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    Meats - Choosing Them

    Newflash- this is not a hate on fat - I love and approve of fat in foods and I'm not stuck on the 80's low fat bandwagon.


    Freedom through being aware of the basic structure of We're going to be talking about calories, and grams of protein and serving sizes. This is not to:

    1. Make you feel you must count these things - I counted for a very brief period only to get an idea of what was what, and as soon as I had that, I stopped counting.
    2. Make you feel like one is a bad choice and one is good.
    3. Make you think that Chicken breast is the better-than-thou meat

    This discussion is really to bring freedom. Freedom through being aware of the basic structure of things so that you can then TINKER to both eat foods you want and maintain your weight loss. It's a give and take, just like a marriage with kids. You give some time to your husband, you give some time to your kids, back and forth. Except in our case here we're going to give some of our taste buds to chicken breast at times, and other times we'll give it to the burger patty at the local grill. No meat has to feel left out.

    Just like it's not either your husband or kids - it's a balance and trade off. Sometimes we feel like it's either:

    1. I only eat the way I totally don't enjoy to maintain or make progress with my body OR
    2. Eat a food I like and enjoy but my body goes to pot.

    For me I felt like lacking a little head knowledge about this stuff- well I'd end up struggling and I wouldn't know why. You may not know all the reasons why your body might struggle, but learning these things did give me some insight and I was able to change up my decisions just a little while still making everything FEEL about the same, so that I could maintain more easily AND still eat the things or way that I want. (I.e. My sandwiches still, or still have treats- just the sorts of treats- or when I ate them- can eat then late at night)

    The trouble I had when I didn't have as much knowledge yet and that might have caused some of you to struggle is that I felt like I only had 1 of 2 choices.

    1. Eat only chicken breast all the time like the nutrition advice I read told me in order to get anywhere in life, or
    2. Eat that juicy ribeye I really wanted and suffer the weight gain consequences.

    Knowing these things made a big difference for me in maintaining more easily. I've done it both ways. I have a lot more power to both fulfill my food hankering AND to pursue body goals.

    Really what it has to do with is sometimes eating lean meat and sometimes eating higher fat meat and I'll be giving you a couple of examples of how I decide when to eat what.

    What you get out of this may be different depending on your current eating habits.

    A. Pretty much eat lean meat like chicken breast 99% of the time except for very special occasions like your 4th honeymoon.

    B. Up until you started HCG recently, always ate burgers and steak and such and aren't really sure what the difference between that meat and chicken breast is, you just know what you're eating tastes better.

    If you're in group A because you want to be and you just don't like higher fat meats, that part won't apply to you, but you may want to listen along as far as learning if you're eating ENOUGH protein.

    If you're in group A because you feel like you have to be and that you have no other choice this might give you some food for thought as to how you might be able to incorporate higher fat meats without feeling guilty or worried about it.

    If you're in group B, this night help you to see why incorporating lean meats some of the time will help you reach your goals, while still getting to have the lovely taste of the higher fat meats.

    Why all the fuss over chicken breast.

    Is that all we should eat?

    FYI - all meat has a place in our eating - no meat has to be left behind.

    But let me show you a few examples that highlight some major differences between meat choices that will effect how many calories you consume, how much protein you eat, and how much volume you get to enjoy - and how you can use this knowledge to mix and match these things.

    For the same portion size, a protein can have a huge variation of calories, fat and protein content.

    What do I want most.

    If I eat my protein with tons of fat, my salad with tons of fat dressing, and my French fries with tons of fat, unless I fasted the rest of the day, that sort of meal could get me in trouble unless it was once in awhile.

    For any of you who were like me and aren't familiar with what makes different meats different, I'm going to show you so you can visualize it.


    Now let's discuss some IF/THEN scenarios to show how you can make decisions you feel content with in real life without sacrificing all you've worked for with your weight loss.

    So I apply an IF/THEN principle when deciding what to eat based on what's most important to me at a given time.


    Choosing a sandwich (P4)

    Eating out more frequently (P4) (p3 - might be more of which higher fat low carb food do I want most at my meal tnite- how can I compensate on the rest of the meal, or the rest of the day to balance it out?)

    If you have strength/working out goals

    We all go through cycles of motivation- having a little head knowledge can help us easily make choices that fit those current motivation.

    Show 186 calories of all meats:

    Chicken breast = 6 oz - has 39g protein
    Chicken thigh boneless/skinless = 5.5 oz - 35g protein
    Chicken thigh with skin - 3.1 oz - 15.1 G protein
    85/15 ground beef = 3.1 oz - has 16.4g protein
    80/20 ground beef= 2.6 oz - has 12g protein
    Ribeye- 2.4 oz -12g protein

    Between the 2 extremes is a 27g protein difference.

