I separated from my husband of 20 years, moved to a new state, and got a promotion with my company that required me to travel 32 out of 52 weeks last year, I knew going into 2018 that I needed to get back to hCG and this time I had to do it "right."

    As I mentioned, I am at the end of my second round this year and I still have another 80 pounds to lose, but I know that this time I will be successful - and I know that because of you.

    This evening, as I was going over my day, I was writing about how I'd gone to my sister's house and she was having a BBQ with some friends (that I crashed). The menu offerings were hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, Doritos, fresh corn, and for dessert cheesecake. All foods that I love. However, I didn't even have to think about it. I asked my sister to raid her fridge for fresh veggies and made a salad with oil & vinegar dressing that I ate with a hamburger patty and melted cheese over it. For dessert I had a nectarine instead of the cheesecake they served (and it was the good one from Costco). However, I felt no compulsion to eat anything else. The corn (which is probably one of my favorite summertime things to eat) was just something that was available, but not something I needed to put in my mouth; and the same was true of all the other stuff.

    Writing this in my journal, it actually moved me to tears because in 2016 when I did this protocol before, every single time I entered P3 and afterward I completely lost my way. I never had a P3 where I didn't need at least one steak day and by the end of the three weeks I went right back into eating as poorly as I had prior to discovering hCG. Between every single round--except the first one, and only then because I didn't wait to go back into the next round at all--I regained a portion of the weight I'd just lost. Eventually, after the 4 rounds I ended up losing around 60 pounds, but it didn't stick.

    This time though, because of your amazing inspiration and the incredible P3toLife program that I am so thankful to be a member of, not only have I not gained a single pound between rounds, but I have actually LOST more weight in between each of my two rounds! Without even trying! The incredible instruction and recipes you have worked so hard to make available to the world has made such a difference. I doubt that you can even begin to fathom how big a difference you have made in people's lives. I KNOW that my success right now is 100% because I didn't have to go into P3 on a boat without a rudder. I had your plan to show me exactly how I should eat to successfully navigate my way through P3 and on. In my two rounds this year I have not once been more than 2 pounds above my LIW and I didn't need a steak day once. That NEVER happened in my previous 4 rounds!

    And through your inspiration, I FINALLY have been able to flip some kind of a switch in my brain that turned on that Aha! light for me that realizes for the first time in my life that I don't NEED to go back to eating the way I grew up eating. In 2016 I couldn't imagine what it would be like to live the rest of my life never eating pasta or candy bars or donuts or any number of other food items again and I was seriously looking for that miracle "thing" that would transform me into a thin person with a thin metabolism so I could eat anything I wanted to eat once I'd lost all the weight. I knew that there was no way I could survive life without all of those things. But this time it has become an entirely new experience.

    Even knowing that in my current phase I could probably have tried eating a cob of corn or the bun for my hamburger (and I have in the last few weeks, but only if I made sure it was healthy bread and not white, processed bread), I didn't even care about it. How motivating is that?!?! I can't even begin to express how stinking PROUD I am of myself! And it is YOUR inspiration and YOUR guidance that has brought me to this place in my life.

    Last week I had a craving for stuffed bell peppers--something that I am very good at making and it is one of my favorite dishes that I make, even though I don't make it a lot because I am the only one of my family who likes them. I was having some people to dinner though, who are very heath-conscious and they wouldn't have any problems loving that dish, so I decided to try making them. I figured that if I used this blend of brown rice, red lentils, and wild rice that it would be safe to eat. Healthy, right? Well, the result is that the next day I had gained 3 POUNDS!!!! Even with that gain it still was less than my LIW, but still, I was so angry with those results. However, instead of giving up as I would so easily have done in the past, I just vowed never to eat rice again-EVER-and for the two days since then was just cautious about what I chose to eat, and so far I have lost all but 0.2 pound of that gain and I expect that in the morning I'll find that I've gone down the rest of the way back to my pre-rice weight. Easy peasy. That is something that has never happened before in my life, and I am amazed and thankful that I am finally in a place where that is possible.

    So, although I don't know the frustrations that you are currently going though with this protocol life you have created for us, as difficult as they are, I just wanted you to know that it is worth it. You have inspired me and I am certain you have inspired thousands of others just like me. And I thank God all the time for the blessing that this protocol and that hCGChica has brought into my life. I pray that you find some peace and joy in these times of trial and that you have a support system that will be there for you as you get through whatever lesson is being taught in your life at this time.

    My love and gratitude goes out to you!

    - Robyn

    - Diane

    #125 - June 24, 2018

    I feel like it's so much food.

    Thank you. Your program is so detailed. You put so much thought and work into it. I prepared some of week one meals- your turkey chili and steak with cauliflower rice. Very good.

    - Liz

    #124 - June 18, 2018

    I am enjoying the recipes and surprised at how good they are! Also, the shopping lists have been a big help in making the plan easy. I have only gone through the first three weeks so far. Also, I have improvised recipes to grill and it has been working out. My family and I love the recipes, thanks for all the hard work!


    July 2, 2018
    I am about three weeks into phase 4! My weight is maintaining even with two recent steak days (after phase 3). I have not been able to stick with the HCG menus since summer started. We are so busy and are completely off schedule. I am trying to make recipes from weeks 1-3 because I am familiar with them and can look at the recipe and create a quick shopping list. I am eager to get into week 4-7 menus though!

    - Kim

    #123 - June 16, 2018

    I am a busy girl and your program gives me 100% confidence that I will succeed with P3 and P4 for life.

    I purchased your program a few weeks ago. It is easy to follow and I am loving it! I am not a cook and your recipes are easy to follow. I have made the bacony egg cups and the turkey chili and froze them. I will make the chicken curry tomorrow and freeze it in prep for next Thursday.

    - Kim

    #122 - June 12, 2018

    I am thru the 7 week program and looking to start building my own weekly menus from your recipes. I just want you to know that your recipes are fabulous and I think it is and will continue to save me from falling off the wagon this time????

    Thank you!

    - Candice

    #121 - June 12, 2018

    Finding your website helped me to NOT have fear going into Phase 3 and I did great!

    Hello Rayzel,
    Thank you for creating this P3tolife website. 6 years ago, I lost 100 pounds with the help of HCG. Although it did take me 6 years to do it - I gained it all back. Finding your website helped me to NOT have fear going into Phase 3 and I did great!!!!!!!!! While your recipes and meal plans were GREAT - it was hearing you talk about it on your videos that gave me so much of a clearer insight into the process. I never really got out of Week 1 and 2 recipes, but following your information, I never gained over my LIW, and after loading for my second round, I was at that same weight that I ended because yes, I had actually gone down some over that break even though I was not intending to.

    At the very end of that - before starting again, I heard you talk about "The Weightloss Apocalypse" which I ordered and am GIDDY with excitement over these new insights into why and how this works and the huge roadblocks emotionally to overcoming the addictions of wrong eating patterns.

    I feel equipped for this journey now!

    Thank you!!!!!!

    - Jan

    #120 - May 6, 2018

    Today I bought a vitamix as I've been enjoying the dessert smoothies of the P3tolife program so much.


    June 5, 2018
    I'm on week 6 and have followed your program to a T. I have for sure gotten some forever foods. I love the chai puddings. I love the chocolate mug cake. It works ok without egg (egg allergy). I love the dessert smoothies. I love all the recipes. I'm truly so thankful that I took a risk and bought this plan. I have continued to lose weight. I'm 7lbs below my LIW. I have no idea why. I think I'm still under calories for my life. So I will try to work on figuring that out. I think I need between 18-2000 to maintain. Especially when golfing. When I play 18 holes of golf I go up 2lbs! I have found I can play 9 holes and maintain. I do eat a couple extra things, like a chia pudding between breakfast and lunch or an extra dessert smoothie. I'm a believer.
    Thanks so much!

    - Theresa

    #119 - April 27, 2018

    Have made it through 6 weeks since my LIW at -3 pounds from that date. Mostly thanks to you, the podcasts, and the P3tolife recipes.

    - P

    #118 - April 27, 2018

    I know I'm fueling my body with the right foods & portions for stabilization.

    I am in Week 2 & have stabilized & actually lost weight with incorporating some exercise. My LWI was 155.0 & today's weight was 150.8! I have tremendous success with your program & THANK goodness all the work is done for me aside from grocery shopping & meal prepping. I am a single Mom, super-busy professional, I'm on the road a lot, etc. This has been a life-saver & when I eat & go to bed at night... my mind can be at rest because I know I'm fueling my body with the right foods & portions for stabilization.

    - Lyndsay

    #117 - April 24, 2018

    Stabilizing has never been this easy with all your great recipes.

    Hi Rayzel,

    I too love P32L! Stabilizing has never been this easy with all your great recipes. Since you mentioned focusing more on health I want to make a suggestion for P32L that will be healthier for everyone! Your recipes call for COOKING with olive oil. The heat range for olive oil is on the low side for an oil so it's easy to overheat it which create free radicals due to oxidation. Therefore I only use either coconut oil or avocado oil to cook with. There are more oils that have high burn points, but these are cheaper and easier to find here in San Diego. Olive oil is my "cold oil" Also always smell all oils before use to make sure it's not gone rancid. I also smell any nuts and even things that have nuts in them can go rancid and that smell is very obvious. Free radicals are not anyone's friend. Good luck with your health, I am also looking for ways to become healthier now that I'm at my good
    weight. So that is why for me I started Crossfit after seeing how it helps you. You are the best resource for hcg and beyond! My husband and I together lost over 100lbs due to your wonder support and knowledge. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all you do.

    - Colleen

    #116 - April 20, 2018

    I am at the end of week 2 and I am within my 2 pounds.

    Hi Rayzel,
    Let me start by saying I have followed you for years!!! And you have helped me with P2 in so many ways. From how to order hcg, recipe tips and tricks, daily inspiration and so much more!
    I have struggled after p2, with p3 every time over the past 5-6 years!
    This time, I gave p3tolife a try for the 1st time and I am loving it! I definitely need structure! I am at the end of week 2 and I am within my 2 pounds. The simple plan is for me! I love batching my breakfasts and lunches and whipping up quick dinners at night.I am really enjoying the menus! Thank you so much for all of your thoughtfulness!

    - Daniele

    #115 - April 11, 2018

    I feel it really put me on the right path.


    Thank you so much for checking in. I have been loving the recipes. I went on a trip so I'm just working through Week 6 and have Week 7 left to go. I am working out hard again and am starting to stabilize. During the week- I kind of stick to the program and eat cleanly and then go out to eat on the weekends and have glass or wine or two. I notice the scale weight move around but have been able to stay within my 2 pounds. I'm doing a boot camp/HITT class M,W, F and doing some exercise usually 2-3 other days. Sometimes some spin, a run, hiking, yoga....whatever feels good for that day.

    I have honestly noticed that when I don't eat like your recipes outline or do not have enough protein, I'm not only more hungry but dont' feel as well. Wine and drinking in general has not been my friend in more ways than one. I have no tolerance for it now. I feel awful with the smallest amount and can't drink a lot. It's been weird. But overall-I have sung the praises of your site, the recipes, and just the experience in general to as many people as will listen.

    The effort, time, and care you have put into the recipes and program is just incredible and for me personally it was a god send. I feel it really put me on the right path.

    Earlier email...

    Hi - I am so enjoying your P3 protocol and all the recipes have been so very delicious. It's been a true treat... This has made my transition so easy and tasty. I am truly thankful for the resources and care you are providing for this program. Your commitment and interest in helping the community is very apparent and just wanted to say thanks!

    - Nancy

    #114 - April 7, 2018

    Your plan has really been really instrumental in my success.

    I found what works best for me...is to go through the cookbook I printed...choose 3 or 4 recipes to cook and freeze. I also have one of your delicious muffins for a sweet when I feel the need. I freeze those too. I love the taco muffins that freeze well too. I use egg whites for those for I don't love egg yolks.

    I'm 56 years old and plan on staying fit for life! Your plan has really been really instrumental in my success...I needed to change things up and your recipes have been a huge help.


    Ps. I made the white chicken chili with cauliflower rice tonight and it was amazing!

    earlier email...

    Your program is truly fantastic. Your recipes are delicious and again, your information is exceptionally helpful.


    I give you 5 solid stars! Keep up the good work!

    - Michelle

    - Donna

    #113 - April 11, 2018

    I loved the easiness of knowing what to buy and it was already written out, what to cook and how much of it to eat.

    Hi Rayzel,
    I am a P3 to life member but I am back doing my third round of phase 2. I loved the P3 program and actually was able to keep losing weight while on it without being hungry. I loved the easiness of knowing what to buy and it was already written out, what to cook and how much of it to eat. Are you going to have a program like that for P2? I’m having a very difficult time this time around. I would be willing to pay for that program as well because having it that organized really helps me. My hormones are very messed up as I had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago but then a car accident eight months ago that left me with brain injury. And my hormones are affected by that. So while I am at 100 IU of hCG I do get very hungry and an overwhelming desire for sugar.
    I do save your Pinterest P2 recipes but I just left having it all together like the P3!

    - Kelly

    #112 - April 11, 2018

    I am nearly 6 weeks since I ended HCG and my weight has been stabilized the whole time 🙂

    I really think your recipes are great and while I may not make them all (or make them all exactly the same) I think they have been a great resource and helped me to really be aware of not just what I am eating as meal but also what are other great options to have as a snack or dessert. I think your meal plan really has such a great variety to it that it has caused me to think and cook with more creativity (which I love!!)


