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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

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    Enjoy this quick video tutorial for the

    Chocolate Peanut Butter

    dessert smoothie

    This recipe is in the Week 3 Meal Plan PDF as well as the cookbook style pdf's, like the Dessert Smoothies PDF

    • Per serving: 145 cal - 9 protein - 9 fat - 11 carbs - 6 fiber - 5 net carbs || Yields: 1 serving


    4 tbsp half and half
    2 tbsp cocoa powder
    1 tbsp PB2 (powdered defatted peanut butter)*
    1-4 tbsp water (start with less and add as needed)
    1 zucchini - 5 oz (optional)
    1 squirt chocolate liquid stevia
    11 ice cubes
    1.5 tsp
    Stevia to taste**

    what to do:

    High Powered Blender: Add liquids/soft ingredients first, then ice, and blend.
    Ninja: Add ice first, then rest of ingredients on top. Do crush function first to crush ice. Scrape sides with spatula, then blend.
    Both: You will likely need to scrape the sides with a spatula a time or two.


    *some PB2’s have a lot of sugar, so definitely those should be avoided- the one I have, which I’ve linked to in the tools guide, I’ll post it here too, has only 1 gram of sugar per 2 tbs, and we only use 1 tbs. in the recipe it calls for, so this is 1/2 a gram of sugar – the same you would consume in any bacon. So to me this is totally acceptable because it’s a miniscule amount. There’s 4g sugar per 1 tsp., so 1/2 gram of sugar if I’m doing my math right would be about 1/8th of a tsp. Does that make sense? But you could certainly leave it out and just have it chocolate. You could try peanut butter, just be aware of the calories because regular peanut butter is so calorie dense as you mentioned- that can be fine as long as you count it and are aware that’s all. I hope that helps! Here’s the link to the one with only 1/2 gram of sugar per 1 tbs. and here is a newer one I found that has NO added sugar at all:

    PB Trimmed - no added sugar

    1. Just curious, why does this recipe call for half ‘n half rather water? Can water be used to keep the calorie content low? Personally, I would rather use water and real natural peanut butter rather than the PB powder. I would prefer less calorie in my liquids so I can have real peanut butter : ).

      1. Rayzel says:

        You can but there is no need to lower the calories for this unless you really want to – it won’t taste quite as good, but yes on a day I’m like fasting and I complete my fast I might do something super low calorie like that and add only water. But on P3tolife there’s plenty of room for the half and half calories and it definitely adds to the taste. But water is totally fine! The Peanut butter is very high calorie in comparison to the powder. I think if you swap out the half and half and powder for real PB that’s fine, if you just match the calories- hope that helps!

    2. mstalia1 says:

      AAAAAMAAAZING!!! Love, Love, Love this…. Did I read correctly that I actually eat this everyday???? Wowzers, so good. My 8 year old even approves! Thanks soo much for all your effort and energy in creating this awesome website and amazing recipes. I added a scoop of protein powder too! Yummy!

      1. Rayzel says:

        so glad you enjoyed!! there’s 2 meal plan layouts but the simplified one may have listed for more days that week- yup it’s super clean eating so you can’t really go wrong with it! Nice idea for protein powder too. Would love to hear your results as you finish week 3!

    3. Also, is there a difference using the PB2 as opposed to just peanut butter? 🙂

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey there! Yes for the PB2 is has far less calories than regular peanut butter, so that’s why I used that there for this purpose.

    4. Hi Rayzel, i noticed you used 3 sweeteners (choc stevia, stevia powder and swerve). Is it because combined the 3 sweeteners have a nice flavor or is it for another reason? I live in Australia and we dont have swerve (well not that i know of :)) so im not sure what it tastes like which could be why you use it and stevia aswell 🙂

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey again! Swerve is just erythritol- there are lots of brands of erythritol – I think this one called Natvia is one that may be available in Australia! Here’s the link: https://www.aussiehealthproducts.com.au/natvia.php
        It’s basically the same thing, just different name. That sweetener plays a big role because it tastes the most like sugar. The reason I combine erythritol with stevia, is because erythritol is more like sugar in it’s sweetness concentration, and I still prefer to us as little sweetener as possible, whereas Stevia is very very sweet for only a tiny amount, so I combine the two so that I get the level of sweetness I desire, while not having to use like, 2 tablespoons of erythritol- as that could potentially cause some stomach upset. The stevia flavors like the chocolate liquid stevia and such I do enjoy, but if you use cocoa powder I’m sure it would not really be much different.

        I hope that helps! Let me know if the Natvia can be found in your area! I actually bought that brand on Amazon just to try it out, but I believe it’s actually Aussie based.

        1. Thanks so much for your reply 🙂 i was looking at more of your videos on sweetners and they answered my questions as well so sorry to make you repeat yourself! Yes we do have natvia here in AUS 🙂 I just ordered some swerve on iherb and i am looking forward to trying it! im pretty sure its similar to natvia :O)

    5. You’re seriously cute in your videos. Two quick questions. If using the zucchini, do you leave the peel on? And did you add extra ice cubes because you weren’t using zucchini or are there always 11? I know you’ve spent plenty of time perfecting the texture, so want to make sure I make it correctly. Thanks!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Re the peel it’s actually up to you! Less work to leave peel on, and I don’t really notice a difference in taste to be make peeling worth it really myself. I’m finding that depending on the size of ice cubes, how much water you put in the ice cube tray, etc. it can just very a bit- I tend to overfill my ice cube trays and I often have to add more water to the final recipe- I think I may actually adjust them all a little bit to up the water a little. I think because of these variables you will still have to “play” a little to get the perfect texture for you and also sometimes has to do with how long you want to spend getting muscle fatigue to get that perfect blend- sometimes having it just a bit less thick and it taking 2-3 less minutes can be worth it. For this I think I ended up needing a little more water with same ice cubes because without the zucchini texture/fiber, there was less for the vitamix to “grab” onto to create the vortex. I hope that helps a little! I’m excited to see what you guys think of the smoothies!


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