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    Interview 4 - Judie

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    judie's story

    How long have you been weight lifting?
    I've been doing cf for 8 months now.

    How does weight lifting compare with other types of workout programs you may have tried in the past?  
    I saw almost immediate increase in strength and loss of body fat when I started lifting that i failed to notice at other gyms where cardio was the main stay.

    Was there a learning curve? What helped you stick with it?
    Yes there was/is a learning curve.  Lifting weights is different than say machines because YOU are doing the movement and need to use proper form to prevent injury as opposed to the machine doing a lot of the movement for you.  I've stuck with it because I see myself getting stronger and more fit.

    What was your experience as a beginner? How did you see yourself progress?
    I still consider myself a beginner 🙂 but when I started I was as weak as a kitten.  I couldn't hardly get up off the floor by myself.  So when we did any floor moves, just getting up and down was a workout in itself.  Plus being 60 pounds over weight didn't help either.  Now, getting up off the floor is not as difficult. I’m able to lift heavier weights.

    Did you have any reservations/hesitancy about weightlifting- any preconceived notions about it? What made you decide to try this out initially?
    Yes.  I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt myself and also I was concerned whether or not I could even do it!!!!  I did lift weights in the 80’s for a couple of years and was familiar with some of the lifts and I knew that women lifting weights do not turn into big beefy creatures!. I have some acquaintances that do crossfit that are my age.  I searched the internet and read up on cf. And decided to give it a try.  I was never successful going to a regular gym with the treadmill and machines or aerobics class.  It didn't challenge me enough.

    How do you eat in everyday life with crossfit being part of it? Like do you eat any carbs, and if so, what types of carb foods and how often?
    I definitely have more energy. But i still watch my calorie intake.  I track my food every day. That keeps me accountable with portion control    I eat a low carb diet.  No sugar. That keeps me satisfied and I don't eat as much.  I have no desire for sweets or things like pizza. I also stopped drinking “liquid calories”.  I have an alcoholic drink maybe once a month.    I eat moderate protein and moderate fat.  My carbs come from vegetables, avocados.  I don't eat fruit except occasional berries.  I don't usually eat breakfast except for coffee with cream.  I’ll eat a salad for lunch and most restaurants offer low carb menus if I go out.  For dinner I eat beef, chicken or pork and veggies like roasted brussel   sprouts, spaghetti squash or creamed spinach.

    Any other beneficial effects from doing?
    I just feel better when I lift.  And when i achieve a personal goal of lifting a certain weight, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Ive also lost 3 inches around my waist since i started cf.

    Did you have any mental or physical hurdles to overcome to feel comfortable doing crossfit and weightlifting?  
    Going into a gym is a little intimidating anywhere.  I was so weak.  And not familiar with the crossfit atmosphere.  I was this fat old lady coming to work out.  Would they think too little too late???  Physically as I mentioned before, I couldn't hardly get up off the floor.  It was very hard to tie my shoes.

    How does the atmosphere at crossfit feel to you as far as feeling comfortable, accepted, etc. even if you are not all "super fit" (maybe you are super fit in which case this wouldn't apply lol! I guess mainly what does the environment there feel like to you?
    It was true acceptance of me immediately.  I’m fortunate to have a masters crossfit at my gym.  That is crossfit for those over 60. No-one looks at anyone else in a judge mental way. We cheer each other on.  I lack stamina and endurance.  And I can't last as long as others, but because of the true caring and knowledge of the coaches I feel respected and part of the team.

    Are there some movements you cannot do and how do you scale them to make them doable for you?
    I can't do a burpee.  So I get a box, 12 inches i think and use that instead of the floor.  I can't do a pull up.  So we all do jump pull ups, having the bar a lot lower.

    How long have you been crossfitting and how frequently do you go?
    I started the end of April this year.  I retired last december and wanted to start improving my health.  My gym offered our masters class 2xw.  But recently I’ve been able to participate in the regular class so that means 3xw now.