    Honestly, I was a little unsure at first of joining the plan because of the cost but I know I wouldn't be doing nearly as well if I hadn't signed up. I know I'll be making many of these dishes for years to come (like the chia pudding that I love) and it's helped me really enjoy such a variety of food and not gain weight back. I think your website has such great resources and I know it's probably the most frequently opened site I've used the last 6 weeks. Thanks for all your time and effort (and the amazing pictures and work) that goes into something like this. You have certainly found a great niche as this was an area of the diet that was so hard to do as there was no guidance. I appreciate you checking in and keep the different recipes coming!

    earlier: March 13, 2018

    Thank you so much for your email and for your help. Your tips are really helpful and I am seeing what you mean by people filling up very quickly! You've done a great job with all of this and you've really made the hardest part of this diet so much easier.

    - Sandy R.

    #111 - April 5, 2018

    #110 - March 30, 2018

    #109 - March 28, 2018

    #108 - March 27, 2018

    This is probably the first phase 3 that I haven't needed a steak day and I feel like I've added a lot of variety (and flavor) to my meals and to my familY's!

    I have to say, I'm really loving the P3tolife recipes a lot so far! I think, like most people, I have found a few that I really adore (like the chia pudding!) and others that are not my favorite, but overall what a wonderful variety of dishes. I think I like week 1 the best but that is probably because I was so paranoid so followed everything to the letter of the law!

    I've done hCG before and I think this phase (and knowing what to eat!) was always the hardest. I really like the "I'm still hungry" as I like to know what sort of food I can prep and have for when I'm out of the house or at work. This is probably the first phase 3 that I haven't needed a steak day and I feel like I've added a lot of variety (and flavor) to my meals and to my family's! So THANK YOU!!!

    - Sandy

    #107 - March 27, 2018

    I am in week 2 of the P3to life meal plan. Everything is going awesome!!! The meals and desserts are very, very tasty.

    - Karen

    #106 - March 19, 2018

    By the way, your Hearty Turkey Chili recipe has become my significant others fave and a pot is cooking as I write....says if this is diet food, we can sign him up!????

    - Linda

    #105 - March 9, 2018

    I am so enjoying your P3 protocol and all the recipes have been so very delicious.

    I am so enjoying your P3 protocol and all the recipes have been so very delicious. Its been a true treat. And also a note of thanks. This has made my transition so easy and tasty. I am truly thankful for the resources and care you are providing for this program. Your commitment and interest in helping the community is very apparent and just wanted to say thanks!

    - Nancy

    #104 - March 5, 2018

    Just starting Week 7 - have not gained 1 pound!
    I used the original plan and made every recipe!

    Thank you!!!

    - Michele

    #103 - March 2, 2018

    I am pleased that I have been able to find wise food choices without derailing while eating in restaurants

    WOW! I'm just in Day 5 of P3 and it is going great - even though I have been traveling since Tuesday. I actually didn't find out I'd be going out of town until Monday evening, though, so I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for my food needs.
    I had some of my leftovers still waiting to be eaten though, so I decided to make the turkey chili and take it with me as well. Even so, I ended up without enough meals to get through my entire trip. But I specifically made my hotel reservation for one that I knew was neighbors with a McGrath's Fish House and since Salmon is on the P3 menu for Week 1 had that for dinner one night and then trout the next night. It seems to have worked well, though, and I am pleased that I have been able to find wise food choices without derailing while eating in restaurants.

    - Robyn

    #102 - February 26, 2018

    I was even out of town for the weekend and while i couldn't stay on the plan, the plan helped me to make choices.


    I love the program!! I love the food. My husband does too. There is a nice variety. I am half way into week two and its going well. I was even out of town for the weekend and while i couldn't stay on the plan, the plan helped me to make choices...and i was able to maintain. I think your plan is effective and really great!!

    Thank you!!!

    - Amy

    #101 - February 24, 2018

    I have continued to eat P3toLife recipes and have lost five more pounds since then.


    We did an interview back in November and I just wanted to update you. I have continued to eat P3toLife recipes and have lost five more pounds since then. I am excited to feel like I have it under control finally!

    Thank you,

    - Jessica

    - Diane

    #100 - February 22, 2018

    I thought it'd be useful but I never dreamed it would be my salvation.

    I'm 7 days into P3. I completed many rounds of P2 with no trouble. P3 is another story so.........I bought your package. I thought it'd be useful but I never dreamed it would be my salvation. P2 is not terribly tough.....P3 is HARD. I'm a sugar addict (even after P2). I'm trying your smoothies tonight for the first time. This journey is so much more mental than it is physical. Thank you for all the work you put into the recipes, books, etc. I recommend this to anyone.

    follow-up email: February 24, 2018

    I've been on an HCG Roller Coaster. I had thyroid cancer in 2008 and had a complete thyroidectomy. When I say I battled my weight before, I was always around 120-130 and I'm 5'6". Most people would be happy with that. When my ENT told me I'd put 30-40 pounds on after the surgery I nearly died. I was able to maintain for awhile but obviously....with no metabolism......and menopause.....the weight creeped up. I "tried" HCG....meaning...I did a round with success....didn't understand P3 and my weight went back. I did this again and again for 3 years. Every time I'd have a stressful event in my life....you know....LIFE! This time January 2018 (Age 50) I decided to be serious. Without a thyroid...cheating can almost never be in my vocabulary again. I did not drop a lot of weight in P2 (About 12 pounds) but that's kinda typical for me. NOW I knew that I HAD to maintain the weight. I lift weights (Body Beast) every day and heavy so I'm good there. I'm 5'6" and I weigh 132. My Bodyfat is almost 25% (this is what bugs me the most). In my desperation and reading Rayzel's website, blogs, etc. I decided that P3 was the MOST important phase for me. I'm a "recovering" stress eater and sugar-holic like Rayzel.

    I'm swamped but here's a quick synopsis of my favorite parts of P3tolife:

    1) Dessert Smoothies! Rayzel and I must be twins. At night, when my sugar cravings "kick-in", I like volume in my food and I want "dessert". I haven't tried them all yet but they work like magic to fulfill my sweet tooth without blowing P3.

    2) The recipes are plentiful, yummy and the pictures are the best! Everything looks appetizing - helping me to get out of my food "comfort zone" and try new flavors/foods. Copymethat is awesome!

    3) This program is teaching me how to cook healthier. Although I thought I cooked healthy prior to this, I have incorporated seasonings and methods of cooking that I wouldn't have dreamed of before. Who knew that a little olive oil and snap peas in a pan would taste 1000x better than steaming them in the microwave.

    4) Well organized.

    Overall, I am thoroughly delighted with my purchase. This is one of the most comprehensive, easy to understand, well thought out programs I've ever followed.

    - Lori H.

    #99 - February 16, 2018

    A wonderful, creative, delicious guide to P3 and beyond!

    I had discovered your wonderful website a year or so ago and I believe it was an answered prayer as I have subscribed to your P3tolife and it has been a life saver! A wonderful, creative, delicious guide to P3 and beyond! I have never eaten such delicious food and so much, feeling satisfied & maintaining perfectly! I haven't even begun my exercise program yet. You are truly changing lives by removing the stress factor from P3 and beyond! Thank you for all of your efforts and your passion to see us succeed! I have learned a great deal about nutrition and my intolerances & sensitivities over the past 8 years. HCG is a great way to lose weight and keep it off making true lifestyle changes if using the Rx only, following protocol and topping it off with your P3tolife! Thank you so very, very much!

    - Becky

    #98 - February 12, 2018

    Excellent program, it reduces the stress of what to eat and not gain weight.

    I am addicted to sugar, I relieve my work tension and lonelines with bread, cakes, cookies, and I have to accept I binge. Then I realized that I was doing the keto diet, but it was because I was all day eating cheese, salami, dark chocolate, NON STOP. So reading your story, your articles and I bought the P3 for life (excellent program, it reduces the stress of what to eat and not gain weight) so far I have not gain one single pound after 10 weeks, I just started my second round three days ago and only gain 2 pounds on the loading phase. I have never done a steak day so far…

    - Naomi

    #97 - February 10, 2018

    Your P3 to Life exceeded my expectations.

    Hey Rayzel,
    Your P3 to Life exceeded my expectations; I'm soooo excited to start the 'simplified meal plan' (it's just what I needed). And, honestly, everything is so professionally done - you put a lot of thought and a lot of work into this!

    After having lost 20 lbs successfully in 30 days- I wasn't at all hungry, but began tripping up, so decided to go ahead and transition to P3. So thank you for all of the tools and encouragement to get to this point!

    - Sharon

    #96 - February 5, 2018

    I enjoy being in the kitchen and preparing the foods, confident that I will not gain.

    Hi Rayzel,
    I am in week 2 of p3. My last day weight was 118.1. Two weeks into p3 I weighed 117.8 this morning. I have been having a teaspoon of whipping cream every morning, sometimes a second cup later in the day....and NO STEAK DAYS! My husband and I are really liking the foods. I enjoy being in the kitchen and preparing the foods, confident that I will not gain. We have been out to Chinese a couple of times, but I try to be careful of choices I make. The next day the first time out, I dropped a pound, don't know what the scale will say tomorrow, but fingers crossed. Thanks so much for all your help and we are really enjoying the program!

    - Donnavee

    #95 - January 25, 2018

    There are so many recipes that I am certain that I will be able to live this way for life.


    Thank you for putting in all of this hard work! I am just so excited about not only the nutritional value of the foods that I am eating during phase 3, but also the great taste that they all have. I am just on the first week of phase 3 and I am NOT going to fail this time because you have paved the way for me…Yaay!!!! My grocery list now consists of foods that I never dreamed that I would be able to enjoy. There are so many recipes that I am certain that I will be able to live this way for life. Even my children are enjoying these recipes. Thank you all over again.

    - Tameka

    #94 - January 21, 2018

    I haven't eaten this much in years and that makes me happy.

    First off I want to say that I am so impressed with the recipes I have made so far. They are really really good!

    Here is the problem however. I am just coming to the end of the first week and I am up 2.5 lbs. I am quite concerned about this. I have had such a difficult time with maintaining my weight loss. I have done 3 rounds of HCG just loosing the same 25 lbs each time. I have never really been given guidance on how to do Phase3 so it makes sense that my body wants to gain.

    My reply
    I first asked her several questions to rule things out. It appeared that everything else was pretty normal. So in a later reply I told her this:
    At your height and weight (5'7" and 182 lbs) it would be very surprising if you were gaining fat at the calorie level you are at with P3tolife right now- It’s hard to be sure if the gain is just water or a normal adjusting to where your body will start stabilizing soon or not. I know this is a hard question to know the answer to but do you feel like it’s fat? The calories are fairly low on week 1 and 2 so it’s hard for me to fathom suggesting eating less honestly.

    I know it’s nervewracking but probably my first thought would be to continue to wait it out and see how things go this week- I’m not sure if you feel comfortable doing that. And I don’t know how the hormones can play a role obviously in water retention and gains.

    Her reply the next day...

    Good news. This morning I was down 1lb so I'm back in the 2lb window. I think it must be water weight.
    I really appreciate your feedback and the fact that you responded personally, I didn't expect that.

    I have been trying to maintain my weight for 4 years and it has really really been a struggle for me. So I guess I panicked a little bit :/

    After watching your videos and reading your posts I now understand why I have had so many problems. I've been doing it all wrong.

    I am really hopeful that I have finally found my answers through this program.

    Thank you so much.

    Her update...

    February 7, 2018
    Hi Rayzel,

    I'm actually doing GREAT! I completed week 3 and plan on starting with the week 4 recipes in a few days. I had to take a small break over the last few days because of different things like my husbands birthday dinner and another dinner event two days in a row. I did well with those events and I am still only .5 lbs above LDW 🙂 I feel good right now about where I am. The test for me will be in a couple months. That's when I normally start to see the weight creep back on no matter what I do. I am up to 1500 cal. Now however and maintaining well. I haven't eaten this much in years and that makes me happy.

    - Kim

    #93 - January 12, 2018

    Your system is so well laid out and organized; it covers every angle and obstacle I can think of while providing solutions to those hurdles. I like to think of your program as a blue print to HCG success.

    3rd email

    I went from a 40” waist to a current 32”. I can now wear all of my clothes in my closet. Before HCG, out of my entire wardrobe, I could only wear 4 pair of Jeans and 1 dress pant. I’ve since discarded these items.

    On occasion, if I notice my weight creeping past 184, I immediately correct by going back to your P3 meals for a day or two. This does the trick. To date, this method has been fool-proof . Your P3 meals are awesome, by the way. I LOVE the salmon and Brussels sprouts recipe and the smoothies…YUUUMMM!!!!

    On P3, I’ve never had to do a correction day.

    So far maintaining my weight,(P4) has been a breeze, no complications. I’m still trying to perfect the “eating to hunger” methodology but most of the time, I do it.

    2nd email

    YES!!! Feel free to use any of my written testimonials from past emails, for the program in your blogs or where ever else you see fit. Maybe there is some guy out there wondering if this program would be fitting for him. I remember contemplating that very thought while researching your website. I’m so glad I ventured out on faith and invested the time and a little cash for my health; it truly has made a world of difference. Your system is something I will use long term and not just for the here and now. Your program is the best insurance policy for long term HCG success I’ve found; and I looked for a long time searching for an HCG system before deciding on yours. The small investment that I made in myself through your program is just a tiny “BB” in the scope of things when I consider the huge returns I’ve received and continue to receive.

    I honestly don’t know where I’d be without your program, online support and website. Your system is so well laid out and organized; it covers every angle and obstacle I can think of while providing solutions to those hurdles. I like to think of your program as a blue print to HCG success.

    Chica: I’ll tell you something else; I have had every single one of my concerns addressed. You and/or your team have made yourselves available to me throughout my entire journey. I never felt I was left to battle this effort alone. This is a huge difference maker. It means so much and it’s absolutely priceless.

