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    DeeDee's Basic Stats:

    • Starting Weight: 184.2 lbs
    • Current Weight on Interview: 160.2 lbs
    • Age: 64 years old
    • Height: 5'4 1/2"
    • Update on Dec 2, 2017: I started my 2nd round (injections) about the 3rd week of September and did 6 weeks.  I got down to 150.2 but my LDW was 151.8.

    Show Notes

    • Phase 3 to Life Program – you can enroll anytime, but I recommend at least a week BEFORE P3 starts if at all possible so you have time to familiarize yourself with the program and plan ahead.
    • Blog post on homeopathic drops vs real hormone hCG - DeeDee noticed that she's thinner when she used the real hormone hCG than when she used the homeopathic drops. There's greater fat loss when she used the real hormone hCG. She also achieved ketosis with the real hormones but not when she used the homeopathic drops.

    DeeDee’s Experience with:


    What were your biggest concerns when contemplating going into P3?

    When I read the calorie intake and the fat additions, I was afraid my weight would just jump up.

    If you were to explain to an hCGer in just a few sentences why the P3 program has been valuable to you, what would you tell them?

    The P3 Program did what I probably was capable of, but left no room for error.

    If you do what it says, and stay inside the lines, it will work. 

    It gradually takes you where you need and want to be, which is STABLE!!

    What did the P3 program provide to you that you feel like you didn't have before without it in past Phase 3s?

    The P3tolife program gave me a sensible, practical and slow reentry into real life eating and situation.

    I didn't get out of P2 and say “Holy crap I can eat what I want to now"!

    How did you end up following the program - did you do the original plan, the simplified, or build your own meal plan or just tweaks to one of these? Can you give a few details of how you utilized the program and tailored it to yourself and your circumstances?

    I ended up, because of working full time, using the Simplified Plan, batch cooking and being prepared was key for me. 

    In hindsight, I should have read the original plan and perhaps swapped a recipe or two.

    But by looking head at menus, even when I had to eat out or travel, I knew how to peruse a menu and stick as close as possible.

    It was all very doable.

    DeeDee get up every morning about 5:15-5:30 AM. She does 1 - 1 1/2 hour commute to her full-time job and she gets home about 12 hours after she wakes up. She did the Simplified plan.

    On Fridays, she would go and buy everything for the recipes and do the cooking on Saturdays or do the shopping on Saturday and cook on Sunday. About the 3rd or 4th week she started not cooking everything at one time. She would pick and choose what's easy for her to cook after work.

    She also used her Instant Pot a lot to save time in cooking.

    Did you have to do any correction days during P3 this time and if so, what do you think was the cause and how did your correction day(s) go?

    I am pleased to report NO!!!! if fact I dropped a couple of lbs from my LDW, and have been holding about a lb below it, in week 4.

    I have only gone up maybe to about 3/4 of a lb over my LDW, those seem to be days, that involve the Cherry smoothie and any use of Tamari, Soy or Coconut Aminos.

    Can you share your tangible results from following the P3tolife program? - how your weight has been, while following the P3 program?

    Awesome! As I said above, I am actually about 2 lbs down, over all, from my LDW.

    How did you feel about the portion sizes & taste of the P3 meals? Did the portions and taste of the food make any difference in how you felt about eating/relationship with food while on p3? If you still felt hungry, how did you adapt it to add calories?

    The portion sizes were fine, I occasionally added some protein, if I was starving.  That was rare.

    Yes, my relationship with food was changed.

    By using the simplified program, I looked at food as more of a "fuel" rather than obsessing about what I got to eat next! 

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that the recipes weren't good, but let's say you transitioned off P2 to Weight Watchers for example, you would be like OMG!!! I get PASTA, I GET DESERT... etc.

    Even though the portions would be small, the thought of the serotonin hitting the brain, would quickly digress into a downward spiral, quickly leading back to old habits. I hope that made sense.

    The only thing I would do differently would be to swap something in the original plan for something not to my liking on simplified.

    Can you share a little about your personal life- ie work full time/part time, kids or hubby or school? Would love to hear how you made the logistics work of cooking the program with whatever time constraints you deal with. How did you manage to fit in preparing the meals with your schedule each week?

    I am an old broad.  I am a really good cook, when I want to.  But as an empty nester, who works full time with a 2-hour commute each day, the simplified plan was my best friend.

    Prior to HCG P2 I had gotten a bit lazy, and was having paleo weekly meals delivered... so the simplified plan was right up my alley.

    Have you struggled on past p3's and if so what were your struggles? Did the P3 program help address these struggles/how so?

    Having only done HCG once before about 4 or 5 years ago, I didn't even know P3 was a thing! I have been no sugar no grains and mostly no starches for years, even before HCG.  So when I stopped the first time after a 20 or 25 lbs loss, I did have it under control for the most part.

    However, my calorie intake over the last few years has just blossomed, I eat like a truck driver, so portion size, even with out sugar or grains, made me barrel headlong into gaining back every lb and a few extra!

    Were there any positive results from following the plan that surprised you, that you weren't expecting? Have you learned anything new from the program?

    From all your warnings, I was expecting to struggle with weight gain.  I was surprised that I lost a bit more, during week 2.  I was surprised I didn't have to do a steak day.  I have learned that I can eat more calories, that I thought I could.  I do however need to always watch my portions.

    What were one or two of your favorite recipes in the plan?

    The deconstructed pork egg roll (ok I am a jew and cheated) but it was so flavorful in week one!  I felt human again.  I am always a fan of steak anything.

    Was there anything in the coaching section you found useful or that resonated with you and how so?

    Yes, the expectation to gain. and the words, "if you have to do a Steak day, then you have to start P3, all over again"

    All the coaching videos are awesome.  I am pretty sure you and I are some how related.  Some of the things that come out of your mouth is like listening to myself.  But, in Trigger foods, when you held up the Halo Top, I almost had to run for Depends, because I laughed so hard.  I have a market in my building.  It's like a mini whole foods, they have three shelves of freezer space dedicated to, you guessed it, Halo Top! I am pretty sure having a. container a night for dinner in the months of March and April, put my weight to the new all time high...just sayn'.   I won't even look at that freezer when I am there.  I know not to touch it.  Even the 5 new flavors the kids behind the counter told me about!!!!

    Any other closing thoughts that you want to share about your experience with the program, or that might help others considering whether or not to give it a try?  I

    If you just follow exactly what Rayzel has laid out in her detailed, well thought out plan.. it will work.  If you take it, then freestyle it,  you can only blame yourself when you have a difficult P3.