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    Basic Stats:

    • She did 4 short rounds
    • She is now maintaining at 145lbs from starting weight of over 200lbs
    • She has a condition called stress-induced narcolepsy where she just fell asleep when she's stressed.

    Show Note Links:

    Wait You Did P3tolife??

    When I Found Out Accidentally that She Used my P3toLife hCG Diet Maintenance Program

    How did I not know this?

    Alex: And kind of more recently, ever since actually you released your "P3 To Life" program - that's what I've been using.

    Rayzel: Oh, really? Oh my gosh! I didn't even know you had it. You little sneaker - like, hiding things from me, you know? Now, that program, you must be kind of adapting it a little because that's actually more of a high meat protein program but you can still probably work with it (rayzel note: she had transitioned to a more plant-based diet at this point). So, how are you utilizing it? I'm curious about that.

    Alex: Yeah. So, like you said, I've been adapting a lot of the recipes that you put in there to make them a little bit higher calorie (because she is working out and in Phase 4 by this point), a little bit more maintenance, versus - you know...



    "After 2 rounds - better, still heavy. Was 175ish at the time"

    Rayzel: Right. Because you're in maintenance too - right.
    Alex: Yeah. So your Chia Pudding for example - like I'll add an extra protein scoop or you know, just little things. I got to say my favorite is the Pad Thai though.

    Rayzel: Oh, really?

    Alex: Miracle noodles are the best.

    Rayzel: Awesome! It makes it like a nice big meal, you know?

    Alex: It does. I think that's what I liked most about your program - is that I feel like I'm eating so much but it's so super healthy.

    Rayzel: I'm so glad to hear that. That's great. And that's nice to hear coming from you too since you're in early Phase 4. And like you said, you're adjusting it a little bit but just that the portion sizes are generous then.

    Alex: Oh, absolutely. It's more than I would've made for myself like volume-wise. But then, you look at like the stats behind it - like the calories and macros - and it's awesome you know?

    Rayzel: Yeah. And the perks on the pudding right? So, like when you wake up and you weigh yourself, things are okay.

    Alex: Yeah, absolutely. And it's taken the thinking out of it and I still get to eat awesome food right? Like that cream of mushroom that's with coconut milk?

    Alexandra's Before and After Pic:

    Rayzel: Yes, yes.

    Alex: Awesome. You would never be able to tell. And then, I get a ton of broccoli with it so it's just very filling, very good.

    Rayzel: Good. Oh, thank you so much. Well, that was totally an unexpected testimonial. Thank you. That's so fantastic. That's great. And I liked that you talked about the comparison to past P3s too because that's kind of what made me realize that it was needed.

    Alex: It is, yeah.

    Rayzel: It's because I was like you. Like, it was rocky. I did maintain in the end but it was rocky. It was so much guest work. It was really stressful. Half of P3 you spend the whole day being like, "Okay, I need to ... today." or "Why isn't it going so well? It's going up. Let me try to figure out why and what I should eat today." you know?

    Alex: Yeah. It's like, in this transition period, if I run around the block, will it hurt or help?

    Rayzel: Yeah. So, I just felt like, "You know, we need..." and then, I would interview. You know, I've been doing all these interviews a long time now. We're in the episodes of between 50 and 60 now. And I would just notice that, "Hey, you know, every time someone is maintaining and did well on Phase 3, they pretty much tell me that they gradually raise their calories. And usually, the dairy and nuts thing got left out til later - in general." So, I was like, "Hmm. There's a pattern here. It's not what I was doing."



    "After 3rd round, fell off the bandwagon for a sec & was so angry w myself - you can see it in my eyes lol About 160 here"

    Alex: Yeah. No, that's true. In the first couple rounds, the first thing I would go to is cheese. Like, I'd do the exact protocol and then add the calorie worth in cheese. That's probably not the best way.

    Rayzel: Right. Because it's low-carb.

    Alex: Probably not the best way to go about it.

    Rayzel: Yeah. But that's the thing, you know? None of us can be blamed. Like, we've been through the low-carb revolution and we're like, "Hey, I can have a jar of cashews and I'm good because it's low-carb or the cheese." and then, once I started like actually planning the program and like getting into macros. Like, "Wow. This tiny little bit of nuts has 250 calories." You know? When you're trying to gradually introduce in P3 and you ate just a thousand calories of almonds. I mean, you would not be content.

    Alex: No. And that's something that I thought was brilliant from your program too - was the nutritional yeast? I've never heard of it before your program.

    Rayzel: Cool.

    Alex: So to make it taste like cheese but then not have the calorie count.



    Alexandra maintaining her hCG Diet weight loss