    Bottom line: I sincerely believe that anyone who commits to themselves via your program can and will succeed. PERIOD!!!

    Thank you for your candidness, honesty, hard work and dedication.

    1st email

    Oh by the way, did I tell you how much I’m enjoying the meals on the plan? Of course I did, but I just had to tell you again. J I had my first desert smoothie today, (Double Chocolate Smoothie w/coconut Cream Drizzle)…AWESOME!!!!! I can’t believe it’s only 58 calories.

    On another note: The amount I paid for the P3 to Life is such a small investment for the great returns I’m receiving from it. I just wanted to let you know how my I appreciate your hard work in developing the program. I don’t know where I’d be without it. THANKS again.

    - Tommy

    #92 - January 2, 2018

    I am in DISBELIEF at how delicious, filling, and absolutely plentiful these meals have been!!!

    I had to send you a message midway through my first dinner of my first day of your P3toLife Program - I am in DISBELIEF at how delicious, filling, and absolutely plentiful these meals have been!!! I couldn’t finish my turkey chili lunch because I was so gosh darn full (and thanks to you, I’m doing a better job of listening to my stomach’s hunger and fullness cues)! Thank you for this program, and I am so jazzed to continue through the rest of P3 to Life!!!

    P.S. This program is worth every penny!

    lyn p3tolife testimonial

    lyn p3tolife testimonial 2

    - Lyn

    #91 - December 29, 2017

    Sooo, I made all P3 to Life recipes, my husband LOVED them and I'm actually down a pound!

    Hi Rayzel,

    I’m so excited! Every year I look chunky in the family holiday photos. This year my goal was to get through the holidays without gaining ANY weight. I’ve always been very active and pretty thin but at 60 it’s harder to keep my weight down.

    Sooo, I made all P3 to Life recipes, my husband LOVED them and I'm actually down a pound! I’m so thrilled that I’ll be bringing in the New Year lookin’ good and feeling great (It’s also my anniversary).
    Thank you for putting this very needed program together—what a gift you are!

    - Cindy

    #90 - December 28, 2017

    I feel so satisfied, it’s delicious and I have no corrections to make at all!


    Tomorrow I start the second week. So far this has been... AMAZING!
    Love it, LOVE IT!

    I feel so satisfied, it’s delicious and I have no corrections to make at all! (lost an additional 2 pounds and I like that too ;-))
    Thank you!

    Looking to try a whole new week of recipes!

    - Sara

    #89 - December 21, 2017

    Good morning! finding you has been life saving for me! I am doing fabulous thanks to you! Thank you with all my heart!

    Hi again Rayzel! I have just started my third week. I showed my Doctor your website because it truly is life-changing! Thank you for all your hard work so others can change there lives! I appreciate you so much!


    - Gloria

    #88 - December 19, 2017

    I just started yesterday and already love all of the food.

    Hi there! I am so grateful for you and your knowledge, experience, organizational skills and drive! I just started yesterday and already love all of the food.

    - Kimberly

    #87 - December 6, 2017

    I am learning how to move from basic healthy cooking to super healthy cooking and I love it!

    Hi Rayzel,

    I have been a member of P3tolife for about a week. I have really enjoyed all of the videos. You clearly have put a lot of time into the site. You offer lots of great tips and suggestions. I am learning how to move from basic healthy cooking to super healthy cooking and I love it! I found the discussion of sweeteners very useful. I switched from Splenda to Swerve. 🙂

    I really enjoy your site. I am so glad I joined! So far, one week into my P3 I have lost a 1/2 pound from my LIW. I am so relieved my weight seems to be stable. In addition, I have fun cooking the recipes (I double them) for my husband. He is LOVING everything!!!! And guess what, he has lost a few pounds too. (Men, so easy to drop pounds in just a week - where is the rolls eyes emoji?).

    I look forward to new content and videos. 🙂

    - Frances

    #86 - December 3, 2017

    Hi Rayzel!
    I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I am loving your recipes.

    - Melissa

    #85 - December 1, 2017

    Now that I’m not fighting the battle of the bulge every day, I can get on with all the other things I want to do in my life.

    Dear Rayzel,

    Thank you so much! I am actually on week 7 after my 3rd HCG round and this is the first time I have used all the tools in the P3 to Life programs. Here are the highlights.

    1. Except for the day after Thanksgiving I have be at or below my last day of HCG weight of 115! I started this journey at 138 and just 5 feet off the ground.
    2. And that is with a work trip to Honolulu and a wedding anniversary trip to Cabo where I ate chips and salsa!
    3. I have broken your recipes down into ones that freeze well and I make a double batch and freeze the rest. So I can pull out a turkey chili or Chili Verde or Thai curry while my kids eat ribs with mac & cheese.
    4. I’ve started weights after reading your exercise segment – up to twice a week now.
    5. I do a 22 hour fast on Mondays and Friday followed by a Bikram yoga class and the next day I will consistently see a 1 to 1.5 pound weight loss. I use the fast both before and after trips when I know I will be eating “off the ranch.”
    6. The best part of P3 to Life for me is finding GUILT free enjoyable food. So I love the recipes and because I freeze even the desserts – like the apple flax seed muffins – I have quick treats that I can enjoy and eat the whole thing and not feel guilty.
    7. Also, I follow your advice and work on changing my palate. So I make smoothies instead of having ice cream with the kids. (I did get the great blender after all). And after years of binging on Oreos I find WOW the mango smoothly totally hits the spot and I don’t want the cookies & cream ice cream.
    8. Finally, I have added NON-food pleasures. So after I get the kids to bed. I bought the totally expensive teas you recommend on P2 and curl up with a silly Regency Romance. I may only have 20-30 minutes of Kids-free peace but it’s a total indulgence. Just silly, just fun and just for ME! No educational value whatsoever.

    Thank you again! You have given me a road map for real change. Now that I’m not fighting the battle of the bulge every day, I can get on with all the other things I want to do in my life. So in January, after years of dreaming about it, I will be TEACHING an evening class at my local law school while wearing size 4 suits.

    - Rupa

    #84 - November 21, 2017

    The family was very impressed with the Curry Chicken recipe!

    I love the P3! I just got started Saturday morning of last weekend. The family was very impressed with the Curry Chicken recipe and were sad when they realized I didn't make it for them. But I will do bigger batches for them in the future. Mostly I haven't been able to eat the portions but it works out fine…

    - Suzanne

    #83 - November 20, 2017

    I have learned so much from you.

    Thank you for checking in on me. Funny, I was just listening to one of your utubes on your web site abt digging deeper to our Why’s and Mindset around HCG and how this is more of a
    mindset and lifestyle to keep our bodies healthy.
    I went off for the first time 2 weeks into P3 last night. Great timing for your email.
    I did not indulge in any sugar it was 3 champagne glasses of Brut Champagne and some oily fish. Not bad although I did not need to do it.
    Back on track today.
    An orange for Breakfast, 32 ounces of lemon water and your Bacony Egg muffin for a late morning snack.
    Also I made your awesome chicken curry the other night and make the turkey chili later today.
    I am so grateful to you and all your work as you have turned into my coach whether you know it or not. Well now you know it. I have learned so much from you.
    Don’t stop on your amazing journey as you help me tremendously!!!!

    - Donna

    - PK

    #82 - November 13, 2017

    The panic is gone! Bring on the holidays!

    Almost two months on P3... and I have lost an extra pound. Usually I gain 3 to 4 lbs. back right away and prepare mentally for that. I did do one steak day, but at this point I am still down, and holding to that extra 1 lb lost. I am so grateful to you for all your effort. I am eating your delicious recipes, but also eating out once in a while. The panic is gone!! Bring on the Holidays?? Thank you.

    2nd email some days later...

    Good morning!! I just want to say... The recipes so far are absolutely delicious!! I'm always a nervous wreck moving to P3 and always blow it. Your plans are SO helpful!! I'm not strict to the food plans, but I could be!! I have never done so well!! I have lots of new and old stress in my life that would normally have me wringing my hands, but I feel like I can keep my dignity this time. Maybe... I won't be HCG dependent anymore?????? Thank You for all your efforts!! In these crazy, unsettling times....I feel like I have some control at least over my weight.

    3rd email even more days later...

    Things are still happily going very well, and I really appreciate  everything you have done to make life more enjoyable for all of us. Your tip about cutting out 'safe' nuts and cheese seems to be my Ace!! Thank you!

    - Denise

    #81 - November 8, 2017

    WOW! they really are amazing, I enjoy cooking and opted to do the full regular menu.

    Hi Rayzel!

    First, love the program! especially the recipes!

    General feedback on the recipes... WOW! they really are amazing, I enjoy cooking and opted to do the full regular menu. I have 2 children (16 & 13) and a vegan husband. depending on the recipe I add one or 2 servings more - for example the Rosemary butternut squash everyone ate and the proteins varied per person, Spanish caulirice I double, subbed in veggie broth and that was my husband’s dinner, my 16 year loves the pad thai without the pork and wants it in her lunch everyday, my husband made a second (vegan friendly) batch of the deconstructed egg rolls now too! I have found it easy to sub out seafood for myself (I had emailed you about that) too! Bravo on the recipes!

    Thank you for what you have contributed (and expanded) to the HCG community! I have been a follower/admirer for several years. I love this approach, and find it much different than my previous approaches to P3 - I hope this will mark my membership in the P3 to life tribe!

    - Angela

    #80 - November 2, 2017

    I learned a lot about how many carbs and fat I was actually eating and having all of the nutrition information for me helped me conquer my fear of carbs and fat!


    I just wanted to share a little bit of my success on your p3 to life with you!

    I am 29 years old and several years ago worked hard to lose around 100 pounds. It took me years! I found out shortly after that I had thyroid cancer and they removed my thyroid. Ever since my treatment I have had to work very hard to keep the weight off. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with an insulin secreting tumor called an insulinoma. I had to eat constantly to keep my blood sugar above the 30-40 range. I then had that removed and was diagnosed with lyme disease. Long story short I battled my weight off and on. This past year I gained 25 pounds back. My mom suggested I do the HCG diet, so I tried it. I was so tired of working out 6 days a week and eating super strict to maintain my weight. It seemed too hard. I am allergic to a lot so I already have to live pretty restricted. I lost 24 pounds on the drops. I was very afraid to add food back in because it had been such a struggle for me in the past. I have been doing p3 to life for about 6-7 weeks now and I lost 6 more pounds. I now weigh 122.8 pounds. I loved how easy you made everything to follow. I learned a lot about how many carbs and fat I was actually eating and having all of the nutrition information for me helped me conquer my fear of carbs and fat!

    I just wanted to share how much your website helped and encouraged me through my whole journey. I am so thankful to have found you online and to have bought p3 to life!

    - Jessica

    #79 - November 2, 2017

    I LOVE IT!!! It worked totally!!!

    My LDW was 133.2 and I'm finished with P3 and now into P4 and my weight today is 129.8.

    Your recipes have changed my life!!! I've have lots of new favorites which I make and keep in the freezer - there's always a meal ready for me so I don't have think and I'm satisfied. Even my husband is eating many of my new favorites and enjoys them. They are healthy and we are so thankful to you Rayzel.


    - Sandi

    #78 - November 2, 2017

    I love the recipes. They are worth every penny I paid for the program. I've even served them to guests with rave reviews.

    I am doing great. I love the recipes and basically just keep rotating them. I have lost eleven pounds more just making these recipes. All told I have lost thirty-one pounds. I have stabled out and stay within a pound of that weight loss. I have fifteen more pounds to lose but do not want to do the hcg. Even though I lost weight, for me anyway, it was a nightmare. I'm not sure where to go from here to lose the last fifteen pounds. I love the recipes however. They are worth every penny I paid for the program. I've even served them to guests with rave reviews. I still haven't totally mastered the desserts yet but most of the time I don't need them.

    - Jean

    #77 - November 2, 2017

    I see how planning ahead on recipes and menu planning is so vital to my continued success

    I love your recipes and menus! I also see how planning ahead on recipes and menu planning is so vital to my continued success. This is the first time in my life struggle with weight loss that I am able to have success. But most of all HOPE, knowing I don't have to gain because of lack of knowledge. Thank you Rayzel for sharing your story.

    - Ruth

    #76 - November 2, 2017

    This is the first time I have had a plan after P2... I feel great about maintenance this time!

    I am so grateful for all the hard work you've put into this plan. I'm trying things I've never eaten or cooked with... I'm eating things I usually avoid like mushrooms & eggs. I am down an additional 1 lb on day 4 of P3 maintenance. This is the first time I have had a plan after P2... I feel great about maintenance this time! Thanks.

    - Roni

    #75 - November 2, 2017

    Your method worked like a charm.

    AWESOME! I have entered the life phase 3 days ago and doing great! I have done this program once a year for the past 6 years. It wasn't till I found you 2 months ago that I have finally found success. Your method worked like a charm. Before I didn't have a clear cut way of doing this program. I was constantly doing steak days and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I was so frustrated. This time around I was either right on target or little below my last injection weight of the whole 3 weeks of Phase 3.

    Your recipes are awesome. I liked about 95% of them!

    - Kathy

    #74 - October 30, 2017

    Happy to learn stabilization and maintenance meals can be so much more flavorful

    Hi Rayzel! I’m checking in after completing week four. I stabilized 2.4 pounds above my LDW. I didn’t do any steak days, but I did fast till dinner one day a week. I was so full on all the other days, that a fast day was pretty easy and a nice break from digesting food. This past weekend, I made the Balsamic Pork chops and flax green beans for guests and they loved, loved it. I love being introduced to new ingredients. I thought I was doomed to the basic low carb piece of meat, broccoli, green beans or salad way of eating to maintain, but this is showing me that stabilization and maintenance meals can be so much more flavorful. I’m happy to chat with you about my experience, if you’d like.

