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    Social App for P3tolifers

    P3tolifer Social Area!

    NOTE: If you have already signed up with a new account for the social area (separate from P3tolife membership site), go directly there here.

    Hi you guys! Okay, so we trying out a free social area for you ladies to support each other with all things P3 and P4. Can be used both from desktop AND an APP on your phone! Sweet!

    PLEASE read all 4 points before signing up for this, so there are no misunderstandings.

    1. This is a FREE bonus to the P3tolife program...

    and is not part of the purchase price for the program. If the social app doesn’t really get used, we will retire it. It’s just an experiment. If you want it to work, you guys gotta go on there and support each other! And remember this can be about P4 stuff too, maintenance as well as P3.

    2. This is for you ladies, meaning you will not see me in there much.

    I hope you understand- this is purely for you to convene with other P3tolifers. If you have a question you want my specific help with, you can always email us at [email protected]

    3. There can be no P2 or hCG purchasing discussions on this forum.

    This is strictly for P3 and P4. If you want to chat about p2 and hCG stuff there are some great hCG forums online already. This is purely about P3 and P4 maintenance.

    4. Please actually COMMENT on P3tolifer's posts to be encouraging.

    On most social media today, we tend to just hit the "like" button and scroll on- and that's fine for these platforms where there's just tons and tons of people on them. But for our little social area, it's small and private and special- if you can, please actually comment on each other's post- this can be so incredibly encouraging and supportive - even if it's just a few simple words like "you are doing so well!" or "keep it up girl!" And hopefully the other ladies will do the same for you in return!

    I really hope this experiments works out and that you enjoy it!

    Lucelle my virtual assistant will be moderating the social area/forum, but the communication will just be about you ladies supporting each other.

    The other kind of nifty thing about this is we put all the P3tolife recipes in the app too! Just in case it adds a bit more convenience for some of you.

    This is a 3rd party app, which mean you have to download a free app from another company, and create a new login with them, and our group is being hosted there. That was the only way to do a social app, as having my own custom one would cost many thousands of dollars.

    Enjoy supporting each other and let’s make this a cozy place to be focused on what maintenance is all about!

    Having a way to post our P3tolife meals or little hacks or tips we figured out while on vacation or at a restaurant can go a long way in helping other P3tolifers. Pics, videos, whatever, please let's make this a space where you can all go and really get ideas and see how P3tolife and maintenance can really work in real-time in real life.

    How to Join from Desktop

    1. Click on this link here

    2. Click JOIN


    3. Sign Up to create a new account. Please use your P3tolife email address when creating your new account.


    4. This is the Main Page - the link you can go to anytime to view the social area from your desktop is: https://p3tolife.mn.co/


    5. Click on the Topics and pick any topics to share your ideas.


    6. You can also install the app on your phone just go to settings and click on the "Text Me The app"


    7. After downloading the app, see steps 6-8 below.

    How to Join from your Mobile

    1. Click on this link here
    2. Click Join

    3. Sign Up


    4. Click the "View in App" to download the Mighty Network app on your phone.


    5. Click the Get App to download it.


    6. Once you download the app, you'll get here.


    7. Go to the menu bar on the top left. Select “topics” to see the social topics you can post in.


    8. Just click on any topics and share your ideas.