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    Learn to Identify Lies You Tell Yourself

    NOTE: Please check out the experience related below by a fellow P3toLifer (not discussed in the video) that's connected with trigger foods and lies we tell ourselves- a firsthand experience outside of myself.

    Learning to point out the lies you tell yourself and call yourself out on them.

    Do you see that top ensemble? It's super pretty and cute right? It's yet another item I bought despite knowing about myself, that I never end up wearing frilly/uncomfortable/too fancy looking outfits. The IDEA of them is great to me.

    I see that top on other people and think how attractive it is, but the reality is EVERY single time I buy something like that and tell myself maybe I'll wear it this time, I don't. It gets worn once or twice and then disappears in my overstuffed closet, never to be seen again.

    I get tempted into telling myself that I'm going to behave differently than I ALWAYS have because of how pretty it is - and because of the look I'd love to have, but the reality is it's just not me. I like to be comfortable and I like ethnic stuff, as long as it's comfortable. Anything beyond that is too much work for me to bother with.

    That's the precedent that has proved itself over and over. And when I find myself in that situation, faced with yet another super cool outfit, I start contemplating again that maybe I should start getting more dolled up more often...even though I never have before. When I'm strong I say, "NO, you know you never do, just think of those past instances", and I put the item back on the rack. But other times, I'm feeling weak and I let that tricky little convincing heart-strings talk me into it.

    In this case, it's not always a big deal, I fall for it and might be out $50 or $100 bucks. It's not great, but I can recover. When it comes to doing this with our bodies however, it can be hard to come out of falling for this reasoning over and over.

    So have you seen, or possibly, even made this type of social media post yourself? You post all these messages about making that big change, really doing it this time, no excuses, and then that VERY SPECIAL, VERY IMPORTANT TIME OF YEAR arrives. And suddenly, we start seeing social media posts that say,

    "You only live once"

    "I'm planning to cheat"

    "I'm just going to have fun, I'll fix it later."

    "It's good to have a cheat day once in awhile."

    Now I'm not saying you should never eat something that you want or enjoy. But I TOTALLY used to rationalize to myself, I'd believe myself, and then go ahead and give in to the lie and later be like, hey that really wasn't true. It WASN'T worth it. It DIDN'T make my long term life better.

    How I learned to stop bingeing is to recognize that there is never a "reason" to go completely all out the way I used to.

    I try to pick or choose indulgences and make other trade offs to balance things out and anything that's a TRIGGER FOOD is always a no-go for me, no matter what the event is.

    The problem is with the number of holidays and events that people in many countries often celebrate with high calorie eating, it's going to be hard to maintain weight loss because there is always a new thing coming up that will throw you off if you let it and recovering from something is harder to do from a will-power standpoint than to continue maintaining what you have already made a habit.

    Analyze your life and write down the pitfalls that throw you off the most frequently.

    For instance, I find that even if there's healthy food available at a social gathering, for me, I tend to just really OVEREAT in a social setting very easily AND because I'm half distracted by my actual interactions with the people I'm with, I miss out on a lot of the physiological satisfaction that I would have had if I had eaten by myself.

    So it might sound extreme but in general, I don't eat at social gatherings. I take photos instead and focus on my conversations with others. And I look forward to my health treats like p3 smoothies when I get home.

    You will have to make your own decision about this - for me the cold truth is, if I were still making every social gathering "worth" totally overdoing and eating a bunch of stuff I don't usually eat, I would have been attempting multiple HCG rounds over the last several years due to weight gain. That might be you. There is a way to stop it, but it involves being completely honest with yourself and learning to call yourself out when you know you're just trying to deceive yourself.

    I wish I could tell you that you can have it all.

    But for me, that just hasn't been the case. I'm happy to miss out on eating at, say, 24 social gatherings in a 2-year span and NOT have to be on a diet for much of the past 2 years trying to fix everything that happened after I got thrown off by totally blowing it at those social gatherings.

    We have to think not just about what happens AT the event- it's not one meal that's going to ruin everything- no 1 meal can ever have the power to do that. It's what happens to our mindset and psyche AFTER doing that that causes all the damage. I have yet to find a way to prevent the fall out.

    And this is what I mean by learning to call yourself out-

    One of the reasons that we KEEP reasoning and rationalizing to ourselves that it's worth it or that it's just this one time and then we'll get back on track, is that in that current moment, we really are thinking that what we are telling ourselves is true. So we'll never make this change in our lives if we keep believing ourselves in that moment. We have to set an overriding precedent in our minds of what REALLY is, and when our minds tell us these things, we have to distrust it and refer back to the precedent that we already set.