    - Annette

    #73 - Oct 27, 2017

    Your blog is very informative but best of all is your P3 cookbook

    I also want to say thank you for your wonderful blog. It very informative but best of all is your P3 cookbook. I love how easy it makes P3. The recipes are delicious. We use them all the time. Any information is appreciated.

    - Lisa

    #72 - October 25, 2017

    Lost 4 lbs. in two weeks following P3toLife

    Congratulations, Rayzel!! You are such a leader in successful weight loss!! I have lost 4 lbs. since my LIW in the first 2 weeks of following your P3toLife program! (After 88 pounds lost on VLCD) Thank you so much for this program!

    A bit later…

    I am LOVINGLY P3toLife!!! I just had the meal with sweet potatoes and it didn't make me gain!! My metabolism has truly been reset after the hCG protocol, learning to "eat to hunger" and following your absolutely wonderful recipes to ease back into "normal" eating! I am eating a lot and even adding a pat of butter here and there (like on the breakfast muffins) or adding an extra broccoli slaw to a meal or 1T of half & half to my coffee...and am losing during P3toLife! I am 27 days since LIW and I have lost an additional 6.3 lbs-so amazing!! I cannot thank you enough, Rayzel, for this fantastic program!!

    And then another email…

    Thank you! I am so looking forward to week 7 and the "harvest entertaining menu"-what an awesome surprise!! I will have completed 6 weeks as of Thanksgiving-it is my favorite holiday and has been my goal re: being back to normal maintenance eating. I have actually lost 7.3 pounds in my first month on p3to life!
    Yes, I am feeling ready to interview with you but would like to wait til after thanksgiving...I have Monday afternoons off so nov 27th would work well. Pick a time and let me know how to prepare!

    - Heather

    #71 - October 23, 2017

    The simplified meal plan and meals were easy to follow, easy to cook and delicious!!


    I just completed week 1 of the P3 to Life meal plan. OOOOOMMMMGGGGG!! You seriously have outdone yourself! I did the simplified meal plan and the meals were easy to follow, easy to cook and delicious!! I cannot believe the amount of food I was eating and how flavorful it was and filling. I even shared a few of the meals with my mom and she loved them as well. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this. It was worth every penny for me. And I have maintained my LDW weight this past week. This has been a lifesaver and made P3 so easy for me. I am batch cooking some of week 2 today and I am so excited for it (that is a LOT coming from someone who does NOT enjoy cooking!!).

    I just want to say that your efforts and hard work are very, very much appreciated!!!!

    - Marissa

    #70 - October 22, 2017

    I had an incredibly successful P3.

    I just wanted to let you know. I purchased your P3 and it was the difference maker for me. I had an incredibly successful P3. Only 1 correction day, and even that was borderline.

    Your plan helped me SO much! THANK YOU. I'm back to P2 (R2P2D6) and I'm doing fine. I started my journey at 232 pounds size 20. I'm only 4'11 so that's really big! Today I'm 185 and in a 14.

    Thank you for being such a help to me in this journey.

    - Cathy

    #69 - October 19, 2017

    Lost 88 pounds in 23 weeks with hCG, loving the P3toLife meals

    I want to send a huge THANK YOU! to you for everything you do in supporting so many people in their weight loss journeys!! I finished my hCG/VLCD protocol last week (thru my doctors office) and have been prepping and studying everything P3toLife anxiously awaiting my transition to maintenance. I lost 88 pounds in 23 weeks. My medical office’s transition plan was just a list of acceptable foods and I'm on my own, so to have your carefully planned out menus of such gourmet meals has been phenomenal!! I am LOVING every meal and feeling very satisfied with the amounts...and have even lost another 1.5 pounds since my LIW. I have completed 8 days of P3toLife menus and look forward to many more...I have all 5 weeks printed and ready to go! I cannot express enough how incredible they are and how very much I appreciate all the time and hard work you have put into P3toLife. I couldn't do this without you - even throughout P2, I did my weekly weigh-ins and monthly lab work which kept me accountable (no cheats in 23 weeks on VLCD) but it was your videos and helpful information and references for me to do further research that really accounts for my success at reaching my goal weight and sticking to it and getting healthy again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    - Heather

    #68 - October 16, 2017

    This is my new lifestyle

    I’m so excited to try these new recipes you just added. I did Keto for awhile after completing up to week 4 of P3tolife. I found that I had binge like tendencies come back with Keto so I returned to following the P3toLife Meals. This is my new lifestyle. Thank you Rayzel!"

    - Becky

    #67 - October 16, 2017

    Happy to have more carbs and being able to maintain my LDW

    I’m following the original meal plan and having fun making a variety of dishes. I’m so happy to have more carbs in my diet, and being able to maintain my LDW within .2 to .8 of a pound so far. Great Recipes!

    - Annette

    #66 - October 13, 2017

    Followed the diet exactly for 3 months and didn’t put more than 2 pounds

    Hello Rayzel, thank you for being so polite and nice to me. You are a very kind and respectful person! I really admire your patience and perseverance. Well my weight is a bit more than should be.

    I finished my HCG with 142 and today is 145.6. Thank you for your P3toLife, if not I will be totally lost!!! For 3 months I followed exactly the diet and I didn’t put more than 2 pounds. However, for 2 weeks I have been craving for sweets and carbs, so I bought some sweet stuff, “no carbs, no sugar “ and I ended up with 2 more pounds in two weeks!!! Big mistake and now I cannot go down!!!

    Thank you for your beautiful help and I hope all the best for you and all your equip.

    - Maria

    #65 - October 10, 2017

    After 7 times of hCG, first time to maintain LDW with P3toLife

    Hi Rayzel! I just want to take a minute and tell you that I am loving the recipes!!! And they will STAY in my cookbook file. I have managed to maintain my LDW, fluctuating only a pound or so FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! And I am usually not hungry at all. I’ve done the HCG diet 7 times now – gaining it all back each time – but NOT THIS TIME! I am so stoked. THANK YOU for all you do to give back to us HCGers.

    - Kathy

    #64 - October 6, 2017

    Maintained 40 lb. loss and lost another 10

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I am a firm believer that without your P3toLife program I would have not been able to not only maintain my 40 lbs. loss, but not have lost another 10 just in weeks maintaining - 50 lbs. total! (I'm currently on week 5.)

    I used a homeopathic spray. I didn't have a lot of help with the diet after I initially purchased the products. After doing my own research to ensure I don’t screw it up, I found your blog and you were honestly my saving grace throughout P2 and now P3!

    I followed your recipes (and learned to love mushrooms which I haven't liked for all 27 years of my life), and just really enjoy the ones you provided! It was SO worth it to invest in my health and your program. So, thank you again.

    - Katrina

    #63 - September 11, 2017

    The program has rekindled my love for cooking.

    Hi Rayzel, I had such a great experience and loved the recipes. I have not had one Steak Day on P3 and in maintenance for 3 weeks now. I have not strayed over 2 lbs. I feel so empowered and am at a great weight. My goal was to lose 10 more but may wait until after New Years, just to stay unstressed. It has also rekindled my love of cooking. I need to know how to morph that excellent chocolate morning mug bread into a peanut butter flavor, lol.

    I'm all in to help out with a Skype interview. I work during the day, I am a nurse practitioner. I found all the articles regarding how to choose hCG and all the others as most valuable to my overall understanding of how it all works. You are my hero! Sincere thanks!

    - Lori

    #62 - September 7, 2017

    The new P3 program is amazing!

    Do you guys have any idea how INCREDIBLE you are! This is amazing..the new P3 program is amazing!

    I just made the Turkey Chile and i am in HEAVEN!!! Thank you for all that you do!

    - Stacy

    #61 - September 5, 2017

    Lost 2 lbs. on day 1 of the P3 program

    I want you to know that all the time and hard work you put into figuring all this out for P3 is greatly appreciated by me. I am the baby of the family, babies left on their own flounder. I am a rule keeper and obedient so having a program and lists to follow is fantastic. Before I even cooked I checked off the things I needed to buy at the store. It was a joy to shop with the list. I saw things I would have bought before and would have rotted in the fridge. Now everything I bought I will use in the recipes.

    I am an egg person. I must have eggs for breakfast, so the egg muffin is wonderful for me. I am not a pudding for breakfast person. I like all the recipes and with some changes they will suit my taste. I will replace that pepper in chili with a bell green pepper. I live in Arizona so I put Serrano peppers in everything. They are spicy and not as burning as other hot peppers.

    I did a round of about 35 days of hCG injections. Lost 23 pounds. Than after the 3 days I ate and gained back 11 pounds. I ordered your P3 and the very first day of meals and I lost 2 lbs. I am only on day 4 of first week and I have lost 4 pounds total. I am 5' 2" and was 192 when I started. The first 2 days of the meal plan I was hungry when I went to bed so I had 2 slices bread and peanut butter and jalepeno jelly and still lost weight. I watched your video on being hungry and realized I need more food. I made the choco pudding but only use a spoonful if I feel like something sweet.

    God bless you for all the work you put into this plan. I weighed 107 all my life till I was 42 and stopped smoking and started putting it on. I am 75 this month and happy to be able to lose my huge belly. I am Type 2 diabetic too. Reading the stories gives me hope and motivation to keep this up. I could eat 3 egg omelettes with cheese and salsa and not make it to noon when I ate at 6am. Now I eat at 6:30am -- 2 egg muffins and last till noon or better. Again you have the correct foods in the correct order. Thank you so much.

    - Ruthanne

    #60 - September 4, 2017

    Email exchange with Rayzel re: correction days and eating on travel

    Hi. I was perfect the first 8 days and my weight did not budge. Then there was a huge emotional crisis with one of my sons. I started snacking and drinking a couple of glasses a wine per day for the next 3 days. My weight is up 6 pounds. 2 over.

    Can you recommend a plan? Start over with Week 1? Do 2 correction days this week? I'm so sad and would appreciate your help.


    Hey Sandy! Will try to email again later but just real quick before I go to bed -

    Yes you could totally start over week 1 if you like and do a couple correction days - just don't do the correction days back to back. So separate it or like Tuesday/ Friday or Wednesday /Saturday - it seems like women's bodies respond the best this way and starts to backfire when we are too extreme back to back.

    I hope that helps for the moment!

    Please let me know how it goes over the next few days and we can touch base again, okay?

    And sorry about the emotional thing 🙁 It's so hard when those things are going on.


    Good advice. Doing Correction today and then back to Week 1. Another issue is I go to Europe on 9/22 for 2 1/2 weeks. Had timed it for 4 weeks of P3.

    Now will be less.

    Hello again Sandy, well I think this approach will get you back as much as is possible with the time frame you have, so please do feel good and positive about this, okay? Try not to beat yourself up or anything - you may not fix everything but you will fix as much as you can, which is a positive thing, and then have your trip to look forward to. 🙂



    Hi. I did a Correction Day until 6:30 pm. Had steamed fish, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts AND one of your smoothies for dinner! Down almost 3 pounds. Back on D1 of P3. One pound above LDW. Will see Friday AM if I do another correction on Friday.

    Do you think 15 days left on P3 will do any good?

    Oh wonderful! So glad to hear this. Also remember that when you fast you lose water weight - we don't know how much of your gains were fat but you can't lose 3 lbs of fat in one day. So as you eat regular meals today, even P3 ones, you will be back up on the scale partway tomorrow - but not all. That is the process and it's normal - so don't freak out when that happens 😉

    Yes, totally, 15 days of P3 will help! I would honestly try to work at stabilizing where you are with the gradual increase of calories so that when you start traveling and eat more calories your PST won't go into shock at the big difference.

    Like don't stay at 900 calories the next 2 weeks to try to lose. Try to stabilize and follow the plan and try to get up to more like 1400 calories. So when you leave, your body will do well at that level and minimize gains from eating more than that while traveling.


    Okay, I will pick up the pace of the calories. 3 days in 900 range, 3 in 1000 range, 3 in 1100, 3 in 1200 and 3 in 1400. That should work!


    Hi. I've done 3 1/2 weeks of P3 and am spot on my LDW! I'm ecstatic even after having a few rough days early on. I've never been hungry and have enjoyed cooking the recipes.

    Here are a few observations:

    • Don't mess with the recipes. I thought I knew better in a few and I was wrong!
    • Making a dish and eating it again the next day is brilliant.
    • Wondered about not having many salads. But when I went out to eat, a salad with grilled chicken was my go-to and I thoroughly enjoyed it instead of being weary of lettuce
    • Chicken breast subbed great for thighs
    • Fish subbed for shrimp
    • I've been exposed to new seasonings - so fun.
    • Favorites that will be repeated-Indian curry, turkey chili, spaghetti squash, pad Thai, Chili lime fish, pork cacciatore. I still have some I haven't made!

    Now a question. Why do the calories go down in Week 4? I have 4 days left before I go to Europe for 21/2 weeks. Should I try the Week 4 plan or stay on higher calorie Week 3?

    Very afraid of my trip. I've decided it is choices. Fruit, bread, or wine. One a day, not all three! Not sure what I will do about gelato -- might not even start!

    Thank you, thank you for this program. I'm 66 and have be doing 3 rounds of HCG a year for 6 years to keep my initial 50 pound loss off. I hope I've licked it!

    Hello there Sandy!

    First of all, I'm so glad you've had such a great experience with P3toLife! That pleases me to no end. Before I go any further, is there ANY you'd be open to letting me interview you on Skype for the blog about your experience? These video testimonials are helping greatly both to help others decide if the program is worthwhile to invest in, and so helpful for me in my marketing of the program. Either way is fine, I just have to ask!