    Show: 6 oz portion for all meats:

    Chicken breast - 186 calories
    Chicken thigh - 205 calories
    85/15 beef - 360 calories
    80/20 beef - 426 calories (this is usually the fat content of what they serve at a restaurant)
    Rib eye steak - 462 calories

    Between the 2 extremes is 276 calories

    There is ROOM to eat all these meat servings - but armed with this knowledge, I wanted to think of a way to both pursue better body goals and still eat what I really wanted - I was helped to start making IF/THEN scenarios:

    IF I plan on going out for ribeye with hubby tonight, THEN I will eat plain chicken breast/lower calorie meal for lunch.
    IF I want to eat French fries in phase 4 (#truestory - want and do all the time) THEN I will skip the 20% fat burger patty at the grill, have salad and fries and make myself a lean protein serving at home.
    IF I am in the mood to work at building muscle/getting stronger, THEN I will have a late night snack of 5 oz of chicken breast instead of my dessert smoothie.
    IF I am in the mood to have my favorite sandwiches at the local bakery shop THEN I will get it with 1/2 the cheese ( to lower the calories a little), and have additional lean protein when I get home (because the deli meat in the sandwiches is not that much protein). This will give me the proper calorie amount in the proper ratio for my body.
    IF I prefer chicken thighs in my soup because I think chicken breast in soup is too dry for my taste buds, or I want a nice hearty beef stew meat with some fat in it, THEN I will just have in mind to be more sparing on the other fats I add to the soup.


    Key takeaways from this discussion

    • there is 10 grams less protein and 240 MORE calories in a burger patty that you would get a bar and grill than the same size serving of chicken breast. (So lower protein, more calories- significantly so - point to patty)
    • Higher fat meats have less protein per ounce and more calories - in some cases, double, the calories, for the same serving size.
    • If you choose to workout and desire to reap the benefits from those workouts you will likely need to increase your protein intake.
    • Increasing your protein intake through higher fat meats would at the same time, raise your calorie and fat intake substantially.
    • Increasing your protein through lean meats will increase your protein intake without adding a LOT of anything else.
    • If you choose to lean out, choosing leaner cuts is a way to reduce calories without reducing the volume of what you're eating. You're still eating 6 oz of something, it's now just a chicken breast or lean pork or turkey instead of a ribeye or pork rib.



    One of the things I discovered from my own experience is the variation in calories and protein for different types and cuts of meat.

    I'm a dark meat girl. So until recently, I never ate chicken breast and I always went for thigh or drumstick, preferably with skin.

    I'm going to give you a couple scenarios, and it's not to show that you should never eat higher fat meats. It's to show the differences between these foods and how we can bounce back and forth between various choices and still keep things in balance.

    4 oz piece of chicken breast = 124 cals - 1.4g fat - 26g protein
    4 oz 80/20 beef patty = 284 cals - 22.4g fat - 19.2g protein

    6 oz piece of chicken breast = 186 cals - 2.4g fat - 39g protein
    Half lb 80/20 beef patty = 426 cals - 33.6g fat - 28.8g protein


    To reduce the calories to be the same as the 186 of the 6 oz chicken breast, you'd have to eat only about 2.5 oz of the beef patty and that would give you only 12 grams of protein.

    So all I want you to make notice of for now is that there is 10 grams less protein and 240 MORE calories in the burger patty that would get a bar and grill than the chicken breast.

    First of all, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH FAT. That fat is bad or that we should always eat low fat is old school, dance to the 80's and 90's stuff. However, just because fat is good, doesn't mean we eat it with total abandon either.

    This is because fat, like all other macronutrients we consume,ย  will always = a certain amount of calories. And each of us human beings has a unique set of energy requirements to use up a certain amount calories, and if we consistently go beyond that, it's extra. Our body hasn't USED it right, so it's going to be stored as fat.

    Now I LOVE my burger patty at my local grill every week. Hey I already gave up the bun right? But you know what I love even MORE than the burger patty? My fries. I'm not promising you will be eating French fries in Phase 4- that's between you and your body. I think Crossfit is what has allowed my body to process carbs like this well where I don't gain weight from it - if you're interested in that you might want to check out the weight lifting tutorial section ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It comes down to 2 things:

    Calories - and you don't have to COUNT calories to be aware of and make choices that are line with what you are trying to do based on what I'm going to share with you.

    Your goals - maintain weight loss + get stronger or get a little leaner.

    I desired to get stronger at Crossfit and maybe to lean out a bit.

    To get stronger - not only do you need to lift the weights and train, you have to give your body the protein it needs - working out is kind of like hiring a painting contractor. Once you've hired him you are set to go right? But the actual painting a house- which we'll compare here to the building of muscle and strength in your body, can't be done unless you have....paint...or ear protein. So just like the painting guy can't do his job without his materials, your body can't build the muscle you've given it the incentive to build by working out, if you don't have the materials. If you add a room on to your house and you're going to repaint it, you will need more paint this time right? So if you work out to build muscle, you will need more protein than before to build muscle. Sitting in a chair just doesn't require as much protein to keep your body as it is, and sitting in a chair also isn't asking your body to do more for you. Sitting in a chair is like NOT hiring a paint contractor and deciding to let your paint job just keep fading.

    I know I'm painting a pathetic picture.