    I have challenged this precedent a few times in the past few years- just to test the waters- because sometimes things change right? But this challenge is something that should only be done once in a long while, otherwise you'll be tricking yourself again- like in every event- okay let's see if something is different from last week or the last month or from 3 months ago. Typically nothing is going to change that drastically in that short of a time, and definitely not without some targeted effort where you did something specific to cause that change.

    Feedback From a P3toLifer:

    The rest of this article below is directly from a P3toLife member who had a learning experience we both thought would be good to share with the community here- enjoy!

    "Trigger Foods - Can you live with them?"

    The struggle is real...

    For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight. The first 9 years of my life I was on the thicker side of the scale, a normal "husky" little girl. Around age 10, something happened that changed my metabolism and I ballooned quite a bit. By the time I was fifteen, I was probably wearing a size 12. In fact for most of my adult life I have been between a size 8 and 14, that's about a 30-40 pound fluctuation, so I have gained and lost the same 30 lbs many many times.

    In May of this year (2017), I was introduced to HCG by one of my coworkers. At first I thought she was nuts...500 calories....hormones...another fad diet... After I went thru all the reasons why It wouldn't work, or why it wasn't a good idea, something clicked in my brain and I did some light research to learn a little bit more about it and within a week I was at the doctor's office getting the work up. It was a huge leap of faith, because I hadn't really done much fact-finding at that point. All I knew was that I had regained about 30 lbs in less than a year and I was willing to try anything to drop the weight.

    back story:

    the year before (January 2016) my weight was up in the 180s. I started losing weight with diet modification and exercise, in May I got engaged and two months later, in July, I got married. By the time of the wedding I had lost about 40lbs and by May 2017 I was probably back up 35 lbs. Enter HCG in May 2017....

    I had a successful first round of HCG; losing just under 25 lbs. In fact, because of HCG, exactly one year later (this July), I was able to get back into my wedding dress. P3 went pretty well, while I was on the P3toLife program. There were a couple slip ups during P3, but having a reliable step-by-step program to go back to made maintenance easy during those 3 weeks.

    shameless plug:

    If you want to maintain your HCG weight loss, P3toLife is the way to go. It's a detailed program that keeps you on track and the recipes are DELICIOUS!

    So! After all the hard work of P2 followed by a pretty solid P3, P4 was a whole different story! Since I had such great results with P3 despite the slip up with cake and cookies, I figured I could eat cake and cookies and all would be fine. BUT something happened on my way to bake shop! Before I knew it, I was on a vicious binging cycle.. For about a month, I was eating baked goods almost on a daily basis. Yes, you read that right, DAILY. Every day I would say, today is the last day, and today is the last day, wait no today is REALLY THE LAST DAY....that went on for a couple of weeks, lots of cake, cupcakes and guava pies later....before I knew it I was up about 12lbs!

    the lesson:

    I learned A LOT, in P4...I can do what I call the savory gluten, like breads and pita chips without bloating. Milk/dairy is a big problem, because they cause bloat and inflammation! Nuts seem to be ok too. In short, once I was on those "last day" binges, I kept hearing something Rayzel said about "the lies we tell ourselves." I believed I would stop eating cake and cookies, but nahhhhh. Lol

    These binges were great learning opportunities. Be honest with yourself and learn what foods trigger the binges and stay away from them. They are weight-loss kryptonite!

    back in the saddle:

    When I started HCG, I had planned to do another round before the year was out to get down to my goal weight and here we are! I started P2 last week and have decided to sunset baked goods (my Achilles heel), refined carbs, dairy and gluten.

    The moral of the story....

    I am gonna "Rayzel it" (yes I just turned her name into a verb!) and give up the foods that for some reason I become powerless with...and do it permanently.

    I really thought I could do it just one day, but nope!