    On to your questions - I didn't do many salads because that's what a lot of women already eat in life and they feel like they don't know what else besides salad they can eat and maintain - this program was to show the huge amount of variety in culture, types of food and dishes they could eat that felt much more hearty that they could eat and still maintain. But eventually perhaps I can include more salads - although weeks 4-7 do have some more salads like Cobb and fajita chicken salad!

    Okay about the calories in week 4 - this actually isn't on purpose or strategic- it's just that recipe creation isn't always an exact science and sometimes a dish comes out a little lower calorie than expected and sometime I purposefully adjust it to make it higher to fit a better macro profile. Sometimes I decide the dish is really just perfect as it is and it just doesn't make sense to add more calories just because when it tastes so perfect as it is- I even tried to do that with a couple smoothies, like adding a butter topping and it just didn't taste nearly as good as the original much lower calorie recipe. Lol!

    So that being said, since it's not strategic, you can certainly keep the calories a bit higher for yourself or EVEN really honestly, the goal is to try to gradually increase your calories in maintenance to whatever level you can personally get to without gaining consistently - so like for me that's actually 2,000 calories a day! But that's because I crossfit and build muscle too.

    Oh I just saw you are leaving in just a couple days! Your ideas are good ones and that's how I tend to make my eating out choices. On a day, I try to pick my favorite thing to indulge in and eat leaner choices for the rest of the meal or that day - so for a day I want french fries, I might then get chicken breast as the protein instead of a bunless burger because the fat content in the meat is SO much different that I drastically change my overall calorie intake for that meal just by doing that. It really seems to work well like that. And having carbs for only 2 of the 3 meals of the day, stuff like that.

    I think you can do this! I have heard from ladies who travel lately who have really been able to maintain while traveling making choices like this.

    And remember an intermittent fast day can be both effective and actually perfect on some travel days when you're super busy and allows you to have a nice hearty dinner out when breaking your fast for the day. That can really help counteract a little overeating here and there as well.

    If you like, feel free to check in once a week while you're on vacation if you think that accountability might help you and write the choices you made and how things are going!

    Keep in touch!


    I leave for Europe Thursday. Let's see what the story (scale!) is when I return and if it would be a possible interview.

    And a bit more later...

    Hi Rayzel. I'm back from 16 days in Europe and weigh the same!!!! I can't believe it. My strategies worked for food. I did not want to give up wine but did give up sugar including gelato. I also was very careful of their wonderful bread and limited the amount of nuts we munched on. I found one taste of my husband’s apple strudel was all I needed. The fun was in the tasting -- no need to eat the whole thing. It also helped that we walked 8-12 miles a day. I'm back on Week one recipes because they taste so so good.

    Thank you for everything.

    - Sandy

    #59 - August 19, 2017

    We went grocery shopping today and it was so easy and painless!

    Hi Rayzel, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for creating this awesome program. I am sure I would not have started another round of hCG without the P3toLife program. I completed a 46 day round with the pellets I ordered through you, and released 30.2 lbs. I’ve never known how to make a meal plan, so you doing the leg work has saved me so much stress and frustration on trying to survive another P3. My husband and I went grocery shopping today and it was so easy, and painless! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!! You truly are a blessing to all of us who have struggled on P3. I am super excited to keep you updated on my success on the program! Thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put into this, I can’t wait to see what else you will create!!

    - Becky

    #58 - August 17, 2017

    Looking forward to getting back to it in 6 weeks..

    Beautiful!!! I absolutely love your P3tolife book. Looking forward to getting back to it in 6 weeks.

    - Meeghan

    #57 - August 15, 2017

    Each morning, I get on the scale with eyes closed, open them very slowly and I see...

    Hi Rayzel, a few questions, but first, my smoothies are turning out perfectly and delicious. I tend to enjoy them more mid afternoon. My question is, I'm not much of a fish eater except salmon, so can the fish can be replaced with chicken? Also, the egg breakfasts aren't my favorite but I LOVE the bread cups from week 2. So, can I switch the breakfasts and some meals each day?

    I am in shock that each morning when I get on the scale with my eyes closed and open them very slowly that I see a small loss or same weight. BEST feeling ever. I don't feel deprived at all. No food cravings, not hungry and I definitely do not want to do a sugar-induced phase 1 again.

    So much in how I view food has changed. I have suffered in silence with a binge eating disorder, which didn't happen all the time but often enough. This has truly (along with prayer) has changed my life, how I see myself, how I feel about food and especially, eating food that taste so much better than a bland chicken breast and lettuce.

    Every cent of the money paid for your program was worth it. Just knowing I can send an email with a question eases my mind.

    Again and again, thank you. I'm not as scared as I was, I feel confident and excited that I see such control and enjoy all the cooking. (I'm not a cook but now I am.) I'm nervous about adding bananas and think I'm going to stay away from most of the nuts and dairy, keeping it very limited. Have a wonderful day.

    - Debbie

    #56 - August 12, 2017

    I am loving the recipes and they will STAY in my cookbook file.

    Hi Rayzel! I just want to take a minute and tell you that I am loving the recipes!!! And they will STAY in my cookbook file. I have managed to maintain my LDW, fluctuating only a pound or so FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! And I am usually not hungry at all. I’ve done the HCG diet 7 times now – gaining it all back each time – but NOT THIS TIME! I am so stoked. THANK YOU for all you do to give back to us hCGers!

    - Kathy

    #55 - August 8, 2017

    Your pre-planned menu made it sort of easy to select restaurant foods

    Hello Rayzel, this is a note to thank you once again for P3toLife. I am in week 3 of using the simplified plan and oh my gosh! So easy! and I have stayed almost at my LDW or below. Some days a pound up. But right where I need to be. I did have to travel for 4 days, but your pre-planned menu has made it sort of easy to select restaurant foods... I looked for fish, shellfish or grilled anything, along with a vege and/ or a salad. I even successfully got through PF Chang's with no damage.

    Thank you thank you. I wish I had had this the first time I did hCG years back. Maybe I wouldn't be back on it, now....

    - Dee Dee

    #54 - August 8, 2017

    Off hcg but Did not gain weight with the recipes

    Hi Rayzel. So sweet of you to check in on me! I have tried a few of the recipes and just love all that I have tried. I am going to be doing another course of hCG (3rd) so I need to be more mindful of what I am eating - you know the drill! So I am back on my eating plan but still love looking at all those yummy recipes that are in my very near future. While I was off the hCG, I did try the creamy lemon chicken with cauliflower, chicken poppers, the chia pudding (which is soo good) and the egg cups. All so good and satisfying. I did not gain weight while I was off hCG and ate these - I did gain 3 lbs. of muscle - not such a bad thing, I would say.

    Thanks for checking in and keep up the good work - to all HCGers out there you are our Guardian Angel!


    - Kathleen

    #53 - August 7, 2017

    I made some of your recipes at Mom’s house and she told me I needed to open a restaurant!

    Hi Rayzel! Things went great for our family of five using your recipes. I quadrupled most of them. (Copy me, that really helped once I figured how to scale.) My kids are ages 7 to 11 so they are not eating tons of food like teenagers, so that worked well!

    The only recipe we all didn't care for was the chicken and mushrooms. We can tolerate mushrooms in recipes but not when it is a large part of the recipe. The other recipes were wonderful! I made some at my Mom's house and she told me I needed to open a restaurant. I told her they weren't my creations!

    The only warning I have for families trying to quadruple, is to use a humongous stock pot for the deconstructed egg roll bowl. It took forever for that cabbage to cook down and fit in my pot! Lol!

    Our last round of HCG was only three weeks because we were feeling terrible. We figured out drinking detox tea every night was not helpful and even harmful for us! So we only did your P3toLife for 3 weeks and just started VLCD 0 today actually.

    We tried the clean load and it made such a difference! I felt great today! I feel like this round is going to be so different. (I even broke down yesterday and ate a handful of cherries), but I guess my loading was clean enough to make the first day on low calorie still good. I don't know how you did 4000 calories though. We only got to 3100 one day and 3500 another day! I gained 2.8 & my husband gained 1.7. Usually I gain 5-6 lbs and he gains 7-10 over the two days. - So big difference!


    I got your P2 tracking book and we plan to take a long P3 break after this round. I really feel like this is what is going to help us make permanent changes. I know I have a sugar addiction and my husband (after watching your videos) has finally admitted he has one too. We are so thankful for your program and glad I was searching for P3 recipes one day and found you!

    - Jessica

    #52 - July 26, 2017

    The P3 desserts are like a party in your mouth!

    The blackberry smoothie is Ahhhh-mazing! I technically started P3 last Wednesday, then went away that same weekend. After we got back it was hectic with work, so I was finally able to make the 1st smoothie this weekend and I am soooooooo excited that I did! These desserts are like a party in your mouth, they explode with flavor and the macros are Fa-getta-bout-it! I heard Rayzel say how we really should make them and now I know why. Delicious, filling and did I mention delicious?!?! It’s like an icy that’s good for you, without the high fructose corn syrup. THANK YOU RAYZEL!

    - Di

    #51 - July 23, 2017

    Thanks for the travel food list! I came back from NYC weighing exactly the same!

    So there I was, faced with heading to NYC for a week long business trip when I had just wrapped my first round of P2 and was literally 2 days into P3. Honestly, if it were not for these suggestions, specifically the travel food list, I would have come back 10 lbs. heavier I’m sure! Instead I came back exactly the same! Yay me! I ordered ALL Rayzel's suggestions on Amazon Prime…and basically lived on Nick’s sticks, Epic pork bites and Paleo bars from Julian Bakery (I saw them somewhere else on this site!) when there were no P3-friendly options available, which was very often! I had a handful of pili nuts once, but was scared to eat them since I was only on Week 1 of P3. Thank you so much for this site. It is literally a LIFESAVER!! I am now Day 12 of P3 and my weight has been stable so far.

    - Erin

    #50 - July 19, 2017

    You are so encouraging and insightful in the emotional aspect of this weight loss journey

    And that recipe was AMAZING with the butternut sauce. My husband, I and my eleven year old raved about it. The nine & seven year olds weren't quite ready for such an adult meal, but loved the pork anyway. I'm so glad to expose the family to new veggies and tastes with your recipes. I have found I picked the same type of recipes from Pinterest and didn't try new things. I'm so grateful I decided to purchase this program. With the all the advice videos, it is so much more than just a recipe plan!


    Hi Rayzel!

    My husband and I are in the middle of week two. I ended HCG at 192.7 and am at 194.4 now. Calvin ended at 208 and is at 211 now. This is not disappointing to us because for us, this is stable. We both gained 60 percent back last time after HCG. The HCG is easy. The maintenance is the hard part! That is why I bought P3toLife.

    Before HCG, my husband's highest weight was 285 and mine was 260. We still have a long way to go, but are making progress. He is hoping to get to 170 (5'6") and me 140 (I'm 5'3").

    Also, we are discovering, like you mentioned in a video that since we aren't at our ideal weights yet, we need more calories than are in the plan. My husband is eating more protein and I am eating a little more fat. (We are used to being on Paleo, so are used to more fat). So I think we are learning how to adjust what is enough, versus, what is too much.

    We have also tried two fast days after watching your LONG video on intermittent fasting. It was EYE-OPENING. I had tried to fast before but couldn't do it. I think it was all in my head. Just like you explained, I would get hungry, but in an hour, it would be gone. Then the next day, four pounds gone. I know it wasn't all fat, but it still felt like a win! (Also, fasting is making your recipes last longer since we skip some meals on those days!)

    You are so encouraging and insightful in the emotional aspect of this weight loss journey that I don't know how I ever did the first two rounds without your blog. I did see a dietitian and paid hundreds of dollars for her help, but she never gave me meals (just a few recipes) and no advice on how to handle emotional eating and trigger foods.

    I told my husband I was emailing you, and he told me to tell you "two thumbs up" on the meals! Even the kids love the dessert smoothies and mug muffins.

    I really feel like we can get to our healthy weight with your help!

    Sorry this is so long. I just had to much to say. Thank you for all you do for the hCG community!

    - Jessica

    #49 - July 19, 2017

    I feel you should market this to any diet program as it would work for anyone coming of any diet.

    I just want to utter again that this program is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. It is freeing to eat such yummy food. Thank you for such a great meal plan! I feel you should market this to any diet program as it would work for anyone coming of any diet.

    I am shopping now for the new Week 4 recipes and can't wait to try them.

    Have a beautiful day!

    - Becky

    #48 - July 17, 2017

    Icy dessert recipes are so helpful for getting through wanting-a-sweet times.

    Thank you for adding to your P3 recipes! My husband and I have really enjoyed them -- especially the icy desserts, they're so helpful for getting through wanting-a-sweet times!

    - Kate

    #47 - July 13, 2017

    We (family and friends) love your recipes for life!

    I’m listening to your coaching videos again now that I’m done with P3... always a work in progress, right? So much value in your P3 program, Rayzel. I cannot thank you enough for doing what you were called to do (and you do it soooo well). Thank you! I’m still making P3 recipes but with mods since I’m not trying to lose more weight yet. Recipes we (family and friends) will love for life! Oooh yeah! I cook your recipes even when people are coming over for dinner and they’re loving it!

    - Olga

    #46 - July 8, 2017

    With your recipes, it finally feels like I might have a fighting chance of keeping it off forever this time

    Thanks for the guidance and weekly guide. Although I wasn't able to make all the recipes, the ones I did were delicious and truly helped me to stabilize - for the first time! I'm back trying to take off the weight I have lost before on hCG and finally feel like I might have a fighting chance of keeping it off forever once I get to goal this time!!!

