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    hCG Phase 3 Recipe: Thai Curry Meatballs over Cauli Rice - Week 3 P3tolife | 594 cal | 35g protein | 39g fat | 21g net carbs

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    P3tolife Program Testimonial

    I am enjoying the recipes and surprised at how good they are! Also, the shopping lists have been a big help in making the plan easy. I have only gone through the first three weeks so far. Also, I have improvised recipes to grill and it has been working out. My family and I love the recipes, thanks for all the hard work!


    July 2, 2018
    I am about three weeks into phase 4! My weight is maintaining even with two recent steak days (after phase 3). I have not been able to stick with the HCG menus since summer started. We are so busy and are completely off schedule. I am trying to make recipes from weeks 1-3 because I am familiar with them and can look at the recipe and create a quick shopping list. I am eager to get into week 4-7 menus though!


    Thai Curry Meatballs over Cauli Rice

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    Meal Plan Category: Week 3
    Course: Poultry
    Recipe: Batch Cook, Instant Pot, Main Meals
    Servings: 2 servings
    Calorie: 594kcal
    Net Carb: 28g


    For Meatballs:

    • ½ lb lean ground turkey
    • 1 egg *
    • ¼ cup almond meal
    • ½ tsp garlic powder
    • 2 tsp Fresh basil chopped
    • 2 tsp ginger grated
    • 1 tbsp red curry paste
    • ½ tsp ground turmeric
    • ¼ cup onion minced
    • ½ tsp sea salt

    For Sauce:

    • ½ can light coconut milk
    • ½ can coconut milk
    • 2 tsp red curry paste
    • ½ tsp ground turmeric
    • ½ tsp ginger grated
    • ½ tsp onion powder
    • ½ tsp sea salt

    Rice + Garnishes:

    • 2 tbsp Fresh basil chopped
    • 2 lime cut into wedges
    • ½ bell pepper julienned
    • ½ cup cherry tomatoes
    • 8 oz button mushrooms
    • 2 cups cauliflower rice


    • COMBINE ingredients for meatballs in a large mixing bowl. Mix well to combine. Form into 8 golfball sized meatballs. Heat a skillet over medium heat with non-stick cooking spray. Lightly brown meatballs 3 minutes, turn and brown another 3 minutes.
    • ADD sauce ingredients to crockpot and stir to blend. Turn crockpot to low/medium heat setting.
    • ADD meatballs. Cook 3 hours until meatballs are cooked through. Add bell pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms and cook an additional 30 minutes. Alternately add all ingredients at one time to save labor.
    • RICE cauliflower in food processor, pulsing until finely chopped into rice sized pieces. Eat raw OR lightly steam for a few minutes to soften in a shallow pan with 1/2" of water.
    • SERVE 4 meatballs over 1 cup cauliflower rice and 1 ¾ cup sauce. Garnish with basil or cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice.

    Alternate Instant Pot Instructions:

    • MAKE meatballs as described above - brown with the sauté function in the instant pot with nonstick spray. Add more nonstick spray as needed. Remove meatballs. Add all the sauce ingredients to instant pot and stir with a whisk to blend well. Add back meatballs. Add bell pepper, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Set instant pot to 12 min. Pressure. If you double the recipe, increase pressure time to 24 minutes.


    *If doubling recipe, still use only 1 egg.
    Yields: 2 servings


    Calories: 594kcal | Carbohydrates: 28g | Protein: 35g | Fat: 39g | Net Carbs: 28g