Meal Plan Reviewed and Endorsed by 8 Nutrition Professionals

Meal Plan Reviewed and Endorsed by 8 Nutrition Professionals


Brianna Shahin, RD, MSc

Rayzel’s Phase 3 Program is an excellent transition from Phase 2 of the hCG protocol, and I would absolutely recommend it to any client inquiring about transitioning back to a regular diet. The human bodies ultimate goal is to 1) stay alive and 2) maintain homeostasis. For this reason, the human metabolism regulates itself based upon what it is being fed over a period of time. After the hCG protocol, it is vital to have a properly mapped out diet plan to steadily bring your metabolism back to optimal speed. This needs to be done correctly in order to sustain the weight lost, and without shocking the body which would ultimately lead to unwanted fat storage. Rayzel’s Phase 3 Program* does exactly that! It is laid out in a unique way, beyond the original P3 guideline of simply avoiding starch and sugar, by telling you exactly what to eat. It strategically sets appropriate caloric ranges, while including correct macro and micro-nutrient amounts for each day. It delivers properly portioned recipes that are absolutely delicious AND nutritious to give your body what it needs on its road back to becoming a metabolic furnace! As a registered dietitian, I can tell you that the layout of Rayzel’s P3 program is a wise approach to stabilizing weight loss after the hCG protocol.


Jean Maxwell, MS RD
Registered Dietician
Masters of Science
MaxWell Nutrition LLC

This meal plan is fantastic for individuals transitioning from the HCG diet. These recipes convert easily from Stage 3 to Stage 4 thanks to Rayzel’s helpful tips. I like that there’s a wide variety, it’s not overly restrictive, and you can even have desserts!  My personal favorite dishes are the Salmon with Brussels Sprouts and the Chocolate Chia Pudding. Her delicious recipes are easy to make, waistline friendly — and dietitian approved!

Jill Corleone, RDN/LD
Registered Dietitian

Many weight loss plans are great at helping you lose the weight, but fail at helping you keep it off. Rayzel has created a healthy transitional meal plan for those going from a very low-calorie diet plan to a low-calorie weight loss/weight maintenance plan by adding calories gradually over a three-week period. What I love so much about this plan is its focus on protein and fiber. Both protein and fiber keep you feeling full longer. Finding ways to fight hunger on a reduced-calorie diet is key for success.

Rayzel’s plan offers a variety of food options to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Including comfort foods like Turkey Chili and Spaghetti (Squash) and Meatballs, and contemporary flavors such as a Deconstructed Egg Rolls and Salmon Salad Wraps. But the meal plan won me over with the inclusion of sweet treats. I especially love the Snickerdoodle Icey. Yummy!

As a registered dietitian I think Rayzel’s meal plan makes a good choice for those trying to continue to lose or maintain weight loss. She encourages regular eating of healthy whole foods that are satisfying and rich in nutrients.

Jourdan Lewis, BHS, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant
Bachelors of Health Science

As a professional in the nutrition world, we all have many different opinions on what is the correct approach to one’s diet and reaching their goals. Our job is to educate our clients on how to meet the body’s needs in the healthiest way possible. People fall into fad diets or do not adhere to certain health conditions they have that make handling certain foods difficult. With that being said, I was very skeptical when saying yes to review a meal plan based off of the hCG diet. I follow an approach in my coaching called “eat more to weigh less”. I find my clients max amount of calories needed for their bodies to maintain weight and then decrease slowly from there (assuming weight loss is their goal). This approach allows them to eat ample amounts of food and not crash their metabolism from going into starvation mode.

   After reviewing this process and diet plan for one coming off an extreme low caloric amount, I will say I am very much in approval of the layout, portions and foods allowed at given times throughout the weeks. The things that surprised me most and made me like this approach of re-feeding were the breakfast. I am sure many participants will be surprised to see egg yolk included and not just egg whites, and REAL bacon instead of low fat turkey bacon, aka junk. The meals are always hearty and not lacking flavor or taste at all. Many diets restrict foods and therefore leave one with bland options only. You will not be missing out on pasta, thanks to the spaghetti squash and meatballs or the smell of chili in the pot filling the house. Sugar cravings are easy to avoid with decadent snacks and smoothies.

   Lastly, breaking this plan into stages based on food amounts is very wise. As I mentioned, these participants are coming from extreme low caloric amounts and cannot just begin eating normally again without weight gain. When resetting my client’s metabolisms and finding that max number, I always do it in small increments, like this plan does as well. It is important to allow the body to adjust and find happiness it it’s new weight and handling food amounts.

   I highly recommend following this plan and sticking to it fully for the given time in order to have a healthy, happy relationship with your body both physically and mentally.

Maegan White, MA, RDN
The Wanderlust Dietitian

As a registered and licensed dietitian, I support Rayzel’s program. Each meal provides clients with the RDIs and macronutrients sufficient in stabilizing one’s weight. The nutrients are calculated through several databases to ensure the most accurate information is provided to YOU, the client.