    I appreciate the thought and effort that went into helping those of us who have no clue how to do P3 right. Truly appreciated!

    - Alicia

    #45 - July 1, 2017

    You took all of the stress out of what to eat!

    Hi Rayzel, I don't like pork or beef, and of course, a little tired of chicken after P2. It's nice to have the chicken thighs though rather than the breast meat, so I adjust the recipes to use turkey and chicken i.e., deconstructed turkey eggroll, ground chicken meatballs and spaghetti.

    I also am very happy that you mentioned that you are not really hungry for breakfast. I have stopped forcing myself to have breakfast and do quite well to noon or so (I get up at 5 or 5:30 am). I have started my day with a bullet coffee… I tried the one that your interview with Debbie mentioned but I ended up making a version of my own.

    I also never really knew that I liked coconut milk and this has been a nice discovery...I have never liked dairy so the coconut milk has opened up a new range of flavors for me.

    As a matter of fact, all of your recipes have opened up a new range of styles and flavors. The girls at work are quite taken with the new lunches that I bring to work now… they think that I am very creative but, I owe it all to your diligent follow up and work. Your P3 was very much worth the investment and frankly, I did wonder how it would all work out knowing that I am not so much of a carnivore.

    You took all of the stress out of what to eat!

    I sincerely thank you,

    - Brenda

    #44 - June 30, 2017

    My boys are loving the veggies they’re eating!

    I’m in Week 2 of P3 and I’ve had so much fun eating these delicious and easy recipes!!! For me, the shopping for a few things was the most time consuming but then again, I gave up at the grocery store and just ordered online directly from your list provided for us! Save yourself the trouble and order what you can online! They have a greater selection in flavors for the flavor drops and stevia….AND THEY’RE LESS EXPENSIVE!

    I’m still loving some of the Week 1 recipes that I cannot wait to make again after P3! I’m now enjoying Week 2! Pst, pst…..my boys are LOVING the veggies they’re eating! My 13-year old is a super picky eater and he’s especially loving it! I do modify for extra calories and fat to match fitness-CrossFit kids.

    I haven’t made any of the smoothies because I’m not a smoothie fan but I will try them this week just because they sound delicious-looking at the ingredients! My kids are also asking me to make the smoothies! LOL! Bring out the Vitamix!

    Thank you beautiful for all the hard work you did for us for the P3 program! I’m actually under my LIW and I feel like I’m eating so much food! I’m getting more hungry so I’ll eat and extra egg muffin or 1/2 a morning bread in a mug. I loooove having those handy in the fridge!

    My fellow P3lifers,
    If I can do this so can you!!! Enjoy the process!!!

    - Olga

    #43 - June 11, 2017

    Even things I looked at and thought, “Yuck!” -- I tried anyway and really enjoyed!

    I did not have one Correction Day. I followed all three weeks as much as I could. I had to travel the last three days of Week 3. I am a movement specialist so I am active all day with clients. I started to lose weight in the first week, so I re-read some of your info on P3toLife and started adding more protein and/or more veggies.

    I love the MUG bread and the desserts! Actually, I love almost every recipe! Even things I looked at and thought, “Yuck!” -- I tried anyway and really enjoyed!

    Congratulations to you, your program is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

    Much love and gratitude.

    - Abby

    #42 - June 11, 2017

    The P3toLife site has empowered me and completely changed my mindset of apprehensions on preparing food!

    Hello Rayzel, let me begin by giving you the utmost thanks for all you do. You have been a Godsend. This is my second use of HCG for weight loss. My first attempt was quite successful with a loss of about 18 lbs (I used drops). P1/P2 was quite easy for me given my somewhat obsessive/compulsive nature and my ability to do quite well with structure and knowing exactly what to do. My biggest challenge came in P3/P4. My weight never stabilized (quite a few steak days in P3, Full Fat Fage days (recommended in one of the blogs) in P4.

    I have been diligently reading your articles and viewing your videos. As a result, I have contemplated what my struggle was, my last go-round, and how to change it this time around. These are: Not being a cook, eating the same thing over and over (steamed vegetables and grilled chicken and fish with extra oil), fear of preparation of any type of recipe, frustrations with trying to find rare ingredients, not understanding cooking principles and thus not knowing if I prepared something correctly.

    I am so happy to say that your P3toLife site has empowered me and completely changed my mindset! I am actually looking forward preparing recipes. I look at the purchasing the items you recommend as an investment, an investment in my health and well being. I would have never thought that way in the past as many of the "diet" recipes I tried in the past were not appetizing and not satisfying and came with a high price tag. The few things I have prepared so far from P3toLife have been totally awesome! I am absolutely giddy with excitement reading recipes and making food lists. (This is an absolute miracle for me).

    Oh by the way I made the mug muffin with the egg white of a regular egg and I was still totally in love. I was overcome with emotion as I sat eating a (diet?!) item that was so tasteful, satisfying and just plain delicious! I can not truly explain all the emotions I had with the first bite (smile).

    P.S. Just letting you know I signed up to the recipe app you recommended. I am so looking forward to giving it a try.

    A bit of learning later…

    I am committed to reading and watching everything on your site. The information is invaluable. I will be reading what other members post to your site as well as I learn so much from your responses to their questions/concerns.

    Thank you sooo much for your rapid response! I was up until almost 2 a.m. reading articles and watching videos on the website. And to my delight, I get a notification that there was a response to my email sent to your site earlier. That just sent me over the moon and gave me even more motivation and confirmation that yes, I am indeed on the right track, and armed with the tools I need for success. At last!

    I started P3 with the intention of doing the "Build your own Meal Plan", but this was quickly turning into my previous comfort zone of preparing P2 foods and adding additional healthy fats and larger portions. Upon trying and loving the Mug Bread and the Turkey Chilli, I quickly changed my mind to give it a go at including more prepared recipes. That is the wonderful thing about the fluidity of your program, I can step back, make an adjustment, and keep on going with even more determination.


    Thank you again.

    And a bit more later…

    It was so good to see your personal inquiry regarding my well being. That in and of itself is so motivating and above all appreciated. The P3toLife program continues to be at the cornerstone of my journey well into Phase 4 and beyond. Rayzel, I have never been what I would call a cook, but your recipes have inspired me to considering preparing them for others and inviting them to a meal. They are absolutely delicious!!!! I have not tried all of them but that is the wonderful thing. I have a lot to look forward to. I get stuck on a few and make them over and over. I have never in my life offered my cooking to anyone other than my ex-husband and kids when they were still at home.

    Your recipes have made P4 an entirely different experience for me. I have not resorted to eating the same bland meals over and over again resulting in cravings, and overeating of the things not eaten during the so call diet period. Your recipes provide such a variety of flavors and combinations that I could have never in a million years thought I could eat those type of meals and maintain my weight. This has been life-changing and is instrumental in me staying on course despite other setbacks.

    I do have some health issues, many of which you have addressed in your information-filled videos. (I oh so truly love your videos.They are invaluable and I am so grateful for them.) I just had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I received my second injection of bioidentical hormones and have to begin thyroid supplementation. I am so grateful that my doctor is so thorough. I am excited as I think this will help to bring stability to my weight loss.

    Yesterday my weight measured 5 lbs. above my lowest weight. This was not devastating to me as I know it is a result of hormone instability. The receptionist’s words to me were, "You look so small and fit!" I just needed that confirmation and the scale at home was doing a job on me mentally. I have returned to a vigorous exercise routine, including cycling, walking and yoga. I just completed a 75-mile bike ride about 2 weeks ago. Ideally, I had wanted to lose 4 more pounds below my LDW. This led me to viewing your "Weight correction and Fasting in P3 and P4” video.

    Given the recent changes in my lab work, and the symptoms I was having just prior to needing my next injection of bioidenticals, I decided to avoid weighing myself for the last 2- 3 weeks until my appointment yesterday. (The weight fluctuations were driving me bananas.) I will resume my quest for additional weight loss after my hormone symptoms level off in the next week or so. I just know I have not had true weight gain and the current uptick in weight is a combo of bloating, muscle, inflammation, lack of sleep... just so many things). I still fit quite comfortably into the clothes I began wearing at LDW.

    I apologize for the length of this email but I wanted to give you a true picture of my journey. And I feel as though I am speaking to someone who truly understands my struggles. Again, thank you so much for your concern. I wish much peace and blessings to you and your family. You are truly a jewel!!!!!!!

    - Kimberly

    #41 - June 7, 2017

    Hubby was a happy camper, plus my weight fluctuation was only .6 oz margin daily

    Good morning Rayzel. Hope this finds you well... I am LOVING the P3 program. I actually started last Wednesday evening and pretty much ate 6/6 oz of the P2 food to finish the week (Wednesday to Sunday). I then took my shopping list for P3 (yay!) and got everything we need for week 1... However, I did make your chili over the weekend.. Let’s say hubby was a happy camper... and we are making it this evening per the schedule. So far we have made the curry, deconstructed egg roll and chili. I made the blackberry zinger last night... Awesome.

    The portion sizes are amazing and I've not been hungry at all!

    I am maintaining perfectly! Fluctuating only within a .6oz margin each day!

    Thank you so much again. If I have any suggestions, I think I would suggest coming up with an app... haha.. Easier to go to app... Set up like your online site.. In this day and age, apps are good, hehe...

    Take care... LOVE THE PROGRAM.

    - Elaina

    #40 - May 16, 2017

    You are so right… it’s the food intake during/ after wine that is the pitfall.

    Rayzel, I’ll check back in, in 3 weeks, but for now, this P3toLife program is AMAZING!!! So much information to take in, and sooooo worth the $99!!!

    I’m doing the original program, because you’re right, I just don’t know what to eat and I need to expose myself and my taste buds to new foods! I’ve been eating the same thing for 5 weeks and I don’t know where to turn! You would think at age 55 I would know what to do!

    So many things you say just resonate with me... watched the bit on wine and bingo - you are so right… it’s the food intake during/ after wine that is the pitfall.
    That is precisely how I got into trouble in the first place…stress led to wine led to food… will be leaving it out, believe me!! And this time I will be incorporating exercise — can’t wait to watch those videos. You inspire me Rayzel!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing all you do and being so honest and genuine.

    - Kathy

    #39 - May 12, 2017

    I truly believe I did not give in to the temptation to eat emotionally

    So sorry for the delay. My dog seemed to be perfectly healthy on Thursday morning. After two tough nights, she passed away Saturday. She was my baby for a little less than 13 years, so it was a tough time. This would have typically been a trigger for me to binge. I finished P3 Friday/Saturday morning in the midst of this emotional turmoil with no gains, no steak days, and down 6 pounds from LIW. Beginning P4 on Saturday, I truly believe I did not give into the temptation to eat emotionally based on your videos that I watched prior to beginning P3 - THANK YOU!!

    - Hillary

    #38 - May 4, 2017

    Cooked your recipe last night after family went to bed. They woke up “complaining” about the yummy smells!

    I love Love LOve LOVe LOVE the recipes! I am just on day three of week one. I totally feel like I am cheating. The meals have so much flavor and texture and they are so filling. I got my Instant Pot yesterday and made a batch of the chicken curry last night after my girls had gone to bed. This morning my mom and girls were "complaining" about the yummy smells after they went to bed. My husband got a taste the night before but they did not. So this weekend I am going to make a family-sized version for them and serve it with brown rice and the roasted veggies.

    - Andrea

    #37 - March 13, 2017

    This program is AWESOME!!! You thought of everything!!!

    Thanks you guys for all your help. This program is AWESOME!!! You thought of everything!!! I love the little extras you add, like the kitchen tools and such. Easy links are the bomb!!! This is worth SO MUCH MORE!!!! Thanks again.

    A bit later...

    Totally love this program. You were very busy because you thought of everything. I found you two years ago and I'm so glad I did. I will be going into P3 in about two more weeks. This is a lifesaver {{hugs}}

    Still a bit more later…

    I completed P3 about 2 weeks ago. It totally helped me and I've been able to maintain my loss so far to within 1 lb. I absolutely love the way you have taken all the work and guessing out of the process. The recipes are fantastic and my husband loves them too. Thanks for your attention to detail.
    Thanks for everything!! Love you.

    - Laura

    #36 - May 18, 2017

    Can relate to the sweet tooth downfall, but the sweetness you like will also help me!

    I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed ALL your videos!!!

    I have spent a better part of my evening watching and listening to everything you have to say and I am so enjoying you! And like you, my downfall is my sweet tooth (any type of candy works) so I can really relate and love that the sweetness you like will also help me!
    Thank you, once again, for all your hard work and dedication to making this life style change a fun and exciting one for all of us!

    - Roxane

    #35 - May 18, 2017

    Amazed at how satisfying the food is without the “OVERLY FULL” feeling

    I am on Day 5 of the Week 1 food plan. I love all the meals and am amazed how satisfying they are without giving a “OVERLY FULL” feeling. I followed your tutorials during the weight loss phase and it is one thing hearing how eating habits can change - when it actually happens it is almost a miracle! Thank You so much for all your time and for sharing what you have learnt-the program is unbelievably comprehensive.

    A bit later…

    Hello again. Today is the last day of three weeks on the food plan. What a pleasure it has been to have no ups and downs and finish under my “weight to maintain”. You have made it such an easy process to follow and so tasty. Also -- love all your bohemian tops/clothing! Look forward to the release of the next stage program recipes.

    - Bev

    #34 - May 5, 2017

    I feel in control even at Phase 3!