    All this to say that as a person who considers myself a pretty big carnivore, once I finally worked up the nerve to track my macros a little bit in my fitness pal, I came to find I wasn't eating enough protein for the type of workouts I was doing. I was pretty shocked by this. But I feel like I eat so much meat!

    I came to find it was, in part, because I was eating only higher fat meats. So I was getting less protein from the higher fat meats for the same serving size as a leaner cut, and I was get more of my daily calorie intake from fat. Which would be okay if all I wanted to do was maintain. It could also be not okay depending on just how much of that higher fat meat I was eating along with how much of everything else I ate in a day.

    Everything has to play together right? The blueberries have to play with the steak and the olives in the end because it all ends up inside your body at the end of the day.

    So once I learned that lean meats have more protein per ounce than higher fat meats, I gave in to chicken breast. And super lean steak cuts. don't get me wrong. I STILL EAT MY RIBEYE. But instead of eating it every time I want steak, it's more like 1/3rd the time I have a ribeye and 2/3rds of the occasions I get a lean beef cut like London broil.

    Frame of reference - Doing this if eat 6 oz of chicken breast, I get almost 40 grams of protein in my meal, instead of 30. For me, I'm trying to eat 100-120 grams of protein a day with my current workouts so you can see how that 10 grams makes a big difference.

    To get enough protein only from say the 80/20 beef patties- my calorie intake would be WAY high -

    120g of protein from 80/20 burger patties would be just over 4 half pound burgers - which would be 1770 calories - just on meat alone. I haven't had any other food but burger patties yet!

    But the question is, do you have to eat only lean meats in order to get enough protein and to keep your calories in balance.

    This is what I do:

    When I'm just in maintenance mode/not caring TOO much mode, I eat higher fat cuts more often and my protein intake is a little lower.

    When I'm in the mood to try a little harder to get stronger, I will start swapping out SOME of my proteins for leaner versions.

    If I'm in the mood to lean out a little bit, I will start splurging my calories on my very favorite things and going with lean protein.

    Example- earlier I mentioned loving my burger patty but that I loved my French fries even more.So I've taken to skipping the burger and just ordering my favorite French fries and the house salad that has my favorite mustard vinagriette on it. Then I'll go home and have 7-8 oz of chicken breast.

    Making little trade offs like this allows me to have my very favorite things while still either maintaining or even pursuing new body goals.

    1. bethbeth66 says:

      Great Coaching Session! I always knew chicken breasts were the better choice, but now I know why! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the thought of IF/Then too! It makes perfect sense! Starting week 3 today and I’m am loving this program!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey Beth! I know I used to be so skeptical about why people gave chicken breast so much attention lol. I still like my ribeye but Iโ€™m a believer now for chicken breast for lean protein.
        Iโ€™m so glad youโ€™re loving the program! I would be honored if youโ€™d be open to being a success interview for the program – think about it- we can chat by email about it – love, Rayzel

      1. Rayzel says:

        OOooh that looks like a great product, thanks for sharing!

    2. No meat left behind…Meat lives matter! ????????????????
      Thanks for this video! I thought I knew about meats but the fat content really put it in perpective. The skin REALLY makes a difference when it comes to macros and I did enjoy chicken wings a little too much before HCG. A tenth of a ribeye is just not gonna happen ???????? so the info is REALLY appreciated!

    3. I’ve watched this video twice now. There was something about it that made things click for me. I’ve low carbed on and off for about a million years. I would lose some weight, but never hit goal weight. The fact is, for ME, calories do make a difference. I’m technically in P4. I’m not counting every calorie (which I’ve also done in the past and it made me crazy), but I’m better able to make decisions that are balanced. Before, eating low carb could mean “steak every night!” and as much as I would love for that to work for me, it just doesn’t. Now I picture in my head Rayzel holding up chunks of meat and I sort of decide how hungry I really am before deciding what to eat. Plus the outtakes were super cute.

      1. Rayzel says:

        I’m so glad to hear this Christine. It’s funny how these little tweaks can make all the difference in the world isn’t it.

    4. Yep…acknowledging that we can just make choices is so freeing and empowering!!
      I do love the outtakes and look forward to seeing them at the end of the videos! You are so doggone cute, fun, and authentic! I have always appreciated that about you and how you incorporate it into your content! ????????

      1. Rayzel says:

        I”m so glad you are enjoying the outtakes! I only had outtakes when shooting with my brother- somehow it doesn’t work to talk to yourself when shooting which was how things were on more of my coaching videos.

    5. Your outtakes…hilarious! Had me laughing out loud! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great info and comparisons. I really like the “if/then” thought process. Being strategic and planning things out accordingly really helps to avoid that guilty “well, I’ve already ruined (or will ruin) my day so I may as well just give up” mentality. Instead you make choices to incorporate the things you want by strategically planning the rest of your intake to still align with your goals! It is all about choices!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hehe like those outtakes eh? ๐Ÿ™‚ You know you just have to keep life fun in various ways right? It really is about choices, something I too somehow never realized and it’s been so freeing. I’m glad it helped you too!


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