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    Interview 2 - Mary

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    mary’s story

    I’ve always wanted to feature interviews with other women who have not only lost weight with the hCG diet but have also gotten into CrossFit (just like yours truly 🙂 ) because I feel that getting feedback from fellow female CrossFitters can help you guys, my readers, figure out if this fitness program is something you should try.

    I found one such person for this interview - Mary. She has been doing CrossFit for several years now, even before she went on the hCG diet. She got into CrossFit at the age of 50 and immediately developed a fondness for the high intensity fitness program because of how much she enjoyed doing it.

    I encourage you guys to watch the full interview or read about it to find out more about Mary’s Crossfit routine as well as a few tidbits on her hCG diet experience.

    Before she went on the hCG diet, Mary had always been active - she works out and has been doing CrossFit for years and even tried isagenix. She went on the hCG diet because she noticed that she could not seem to lose enough weight.

    One day, she got a pamphlet in the mail from a clinic and it was about having her hormones checked. She later found out that her hormones were way off (her testosterone and every other hormone, according to Mary). She has since been receiving pellets every 3 months to balance her hormones. It was during one of her clinic visits that she saw the hCG program and asked her doctor if she should try it.

    Dealing with weight and health problems

    According to Mary, she was always overweight as a kid and she did not engage in any exercise or workout, not even running.

    Mary went on 2 rounds of hCG and on her first round, she lost 24 lbs within 6 weeks. She mentioned that ever since she lost the weight, she has been getting a lot of compliments about how lean she has gotten whenever she goes to the gym. She also mentioned that she can now see how toned her muscles are and believes that it is a result of the hCG diet plus CrossFit.

    Mary also talked about some of her health conditions, including a thyroid condition (her thyroid has already been removed due to goiter), osteopenia, and a bulged disc which causes sciatica.

    Mary says that CrossFit has helped her so much in dealing with her health conditions better because the workout regimen has helped her keep the pain (brought about by sciatica) at bay.

    Mary believes it is very important to invest in a good exercise routine as well as keeping your hormones balanced.

    CrossFit Benefits

    Mary gushed about how much her strength has improved and how she feels more energized now after going on the hCG diet as well as maintaining her exercise routines, in particular, CrossFit. She is proud that she has more muscles now and has gotten stronger rather than weaker as she got older.

    Contrary to what most people think, for Mary, exercising and doing CrossFit has helped her manage her health conditions better. She recalls that during her first hCG round, she was advised by the clinic not to work out because she might injure herself. Mary listened to their advice, however, she was surprised to find that she ended up being in so much physical pain without her exercise routine.

    After she finished her first hCG round, she was ecstatic to go back to her regular regimen. She decided that on her second round of hCG, she would maintain her exercise routine and that’s what she did. Mary did explain that she had to modify her exercises; she still did CrossFit 3 times a week but she would not go on her 5 to 6-mile runs anymore, which she did everyday even after a CrossFit session.

    Mary is very keen on running and does it almost everyday, even after an intense CrossFit routine. She even went on a marathon before despite having pneumonia at the time!

    Another benefit that Mary mentioned is that Crossfit has had a very good effect on her balance; she noticed this because she used to trip a lot before, but not anymore.

    Going for it

    Mary joined her first CrossFit class when she was 50 years old. And even though she had her apprehensions because it seemed to her that everybody else in the class was younger than her, she decided to go ahead and she has since been doing it and enjoys it so much.

    However, because of her health condition, Mary makes sure that she sets a limit for herself so she does not to push herself too much. Like when she does doing box jumps, she steps up instead of jumps. It’s also great that Mary has a supportive coach who understands the limits that she has to set for herself and lets her do things at her own pace and capacity.

    Mary also lifts weights to maintain her muscles but she makes sure they’re not too heavy, like 20-25 lbs for each arm and 50-60 lbs for deadlifts. Like with the box jumps, she has to be very careful because of her back.

    Mary also mentioned doing wall jacks (where she stands with her back on wall, kick her feet up behind her then stand on her hands).

    One more awesome benefit that Mary told me about is how she has found great friends in her CrossFit pals. For her, the friendship she has developed with her workout buddies is an awesome bonus and is a big factor in why she has so much fun doing the fitness program. She even mentioned they have gone on a trip and are planning to go on another one soon. 🙂

    Her message to those who want to try CrossFit?

    Go for it.


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