    This wasn’t my first rodeo. I’d done the HCG protocol about five years ago and had been successful at the time. And then I gained all the weight back, and more. I tried a couple more times after that, but wasn’t truly committed (as you know, you have to be TRULY committed for this to work) and failed. I swore this time would be different and I knew where the weak spot was -- Phase 3. Phase 1 rocks and Phase 2 (if you’re committed) is easy because you just follow the rules exactly and it works. Phase 3 is another story. Just eat low carb! At least that’s what I thought. Then why did I gain weight after eating all that bacon???

    A few weeks before finishing my last P2 round, I was concerned. I was losing weight and feeling good, but knew P3 was coming up and I didn’t have a good plan. When you look online, there’s just not much information there. I don’t think P3 gets the attention it deserves and it's the phase that can solidify or undo all your hard work on P2.

    Then I got the email. Rayzel was starting a new site just for me! I didn’t hesitate. The minute it went live, I signed up and I’m so glad I did. Sure, there are recipes and cooking advice and meal planning ideas, but it’s the coaching videos that have made the difference. I am now five weeks post-P2, feel great and have actually lost a bit more weight. I feel IN CONTROL. Rayzel has made me think about food differently than I did before and has helped me identify prior pitfalls in order to avoid them. Even though I’m technically in P4, I will continue to go to the Phase 3 to Life site to check for new videos and information. I’ll keep watching the original coaching videos that have made me believe that I can be like Rayzel and maintain my weight loss for years this time, not just a few weeks. You know that super hopeful feeling you get when you start a new weight loss plan? This is the first time I’ve ever had that feeling weeks after finishing and it's because of P3toLife.

    I love your videos because you speak candidly and don't use stupid clichés. My favorite coaching sessions are the Triggers & Learning to Identify Lies. For me, those are really powerful.

    - Chris

    #33 - March 11, 2017

    Lean and Mean: 3 weeks into the program and now at 19% body fat

    I am reaching out to you now (finally!) because I just joined your P3 program!!!

    I am currently back on another short round of HCG (vlcd 13) and really, really need this to be my final round! Enough already! My struggle is and has always been P3, and beyond. Every time I have done HCG it is to lose the same 15-20 pounds and reduce my body fat percentage.

    Excited to start another round of hCG. I've decided it's my preferred method of weight loss, thus 4 rounds. I do injections. I don't want to deal with the drops and have to do it many times a day. The needle is so tiny you don't even feel it come in. People ask, "why do you keep going back to hCG? You lose the weight, you gain it back. hCG doesn't work." To that I say that isn't true, hCG does work, and what's most amazing to me is that you lose the fat. To me the most compelling part is you retain your lean body mass while losing the pounds. So many low calorie diets make you lose muscle. Because the hCG hormone going through your system it causes your body to release the stubborn pockets of fat that you have.

    I gained the weight back, true, but that's because it's my poor choice of eating and drinking choices. Well, wine is calories. A good craft beer here in San Diego, that's some calories.

    So my weight loss stats is: Round 1 - I lost 19.2 lbs., round 2 - 15.6 lbs. and round 3 - I lost 18.6 lbs. So as you can see, this really does suck the fats out of your body. And the more rounds I went, the more successful it was getting rid of that fat. It's amazing.

    I was planning to jump right onto a Ketogenic lifestyle, as I see many people doing that for P3. However, now that you have launched your program I will use that for the Phase 3, period! I think it makes more sense, and besides, I very much enjoy your videos and other content! You are such a bright light and so authentic, Rayzel!

    A bit later...

    Btw...I am LOVING your P3 program!!!! I am a week and a half into it and actually lost some weight while using it and all while feeling perfectly satiated! I keep mentioning it on my vlog, so you're getting some real time press (on my lil channel...Lol!!). I am doing better on this P3 than any other and the success goes to using your plan and the complete avoidance of alcohol and minimal eating out (cooking to your plan!). It is AWESOME!! I am on the way to being stable!

    Still a bit later…

    I am very excited to do this with you, Rayzel!! Love the idea of sharing about the P3 program also. Phase 3 has always been my failure and this time, it’s so smooth and successful. I feel this time is the real deal and I am poised for long term success. I am headed into my 3rd week on your program and I am 129 lbs and, more importantly, 19% body fat. "Lean and mean"!

    - Debbie

    #32 - March 24, 2017

    I always feel like I have enough food

    I'm almost done with the three weeks of P3 and I've maintained well.

    I never felt like I lacked on the diet at all. I love the recipes and always feel like I have enough food. It's such a great program!

    Thanks again!

    - Lindsay

    #31 - April 19, 2017

    Can’t believe how much I get to eat – even on trips

    I absolutely love this program. I am in my second week of P3 and love every meal I've made. I can't believe how much I get to eat and I am loving it all. I even had to travel for a few days. I brought my mug muffin in mason jars along with chili portioned out and some other meal. I brought some apples and oranges. I ate lunch out and some organic salad places. I gained like .6 ounces. So that was awesome. Otherwise I have had a hard time no losing weight and staying stable. Thanks so much. This has been the best P3 ever. Love the program.

    - Arleen

    #30 - April 3, 2017

    Even my husband enjoys the recipes!

    Just wanted to let you know that I started Week 1 P3 today after completing a 28-day round on Phase 2. You may remember I've done several rounds over the past three years and have never figured out Phase 3, so I'm so excited to do your plan.

    My husband and I cooked the egg breakfast to last the week and we exchanged the spinach with kale. Really yummy!! We also made the chili and the meatballs today and my husband enjoyed the meatballs for dinner 🙂

    I totally get your volume message now 🙂 That was a very satisfying dinner with the spaghetti squash (which I had never cooked before) and know I will have as a staple vegetable from now on!!!

    I can't thank you enough - this program will be a game changer!!!

    - Deborah

    #29 - September 9, 2017

    Loved the recipes. I have not had one steak day on P3.

    Hi Rayzel,

    I had such a great experience and loved the recipes. I have not had one steak day on P3 and in maintenance for 3 weeks now I have not strayed over 2 lbs. I feel so empowered and am at a great weight. My goal was to lose 10 more pounds but I may wait until after New Years, just to stay unstressed. It has also rekindled my love of cooking. I need to know how to morph that excellent chocolate morning mug bread into a peanut butter flavor, lol.

    I'm all in to help out with a Skype interview. I work during the day, I am a nurse practitioner. I found all the articles regarding how to choose hCG and all the others as most valuable to my overall understanding of how it all works. You are my hero!!! Sincere thanks!

    - Lori

    #28 - June 02, 2017

    If not for P3 to Life, I would have been eating wildly from the first day of P3, uncertain of how to eat and going immediately back to my awful evening ice cream habit. P3 gave me structure which I really needed

    I'm sorry I've been MIA, but I wanted to give you an update, especially since you are so obviously caring about your followers and purchasers of the P3 to Life program. On a personal front, I bought a condo close to work last month, and sold my old house this week, so everything has changed for me and CALMED down a great deal.

    More significantly for your purposes, I was only able to complete about 2 weeks of the P3 program before all the life events and emotional toll became too great to continue. HOWEVER, my weight has been very stable even though I didn't finish the program. Every morning I think the scale will start an irresistible climb towards my old weight, and I'll feel that old panic and despair, but it doesn't happen.

    I'm not particularly eating lightly, or eating low carb every day. I cut back when I feel I can, and I eat flour or sugar if I can't resist, but I don't stress about it and binge out of despair. I know my weight will adjust, so there's nothing to freak out about. I'm more about to put down the fork than I used to be, and I've been more self-aware about my evening eating. I realized that I eat in the evening because I'm tired. My willpower is at low ebb, I want the "lift"of carbs, I want to shut off my tired/sad/nervous brain by numbing it with food, and because eating gives me an "excuse" to sit down and stop working for once.

    I've been vaguely aware of some of this before, but since hCG I have more clarity and slightly more ability to act instead of re-act in the evenings. During the day, I have noticeably less interest in food and more awareness of fullness and satiety. Weighing every single day, and recording my weight in an app, is having a very good effect, and is something I never did before, fearing that to see the numbers would create despair and anxiety. I still have to push myself to weigh each day, but it's really turned into a benefit. According to my app (Happy Scale), I've now weighed in over 100 times. 🙂

    Despite the fact that I couldn't complete the P3 program, I credit that with a great deal of my present stable weight. If not for P3 to Life, I would have been eating wildly from the first day of P3, uncertain of how to eat and going immediately back to my awful evening ice cream habit. P3 gave me structure which I really needed, and the dishes I tried were so good!

    Thanks again, Rayzel, for all your efforts and concern for your hCG dieters. You've made a real difference in my life.

    - Julie

    #27 - April 29, 2017

    Omg the pork cauliflower fritters are amazing!!! Even people not on diet are eating them up!...I think your stabilization recipes are part of my long term success.

    Btw the food is great and soooo much to eat! The portions have been huge! I can easily get 3 larger meals or 4 small meals out of your "2 portion servings". The curry chicken - delicious. Turkey chilli - delicious. Dessert; only made the blackberry lime smoothie and I really liked it! I just added a bit more stevia than the recipe called for.

    Overall I am very pleased with the quality and yumminess of the meals! Thank you so much for coming up with this P3 meal plan idea!

    Later, same gal....

    Omg the pork cauliflower fritters are amazing!!! Even people not on diet are eating them up! I just added a dollop of sour cream for them. Super delicious!

    yet later still....

    I feel like I did really well when eating from your P3 recipes. When do you plan on coming out with additional recipes? They are all delicious and cannot wait! Thank you for all the coaching.

    BTW, I have lost those 3 lbs (Rayzel: she had a gain on a trip after finishing P3- we discussed utilizing intermittent fasting to fix). I am back at less than +2lbs from my last injection weight. I think your stabilization recipes are part of my long term success. Thanks for all of your help!

    - Sunnary

    #26 - April 5, 2017

    This seems so doable. I know I can truly do this for life. The food is amazing. I no longer feel like I have to eat cold salads

    Rayzel, today I completed my first week on P3to life. The food is delicious. It really makes me feel satisfied and not at all deprived.

    This seems so doable. I know I can truly do this for life. The food is amazing. I no longer feel like I have to eat cold salads to lose weight. That gets old quick.

    Seriously, I had no idea how to prepare such healthful and delicious meals on my own. I just lack the imagination.

    - Virginia

    #25 - March 29, 2017

    This has made P3 so much less scary because I know what to eat and how to satisfy my cravings

    Hi! The tester program came at a perfect time for me: on my last week of p2!

    I'm doing really well on p3....1 week in and I actually have lost more weight! (Only a couple lbs, but this never happens!  And I'm happy to have even more of a little buffer for nights like last night when life got crazy and we had to eat out).

    My kiddos are loving the dessert smoothies and than we can have a little treat in the house again.  And my hubby is loving all the delicious meals I'm cooking.

    This has made P3 so much less scary because I know what to eat and how to satisfy my cravings (although surprisingly I've had very very little cravings this whole journey....the Oreos and Girl Scout Cookies have been sitting lonely in my cupboard since I started, which for a girl who would go through a whole package on a bad day, is incredible).

    Thank you again!  I would be totally lost without you!

    - Justina

    #24 - March 29, 2017

    I'm really enjoying the recipes, I'm on day 4 right now, and it's working! I've had to make another batch of the balcony egg cups for my husband, he loves them! And my son tried a few bites of the Indian Curry chicken and wanted me to make him some to take with him back to college. So, great job on the recipes!

    - Melissa

    #23 - March 29, 2017

    Thank you for being so thoughtful in your approach too ensuring that they are not just balanced, but really make it feel like you are indulging.

    Hello Rayzel from sunny Melbourne. I recently joined your P3 to Life group as I had really enjoyed reading your blog during my previous rounds.  After a really easy P2 and maintenance in my first round (losing about 12 kilos or 26 pounds) in October last year I thought I’d finally found the program that just worked for me.  Stabilising was easy and cravings for sugar gone. Then Christmas hit and derailed me a little (although nothing too out of control, maybe 1-2 pounds, I thought I’d cruise it for my second round.  How wrong I was.

    Didn’t bother loading properly, was hungry most of the time, cheated too many times (only an extra breadstick or two, but hey a cheat is a cheat and HCG is unforgiving even where most other programs would have a tolerance for that).  So when it came to P3, I was seriously all over the shop.  Had to  do steak days, never really stabilised and just felt so demoralised. Wanted sugar the minute I finish.  Long story short, round 2 was a complete waste of time as I literally put everything I lost straight back on again.

    So I was determined to make my round 3 really count, loaded properly until I felt physically ill, followed P2 to the letter and felt great.  But in the back of my mind I was really worried about falling back into the round 2 trick (I honestly don’t even remember what I did the first time to stabilise but it worked).  I was so excited to see your P3 to Life email in my in box half way through my P2 - I am excellent at following direction and knew you had done all the hard work to research and work out what works.  This round was slower (although I did have TOM in the middle which slowed things down but I was too impatient to wait!) - 7kgs or 15 pounds down

    After signing up for your P3 to Life I printed everything out and started to get prepared. Today is day 2 of P3 following your plan.

    I did a big cook up day on the weekend in order to be ready (I love being organised and so your recipes really resonate with this part of my personality as there are so many great make ahead meals).

    I am seriously loving the recipes - everything I have had in these two days has been tasty, filling and best of all satisfying.

    The egg bacon cups were amazing, I even loved your chia pudding recipe which is the first one I have enjoyed (others I have tried just weird me out with their slimy texture!).  Really looking forward to the muffin cup tomorrow.  I can already tell there will be recipes I turn to again and again - thank you for being so thoughtful in your approach too ensuring that they are not just balanced, but really make it feel like you are indulging.