Rayzel has beautifully crafted your next meal plan. After reviewing the first three weeks of menus, I can divulge, you are in for a treat. I appreciate that Rayzel took a personal experience and designed a plan that will help others succeed as she has.

It can be difficult to maintain weight loss over time. Rayzel’s plan balances macronutrients and calories to allow for your metabolism to adjust. Each week, the calorie goals accumulate gradually. The fat and carbohydrate ratios are increased slowly to reduce intolerance like stomach upset. Rayzel’s plan prepares you for weight normalization, helping you to keep the weight off.

The meal choices are healthy yet full of flavor. Some meals are even repeated throughout the week, saving you money and time in the kitchen. Rayzel provides food alternatives and meal additives for those of you moving into the maintenance phase. The ingredients were carefully selected and the recipes are easy to follow. I personally loved the smoothies for an afternoon pick up.

It was an honor to work with Rayzel on this project. I look forward to the meal plans to come and in trying more of these creations with my family. Rayzel, you have created a honest and thoughtful product, and should be very proud!

Melissa Ketter, RD CPT

One of the most important steps in a successful HCG plan is the period of time immediately following the completion of the low calorie diet. This plan provides safe and effective guidelines for the transition from a low calorie HCG diet to a more sustainable plan for stabilization.  A smooth transition from weight loss to maintenance is absolutely crucial for long term results.  This plan does just that; it allows those using it to seamlessly move into a new lifestyle with their new weight.  The plan is particularly advanced in the area of recipes.  Each recipe has been tried and proven to be nutritious and tasty!  As you know, foods that taste good are more enjoyable to consume.  That said, this plan is extremely easy to follow.

As a Registered Dietitian, I believe that this plan is both safe and effective at transitioning HCG clients from HCG diets to stabilization.  The thought and research that went into this plan makes it a trustworthy plan that you can count on.

I would not hesitate to suggest this plan to my clients.

Jessica Gregory, DC, CNS
Certified Nutrition Specialist

I have done an extensive analysis on your recipes and discovered the nutrient breakdown for the outlined recipes. Professionally, I confirm that they are consistent with your ultimate nutrition goal. The recipes are well planned, composed and thoroughly thought out, with every nutritious ingredient and spices contributing perfectly to create delicious yet exotic cuisines. All food groups are accounted for in this plan, with ample amounts of healthy fats, healthy carbohydrates, plant based proteins, and a wide variety of fresh produce for essential micro nutrients.

The special thing about this diet is that calorie-dense and high-glucose foods are not incorporated. The 3-week plan is fixed between 1000-1500 calories which is highly recommendable to women who need to stabilize their weight loss. Women sticking to this plan should feel the benefits in their energy and satiety as there are 4 meals to keep them going throughout the day. Conclusively, I recommend the nature of the meal plan as dictated by you and as a certified nutritionist, I endorse this diet plan without any reservations.

Andy Lewis. MSc, BSc (Hons), PGCE, QTS and REPs Level 3 PT.
Bryn Lewis Fitness

I’m a fully qualified/certified sport’s nutritionist, personal trainer and a physical education high school teacher. I have over 20 year experience within the health and fitness industry, and I’m educated to a master’s degree level. I create high quality exercise programs, nutrition and lifestyle plans for clients with various needs such as:

  • Weight management
  • Menopause
  • P.V.D
  • Heart and stroke rehabilitation
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Mental health
  • General well being
  • Boosting athletic performance
  • Enhancing strength and power
  • Increasing muscle mass and definition.

In addition, I have written over 1000 educational resources, exam questions, sport’s coaching manuals, academic reviews, fitness/nutrition articles, training/nutrition plans, e-books and e-courses for clients all over of the world!

Comment on the P3 Program

Rebounding of your hard earned weight loss ‘post diet’ is a massive issue once you have reached your desired goal weight. With this notion in mind, Rayzel has created a unique, powerful and flexible plan that will prevent your weight flying back on with interest during this ‘stabilisation phase’! All of the meals are easy to make, use healthy ingredients and all you have to do is to follow the planned timetabled that has been created for you.

All of the calories and macronutrients have been calculated so you don’t have to worry about weight gain during this temperamental phase of any dieting or eating healthy eating regime. Therefore most of the leg work has been taking out of the planning side during the stabilisation phase, and there are 4 healthy hearty meals that will keep your energy levels throughout the day whilst keeping hunger at bay!

This strategy gives your body the right amount of time to adjust before eating ‘normally’ whilst keeping your old eating habits such as high sugar and unhealthy fats at bay. Think of it as an exit strategy that really does work and Rayzel has left no stone unturned with her prior experience and meticulous planning. The results will be there for all to see, it is as easy as doing painting by numbers!

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