    Comparison of pre and post crossfit as far as your abilities in everyday life- how does your increased strength improve your life in other areas?  
    I can carry a big bag of dog food from the car now.  If something drops on the floor or under the bed, I just pick it up!!  I started a vegetable garden and planted all the seeds.  That meant leaning over the whole time.  Before cf I couldn't do it.

    Main fitness goals
    To continue getting stronger with more stamina and endurance.  Continued weight loss,  I’m 5’3 and weigh 189.  The BMI for my age and height on the heaviest is 141.  I’ll be happy at 155.

    Main healthy life goals
    Continue eating right and consistence exercise to keep me healthy. Being around family and friends and positive people.

    What is your current healthy lifestyle routine?
    CF 3xw.  Volunteer 3xw. Continue monitoring my food intake.  Tracking is so necessary for me to keep me accountable .

    What helps you stay CONSISTENT with your routine?
    Knowing that for years I didn't take care of myself physically.  At retirement I have a “now or never” attitude.  In weight lifting you can see almost immediate results

    What is 1 or 2 main weaknesses that you struggle with when it comes to these routines?
    I didn’t lose weight until my coach told me to start tracking my food intake.  It was an eye opener for me.  Now i have to track.  It's not for everybody.  But for me I could easily get back into eating way too big of portions that i need to.

    What is 1 or 2 character strengths that you have with your healthy routines and why do you think they are strengths for you- what enables you to be strong in these aspects?
    Consistency and determination.  At 66, i know it has to be done now or its not going to happen.

    What limiting beliefs prevented you from doing a consistent healthy routine with fitness in the past?
    I didn’t feel I had the time but I just didn't take the time.

    What helped you get past this- what helped you change your inner self in this regard? How do you view things and yourself now?
    Well I can't change the past but I can change how I take care of myself now.  I see myself more confident and self assured.

    Think of 1-2 of your favorite lifts or moves and why you like them?
    I love bench press.  Probably because I'm strong and I love trying to add a little more weight each time I do it.

    Think back/check records as to what types of improvements in strength you've made since you started lifting/working out- share a few comparisons of strength increases or reps of body weight exercises, etc.
    I wish I would have kept better records.  But I remember my first class we did the fireman’s carry.  I carried a 10lb kettle ball in each hand and couldn't go very far, maybe 100 ft.  Now I can carry 25 lbs in each hand and walk for 4 min before resting.  Also I could only do 4-5 sit ups.  Now I can do 30 without resting.

    Favorite pre/post workout meals/snacks if you utilize these? brands?
    So far I just have my coffee and cream before my workout.  When I get home, I fix myself some scrambled eggs or eat some tuna salad or chicken or something that we had the night before.

    Favorite meals in general for your healthy daily living
    I fix a recipe of  chicken breast with a creamed spinach and mushroom sauce to put over it.  My husbands fave too.  We love to grill out, so steaks, ribs, burgers on the barbecue.

    Do you eat carbs?
    Under 30gms a day.  But I do go over occasionally.

    Are you currently trying to lose additional weight, trying to build muscle, or trying to do both?

    1. Donyou recomend to do the crossfit in phase 3?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey Gianna!

        I did crossfit in Phase 3 starting with finishing my 3rd round. The decision will be yours, but basically if you do this, you will have more weight fluctuations from soreness and water retention and even your body trying ot make muscle. None of this is bad of course, but what this means is that you have less evenness during P3 and you kind of have to guide yourself a little more intuitively as far as what weight you stabilize at and what you know a gain on the scale to be- it can be a bit emotional if you aren’t ready for that process. But for me, it was still worth crossfitting in P3. I hope that helps a little. I have a more detailed blogpost on the hcgchica site about this actually here for ya: http://hcgchica.com/p3-hcg-diet-when-to-throw-the-2-lb-rule-out-the-window-2-starting-exercise-in-p3/


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