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    Interview 3 - Melissa

    You can post pictures in your comments below! Please feel free to share your P3 living stuff you're doing to help other P3toLifers visualize and get ideas for how to do this!


    Melissa's Basic Stats:

    Height: 5’10”
    hCG Size change: Size 20 to Size 10
    Post hCG size change: Size 10 to Size 4/6
    Current body fat percent: 24% - this is healthy. Her original starting weight was 276 lbs and it’s likely at that weight that her body fat percent was 40% or more.
    Lean Body Mass: 126 lbs (everything that isn’t fat)
    Weight: 160 lbs.

    Check out her myfitnesspal which she religiously puts in what she eats so you can get an idea of her macro ratios and calorie intake-

    Show Notes:

    • She is in a “cutting” phase which means she’s leaning out a little- losing some fat between her muscles, while maintaining her current muscle level- her current macro ratio for this is:
      40 grams fat
      160 grams protein
      170 grams carbs
    • She says in her “bulking phase” - actively trying to build muscle phase, that her carb intake was closer to 190 grams a day.
    • Some of the carbs she eats:
      English muffins
      Whole grain breads like Ezekiel bread
      Multigrain tortillas for wraps
      Sweet potatoes

    - Obviously this is for Phase 4, once you have stabilized in Phase 3.

    • She did work up to eating this amount of carbs over time gradually but shows the potential of where you can end up.
    • She notes that in the past when not active with weight lifting, eating these same types of foods led to weight gain.
    • She has a history with Bulimia in the past, and her story shows just how much healing a lady’s metabolism can do given the right approach.
      Her bodyfat testing in February 2016 shows that her RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate- the amount of calories her body burns in a day when at complete rest) is 2600 calories. Not bad eh??
    • Two other positive benefits that Melissa notes since beginning her weight lifting program is she has a lot more energy, and that while she used to deal with some major insomnia, she now sleeps very well, a full 8 hours each night (which might be why she has more energy! Love how everything is all interconnected and creates that lovely chain of positive events).
    • She used to be on 10-12 different medications for fibromyalgia and pain and no longer takes any.
    • Example of her strength increase -
      As a beginner, she first deadlifted 65 lbs and has worked up to 180lbs - this is almost triple what she started with, in only 9 months time.

    melissa's story

    What is your main fitness goals?

    I have a goal of competing in powerlifting at some point, and I'd really like to get formally involved in a crossfit group.

    What is your main healthy life goals?

    I want to be able to maintain a body fat percentage under 20% and just feel good in my skin.

    What is your current healthy lifestyle routine?

    I eat 80/20. 80% of my meals are very methodical and planned, clean and fit my macros, the other 20% I cut myself a little slack. I workout out six days a week, lifting on all of them, and I do ten minutes of cardio three times a week.

    Workout routine - eating routine - any other healthy type stuff routine :)-

    I make sure and drink at least a gallon of water per day, hydration is key ! And sleep, although I am still struggling with this aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

    What helps you stay CONSISTENT with your routine?

    I have several people in my life that hold me accountable. I'll get a text or a phone call if I don't show up at the gym

    What is 1 or 2 main weaknesses that you struggle with when it comes to these routines?

    I have to make the time to workout as often as I need to. I'm a mom, a wife, and have a lot of obligations that have to come first, but I have to make time for my health.

    What is 1 or 2 character strengths that you have with your healthy routines and why do you think they are strengths for you- what enables you to be strong in these aspects?

    I'm really persistent, which is a huge part of some of these lifts. You're not gonna get it the first time with the majority of the complex olympic style lifts. You have to practice form over and over again, and I see why some people wouldn't stick with it.

    What limiting beliefs prevented you from doing a consistent healthy routine with fitness in the past?

    I hate to admit that I was part of the population that bought into he stigma of lifting makes women look like men. Now that I understand the science of muscle and how hormones work, I know that's an impossibility without some serious chemical help.

    Think of 1-2 of your favorite lifts or moves and why you like them?

    I'm absolutely nuts about Olympic style lifts. I will deadlift for days. I feel like the straight leg deadlift is just the most perfect movement ever created. Back squats come in a very close second.

    Think back/check records as to what types of improvements in strength you've made since you started lifting/working out- share a few comparisons of strength increases or reps of body weight exercises, etc.

    When I started lifting I was using ten lb. dumb bells for one arm rows, I now max out at 40lbs per arm for the rows. My One Rep Max for Deadlifting is 180lbs which when I started I was only able to pull 65lbs. My most impressive accomplishment is with the leg press, I can load about 200lbs on the sled 🙂

    Favorite pre/post workout meals/snacks if you utilize these? brands?

    As far as pre workout goes I am all about the carbs. I will have a slice of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and banana and Nutella more often than not. Post workout I have a protein shake (optimum nutrition chocolate whey and almond milk)

    Favorite meals in general for your healthy daily living

    I try to stick with about 5 ounces of lean protein, 2 cups colorful veggies, and a half cup of grains on my plate at my two largest meals of the day.

    I am crazy about Chipotle style bowls right now. Anything with rice, beans, tons of veggies and a lot of protein.

    Do you eat carbs?

    Absolutely. I feel like carbohydrates are a very important part of any sort of exercise routine as they are the main fuel source.

    Are you currently trying to lose additional weight, trying to build muscle, or trying to do both?

    Currently not trying to lose weight per say, working on reducing body fat percentage and building muscle. I'd like to get under 20% body fat in 2016.

    1. Hi Rayzel, I have a couple of autoimmune conditions that really drain my energy at times and I have to be careful with exercise as certain types really exhaust me. I have exercised my entire life so having to decrease in time and intensity over the last 7 years has been depressing. At present on a good energy week, I do pilates 3 days a week, horse back ride one day a week, strength train with weights 1/week and try to walk or use my rebounder 1-2/week. I used to do more strength and metabolic training(4 days/week) but my body stopped being able to handle without having to nap 2-3 hours after and as a mom, etc that didn’t work so switched to pilates. I am worried however that it won’t be enough to keep the weight off and help me build muscle in between HCG rounds. I struggle on low energy weeks to get the exercise other than pilates in and also to stay on track with my healthy food choices. Any advice? Thank you!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey there! I totally understand the concern – you actually sound like have pretty frequent exercise still, even if it’s more low intensity these days, but that’s actually really excellent still. I wouldn’t worry really about not being able to maintain without the high intensity- I think really mostly what it can accomplish is letting you eat more- I eat a fair amount more than the average lady my size- but honestly if you are less active, and you utilize high volume recipes like P3tolife ones that use lots of veggies, you should find your appetite matches your lifestyle so maintaining should still be pretty doable. I have lots of P3tolife ladies maintaining very well without any exercise. As far as building muscle, that might be more challenging without enough heavy weight lifting, but that’s not necessarily something that’s really necessary, just fun :)- I totally think it’s good that you are listening to your body in this regard. While I can still crossfit, there are many other activities in life that I can’t do that will do the same to me like you said- need a 2-3 hour nap after, or maybe even really crummy for 1-2 days following the activity (I too have multiple autoimmune conditions) – so I totally get you on this and it’s just not worth it to feel like that. I hope this helps – again, many of the P3tolife ladies do not exercise or do low intensity so I really think you will be just fine! Love, Rayzel


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