    There are certain little lies we tell ourselves about being able to be stronger than the foods that trigger us. The reality (at least for me) is that it's best to stay away from trigger foods, before getting into a cycle of binging and dieting. Longterm success is a state of mind where you have the power to choose who is going to win the battle. Show them cookies, cakes, pies...INSERT YOUR TRIGGER FOOD HERE...Who's boss!

    the good news...

    you can have sugar! With this learning experience, I also noticed I can eat fruit and not binge...it's interesting. I thought I had a strong sweet tooth, however, after this mango season which coincided with P4, (we have a beautiful tree that gives us a ton of mangos in our backyard), I noticed that I don't binge on fruit. Not even sweet fruits. I can down 8 four-inch cookies with milk and a side of pie, but not more than one mango. I can have one P3 smoothie and once I'm done, I don't want more because I get full. Put a 6 inch double layer buttercream cake and I am pretty sure I can get thru it! If your weakness is sweets, don't feel like you can never ever eat sweets again. It may be a matter of figuring out which sweets you can have without going off the deep end. Same holds true for carbs, savory and salty binge foods.

    Thanks to Rayzel for her dedication and sharing her journey. I don't know about you, but I sure can relate to many of her struggles and triumphs. She is a master! Learn from your setbacks. They are filled with pearls!

    1. Bam right between the eyes. Here I am doing a steak day in P4 because of believing my own lies! Ouch! Seriously, though great advice and I love that you used the clothes buying example. Because we lie to ourselves with more than just food.

      1. Rayzel says:

        So true isn’t it Andrea. It’s nice that we have steak days to save us when we need it!

    2. Oh man! This hit me in the gut!!! I’ve been SOO bad about believing the lies I tell myself. Particularly for me….vacations. I can recall 3 instances in the past where I was doing so well! Eating healthy l, exercising, losing weight and feeling great and then I’d go on vacation and lie to myself saying it was just for the trip that I would allow myself to indulge in whatever…then I’d get back to healthy living upon return. LIE!! I would lose all control and inhibitions and even when I got back from the trip my psyche was so messed up that’d I’d continue on a horrible eating pattern and gain all my weight back. I did this THREE times! Geez, you’d think I would realize that I’m lying to myself! Wellllll…we have a baca planned in June. Going to Tahoe. I’m going to try a different tactic this time and still try to eat healthy and avoid my trigger foods (gasp). This really she’s the light on my mind and lies Rayzel! Thank you so much for helping us be brutally honest with ourselves!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey Tiffany! I’m glad this hit home as far as realizing things. It’s funny how we do this! I would love to hear how it goes with this next trip if a different mindset works for you. It’s so hard not believe ourselves in those moments! But I’m like you and I just get totally derailed from being lax for what I THINK will only be a certain time frame. I think what helped me to start following through with not believing the liar in me 😉 is finally following through with a few trials of trusting what I know about myself instead of what I tell myself, and then seeing in the end how things always turn out much better- seeing this happen several times now, it helps me to know how much better my life is this way and helps me not to fall back into that type of reasoning again. Please do report back after Tahoe girl! And either way, we will love you still!

        1. I will, without a doubt report back after Tahoe! It isn’t until June and I’ll be in P3 by then, thankfully which frees me up SLIGHTLY, but I still plan to stay on protocol. You’ve been such a big help to me Rayzel. Whew! Getting a little emotional here, weirdly! Haha! I just can’t tell you how amazing all your information, tips and coaching has really made the difference for me. I feel a mind shift for the first time in my life. Anyway, reports to follow after the vaca.

    3. What a wonderful and helpful article RazeI!! I totally agree!! In my case I have developed like a “social event fobia” because I know the end of the story…! but it is very difficult because I can’t say NO to every family gathering…. Eating healthy when dining out at social events like parties, receptions, is not always easy because you have no control over food and it is hard to stay on track while watching others overeating.. What I do is trying to avoid my triggering foods ( nuts, sugar, chips, refined carbs and cheese) also I try to focus more on sharing time with the people who are at the party than to focus only on food…
      Thanks for sharing this article with us!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Thank you for commenting about this! Very good thoughts and the struggle can be real. Yes boy don’t get me started on chips- once I start on those, it’s just keeeeeps going lol. I really don’t often eat at larger gatherings anymore. I just lose SO much of ability to make balanced choices as the how much I eat, it never seems to fail! Like you I try to stick stay away from the easily overeaten foods and I just stick with like, meat. lol.

      2. I love this response!! Those are basically the same trigger foods I have to be careful of Razel! .. you are godsend for making p3 for life! I cannot normally talk to just anyone one of my friends and family about this since I don’t want to prevent discouragement from boring them since there is no interest on their behalf but this is “Home” to me!! Love that everyone goes through the same things here and very comfortable to talk about it. My New “framily” ! Lol


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