    I am not normally the sort to send random emails like this, but I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for pulling together an amazing program and for your ongoing reference material, blogs and helpful tips.  Your site has definitely been really helpful to me.  HCG doesn’t seem to be as big here in Australia as it is in the States - most of what I have found in the way of practical advice and direction for better understanding what to do and what to avoid has come from yours and one other US site.

    Wishing you every success for this program and beyond - you’ve done an amazing job. Kind regards and best wishes

    - Bev

    #22 - March 27, 2017

    Currently, P3, week 2, day 4, my weight has unintentionally decreased from my LIW....and I am post-menopausal, under the care of a Bio-identical Dr. testosterone pellets, estrogen, progesterone and a sluggish thyroid.

    Just want to express how much I appreciate your HELP! I just completed my 1st week on P3! The recipes were simply DELICIOUS!  I'm still amazed at the amount of food in each serving! Thank you also for adding the Extra's List of foods when you are still hungry.  Also, the tools that you have shared and the resources like the savory spice shop. The Kiwi knife arrived yesterday and it is quite the knife for $7!!


    Hey Rayzel, thank you for responding so quickly! I have to tell you that  all the hard work you' did to share EVERYTHING about hCG. P1,P2, P3...has made this a success for me. Once I decided to jump into hCG injections, I watched your videos and then read and copied all that you've created and placed into a binder- tabbed all the categories and continue to use it as 'my hCG Bible".  I must confess that I did remain on the P2 protocol an extra 8 days until P3 was released.

    Just as I had done with P2, I also PREPARED, shopped and ordered many of the items that you suggested for P3. The "go to" extras for me have been the miracle noodles (P2 &P3),  cauliflower or broccoli rice 2 cups cooked in 2 tsp ghee and seasoned with turmeric, paprika, garlic, sea S/P. I always have boiled eggs (P3) in the frig. Also, when I'm hungry, first  I drink 8oz water then wait 20 minutes, if still hungry then go to my extras. So far, this has worked vey well. My other helper is Peppermint tea with Chocolate stevia! (had to be careful with the stevia is P2- stall).

    I LOVE all the P3 recipes and meal plans you've created! I have followed each day as suggested and enjoyed all the yummy smoothies for dessert!

    Currently, P3, week 2, day 4, my weight has unintentionally decreased from my LIW. Today, I'm down 1.2# and at one point 1.6 #. I assume that the 2 pound rule applies from the LIW. I am post-menopausal, and under the care of a Bio-identical Dr. testosterone pellets, estrogen, progesterone and a sluggish thyroid. Prior to hCG, my diet was mostly clean, worked-out 6 days/week. (jog treadmill/PiYo). During P2, a lite work-out caused a stall. So once my weight stabilizes I will return to my work-out routine. I am also taking the Ultra Burn injections which help substantially with energy.

    Rayzel, love your personality and watching your videos! I simply can't thank you enough for all that you've done to make hCG a success for me! My goal, is to maintain and return to daily workouts as you have personally accomplished!

    Sincere gratitude to you,

    - Lynda

    #21 - March 26, 2017

    By the way...LOVED it!!! (the chili). I also made the Apple Spice Mug Muffin. Also delicious! I made double and I think having 3 extras so close would be dangerous for me. Definitely yummy!!! Thanks so much again.

    - Tina

    #20 - March 24, 2017

    You are making a very difficult journey much easier and bearable.

    Hello, my name is Christine. I'm part of your P3 for life program. Thank you so much for creating this unbelievable program.

    So much great information. You are making a very difficult journey much easier and bearable. It's beyond appreciated.

    - Christine

    #19 - March 24, 2017

    I love that I can make these recipes and the meal works for everyone.

    Had the chicken poppers last night.....SCORE!!! Everyone loved them so much, I got an A++ from my husband and even my 16-year-old son! I made some cauliflower rice on the side and some stuffed jalapeños for the guys so they would be nice and full, but honestly myself my mom and my daughter all got full on one serving of the poppers with the pico!

    I love that I can make these recipes and the meal works for everyone, and especially since my mom is six weeks into recovery from a major heart attack and heart surgery it is really nice that she can eat it and we know it's healthy! Tomorrow will be two weeks completed on phase 3 and my weight is still holding steady within 1 pound of LIW, woo-hoo!

    - Heather

    #18 - March 24, 2017

    I haven’t had one issue on P3 – it has been soooooo easy and I keep losing weight too!

    Someone in heaven is watching over me because the weekend that I started P3 was the same weekend the Rayzel offered the P3tolife program!!! I bought it immediately and am completely in love!! I’ve NEVER been so excited and happy with food I am eating and felt so satisfied and good at the same time!

    I can’t wait to try each new recipe and I’m continually amazed at how delicious and flavorful the food is that I’ve cooked. My family is loving it as well! I triple every recipe! I haven’t had one issue on P3 – it has been soooooo easy and I keep losing weight too! I have lost 8 more pounds during the past two weeks and a half weeks by following Rayzel’s P3tolife!! I plan to continue to eat this way for life!! Rayzel – you are an angel from heaven! I can’t thank you enough!!

    - Julie

    #17 - March 24, 2017

    I could seriously cry because I feel like what I set out to do, reset my body and tell it that you are not the boss of me I'm the boss of you is actually happening!

    Girl you are on FIRE this is perfect!!! Thanks so much!  There are just some days that I'm "craving something" and this will allow me to create a meal for that craving!

    I usually stabilize on a ketogenic diet. As matter fact I have been keto for five years except for when I am doing hCG. Here's the thing I don't want to live the rest of my life this way! It's too hard to stay under 25 carbs a day, one slip up and I'm up 3 pounds. So this last last round of hCG I did to lose some pounds I had gained, but also to force my body to lose weight at 30-34 carbs each day on phase 2. I am trying to truly reset my body so in phase 3 I make sure I get at least that many carbs each day. I am on day nine of phase 3.... and I am still with in 1 pound of my LIW!!!!!!

    I made the spaghetti squash and meatballs last night, I purposely waited until week two because I know spaghetti squash generally will make me gain 3 to 4 pounds overnight even if I only have half a cup.....I had an entire cup and no weight gain. My body was so sensitive that I couldn't have anything like a mug bread. Even though it was fiber carbs....my net carbs had to be below 25 and my total carbs could never go over 35 so I was getting very little fiber....but I am eating a mug bread every day! I could seriously cry because I feel like what I set out to do, reset my body and tell it "you are not the boss of me I'm the boss of you" is actually happening! Thanks SO MUCH! Much love

    - Julie

    #16 - March 24, 2017

    Made the apple mug muffin this morning and again feel like I totally cheated!!

    Hi Rayzel,

    The plan looks great! I just wanted to give you my feedback on using the magic bullet (Rayzel note: instead of the recommended vitamix or ninja that's built for making the thicker dessert smoothies the plan has) for the desert smoothies. It took me a couple tries to get it right but I do think it works. I also had to add a couple tablespoons more water but it still came out completely delish!!! I felt like I was cheating!!!

    I also made the apple mug muffin this morning and again feel like I totally cheated!! I actually was too full to eat it all so I put the rest in the fridge! Thank you so much for your hard work! I am currently only doing a three day break and will be back on HCG for two more weeks then starting right into P3. This gave me a little taste of what will make me successful.

    Even now I feel so happy with myself. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. I'm mostly proud of myself for having the will power to stick to it. Something I have struggled with internally as a person. But I honestly don't think I could have done it without your vlogs and information. I know I will feel 100% the same once I start right into P3. I can't thank you enough! I hope you feel how much you're helping people because I know it's not just me who feels this grateful!

    Thanks again!!!!

    - Lindsay

    #15 - March 24, 2017

    I did enroll in your membership and am very excited. Prior to starting the round I did have a chance to make some recipes. The bacon egg muffin thing, the cauliflower and onion roast are fabulous.

    - Isabel

    #14 - March 24, 2017

    I just watched your video. This is amazing. More amazing then ever I should say. This is so exciting. Please let me help you any way I can.

    I am motivated to get to my goal because I want to do P3 instead of being afraid. Thank you a million times. Again please let me know if I can help with anything else.

    Thank You,

    - Arleen

    #13 - March 17, 2017

    The flavors and portions are terrific!

    Love the week one P3 menus.This week I have been having the Mug Cake Breakfast every day! Flaxmeal is a new ingredient for me and my body seems to like it too. Also really like the recipes for Indian Curry Chicken and roasted Veggies and the Light and Hearty Turkey Chili. The flavors and portions are terrific!

    - Wendy

    #12 - March 17, 2017

    I have loved every recipe I've made so far.

    Thank you so much for everything, Rayzel and Team! I have loved every recipe I've made so far and can't wait to try a few more! You all are doing a great job! Just wish I had a personal chef to make all these great meals for me! Hahaha!

    Thanks again for all the great updates! This program ROCKS!

    - Tracy

    #11 - March 15, 2017

    We are in love with P3toLife, it makes our already hectic lives more bearable.

    Hi Rayzel and team,

    First of all thank you for all the inspiring work you do. It is helping my wife and I get our lives back and for me personally breaking the chains of being a slave to sugar.

    Secondly, we are in love with P3toLife, it makes our already hectic lives more bearable 🙂 The things we love about the P3toLife guide- here are a few bullets:

    1. We are both artists so we love the beautiful colorful pictures and the layout.
    2. I like that you take the time to separate and designate the separate weeks in the PDF layout so you aren't having to fish though a huge file to find that 1 dessert recipe you are looking for.
    3. The recipes are inspiring and beautiful; thanks for including global recipes. We love the Asian stuff, well we haven't tried them yet, but they look incredible 🙂
    4. The shopping lists are amazing.
    5. Overall we love how much time we will save, I don't have to plan, drive to the store, shop, get tempted by sweets, and drive home. Now we can just order the groceries online and have them ready to go!
    6. Thank you to your dedication and inspiring coaching videos. I love when you had your brother do the 5 second wrap up...you should do that more often for all us fellas out here.

    - Christopher

    #10 - March 18, 2017

    I have loved every recipe I've made so far and can't wait to try a few more!

    Thank you so much for everything, Rayzel and Team! I have loved every recipe I've made so far and can't wait to try a few more! You all are doing a great job! Just wish I had a personal chef to make all these great meals for me! Hahaha!

    Thanks again for all the great updates! This program ROCKS!

    - Tracy

    #9 - March 17, 2017

    Thank you so much for creating this! This came at a great time for me, just as I was entering into P3. I have LOVED the dessert smoothies. They are my favorite!!! Thank you so much for all you do!

    - Brittany

    #8 - March 14, 2017

    I made the Blackberry Zinger Smoothie and LOVED it.

    - Cindy

    #7 - March 10, 2017


    Hello Rayzel,

    I am so excited to be a part of the team. I will be starting Phase 3 soon, and following it to a T! 🙂 I really needed help with this phase in fact I had gone out to Amazon books and purchased a book to read while on Phase 2. Which by the way I don't feel was very beneficial. The book went on and on about products and research and not teaching you how to actually do and maintain in phase 3. Then guess what, you came out with your Phase 3 information and I read every email and watched every video; anything I could get my hands on. I WAS SO EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO PURCHASE THIS AND BE A PART OF THE TEAM!!!!

    Someday I would love to tell you my story - I also binge ate, long story and could write a book LOL.

    Take care, and again thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this!!!

    - Alana

    #6 - March 10, 2017

    OK I haven't been able to put it down I have been looking at it for the last hour and a half and you've just done a phenomenal job. I have looked at a lot of stuff online and tried lots of stuff many of them are so confusing, complicated, stuff left out and I just can't tell you how excited I am to get started. By the way I don't turn 50 until April 26…

    - Cindy

    #5 - March 10, 2017

    I was waiting (stalking) for you to release P3toLife, and I went straight to the recipes. I had the fish. Just needed the veggies. I had this meal cooked up in 35 mins.

    I made the fish taco bowl for dinner (since it's Lent and I only eat fish on Friday). This meal was fantastic! I am 2 weeks into Phase 3 and struggling with dinners. I really needed this guidance, I am so happy that I found you and your wealth of knowledge of hCG. This is my 2nd round, did it a year ago and totally screwed it up. The doctor's office I went through did not help at all. They even had a nutritionist, during our meetings I felt as if she was uncomfortable in telling us to eat 500 cal. And when phase 3 came along, she said I can go back to eating normal. I wish I knew what I know now. I am happy that I am down 30 lbs. Thank you for doing all that you have done. Good Luck with Phase 3 program! I can't wait to try all of the recipes!

    I feel silly for saying this, I was waiting (stalking) for you to release P3toLife, and I went straight to the recipes. I had the fish. Just needed the veggies. I had this meal cooked up in 35 mins.
    Will make my way to the Thai curry. I am so thankful for all of the work that you have put into this program.

    - Nadine

    #4 - March 11, 2017

    I’M SO EXCITED!!! Thanks once again Rayzel, you really have changed my life! (down 100lbs)

    - Wendy

    #3 - March 10, 2017

    "Not only did I join right away, I bought a Vitamix to go along with the program! Cannot wait to begin Phase 3 in two weeks!

    You look so cute and vibrant in your videos — I love watching them!
    Be very proud of yourself!!!!!"

    - Greta

    #2 - March 10, 2017

    "I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I have NEVER been able to do P3 right!"

    - Andrea

    #1 - March 10, 2017

    The first lovely lady to buy the P3tolife program upon it's release!

    Ha! Yes, I got in great - my login info worked and so far I've been able to access everything. I'm so excited you put this together! I did 2 rounds of HCG over the last 1 1/2 years - and I've been maintaining for several months, however, for some reason I've gained 8 pounds over the last month even though I haven't changed my eating patterns so I'm hoping I can lose the weight by following your meal plans instead of doing another round of HCG to lose it. Wish me luck!

    - Janet

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