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    1. Sgambata says:

      What would be a suitable sub for salmon?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey there! Honestly any meat you like really- chicken is a basic one.

    2. foxycita says:

      can we substitute any kind of breakfast sausage for the bacon?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hello! If nutrition profile looks similar I think possibly- but breakfast sausages often have a lot more sugar, so definitely find one that doesn’t – many will say like 3-6 grams of sugar for like 2 links or something- you don’t want something like that. There’s 4 grams of sugar in 1 tsp, so you can see how much sugar that is. Hope that helps!

    3. What can I use instead of bacon?

      1. Rayzel says:

        If you don’t want to use bacon you could probably use a higher fat meat in it’s place – 140 calories worth is the macros for the bacon for the whole recipe in the bacony egg cups, or to make the macros a little closer, you could also do a lean meat like chicken breast for 100 calories worth and then about 40 calories worth of fat like butter or olive oil (which would be a little over a teaspoon) – I hope that helps!

        1. carmenk says:

          What can we substitute if we don’t eat meat?

          1. Rayzel says:

            Hey Carmen! When I get asked questions about vegetarians or vegans, I typically do not recommend them to buy the program since the program is heavily protein based. I do have one vegetarian gal who is wants to attempt to go through the program making her own subs with vegetarian meat replacements that she says are common but I have yet to know how its going for her.

            1. carmenk says:

              I do not eat meat, dairy, or gluten. I do eat seafood and eggs. I emailed prior to buying and kept receiving generic emails which highlighted the benefits of the program despite writing back and asking very directly “is there a vegetarian or vegan option”. I bought it thinking that I would just substitute where I could because I desperately wanted guidance. Can I just sub in seafood/eggs instead of the meat or sometimes omit the meat, eat the vegetable part and shake up some protein powder in H20? I was slightly worried that the eggs/seafood I use would not have the same nutritional makeup as the meats you have chosen.

            2. Rayzel says:

              Hey Carmen! Gosh so sorry we didn’t get your initial messages about- I checked in our system and it looks like one of your inquiries accidentally got deteled, so sorry! If we had gotten we it would totally have responded with what I said above.
              I can totally just give you a refund, no worries, or if you want to try to make it work for you, your ideas I think actually sound like they would legitimately work – the seafood will be totally on the protein when subbing that for other meats – the protein powder option like you said is also a nice idea- I’ll tell you what- I’ll refund you now regardless, but you can still keep the membership free, and if you are able to try these substitutes out and it works for you, can you please maybe keep a log of what you do and how it works so we can utilize this to help other vegan ladies in P3? Will email you privately about instructions for membership switching okay!

    4. Is this what you mean by Vanilla Bean Powder? or is it a protein powder?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Almost! That one I think is more a powder made from liquid extract or something and has sugar added- vanilla bean powder is made directly from vanilla beans themselves and is that dark brown color just like the inside of real beans- like this one – I also have a link in the master pantry list and tools list – here’s an example – https://www.amazon.com/Madagascar-Vanilla-Slofoodgroup-Gourmet-vanilla/dp/B0785NZ69Y/ref=sr_1_15_s_it?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1514995747&sr=1-15&keywords=Vanilla%2Bbean%2Bpowder&th=1. The only bummer is I see the price for vanilla bean powder has actually risen quite a bit! I’m sorry to see that- I heard something happened with the vanilla crop. Hopefully will go back down in time. You can always sub regular vanilla extract too, it’s just the bean powder really made a difference to me in the concentrated yummy vanilla flavor.

    5. Very stupid question on the bacony egg cup. Is it one cup of spinach, and then you chop it up coarsely, or do I coarsely chop spinach until I reach 1 cup coarsely chopped? May seem like semantics but there is definitely a different volume of spinach depending which way it’s supposed to be. Thanks!! (and sorry for the stupid question).

      1. Rayzel says:

        There are no stupid questions! Im sure if you are wondering, others have as well – it’s 1 cup once coarsely chopped – so it will be more spinach than if you did one cup of whole leaves first. I hope that clarifies it!

        1. That’s 100% clarity – thank you! And you are always so prompt with responding on here, it’s insane!! You are amazing, thank you for all you do!!!

    6. I need help from any Canadians out there!!! I am having a he** of a time finding a lot of these ingredients needed!! I even live in Toronto and have been to a bunch of health food stores, and Whole Foods! Amazon.ca doesn’t have most of them, and they won’t ship to Canada from AMazon.com for the items I can’t find. I have also tried well.ca with little success. Any Canadians know of any good websites from which I can order?!? I am thinking I may not be able to actually do this program and will be so sad!!!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey there! Can you tell me specifically which products you can’t find? Then I can maybe help see whAt could either be subbed or perhaps in canada it’s just a different brand name.

        1. I can’t find the vanilla powder, nor the caramel stevia – it won’t ship to Canada from amazon.com; also can’t get a lot of the sweetleaf brand stevias, and a lot of the other brands available have awful ingredients in them (e.g. Now Stevia). I had trouble finding the egg protein powder, but eventually did on amazon.ca (for a crazy price but at least I got it!). I could find an english toffee sweatleaf to ship from amazon.ca – could I use that in replacement of the caramel? And vanilla extract instead of the vanilla powder? Thanks!

          1. Rayzel says:

            Hey again! Okay thanks for this- yes on these types of items, honestly they are not required- yes you can sub vanilla extract, and the egg white protein powder it nice to have but you could also use a good quality whey protein no problem. The other flavored stevia’s add just a little more ooomph to the recipes they are in but the few recipes they are in taste just fine without. I hope that helps! In general, most the recipes are really just using vegetables, fruits, and meats from your local grocery store and that’s really all you truly need. The other items just kick a few things up a notch if you can get them, but don’t sweat it if you can’t or they’re too pricey – I hope that helps!

            1. Thanks Rayzel!!! I feel much calmer now – was the initial panic when I couldn’t find stuff, but then as you said, I realized that it was a minor portion of the ingredients – and most are fruit and veggies and standard pantry items. Wish your spice place delivered to here! Oh well – I can get all the spices for sure here, no problem. Anyway, can’t wait to get started – the recipes look absolutely amazing! I start P3 tomorrow (last day of wash out/transition today), so am very exicted! This is my 3rd round – I stablized no problem my first two rounds, but I always had more to lose – this time I’ve lost down to the bare minimum of my healthy weight index, so I’m really worried I am not going to be able to stabilize since I have no fat left on me it seems, so I think your program is going to be the key.

    7. Hi Rayzel!! 🙂 I am 13 days out from starting P3, but I am preparing myself mentally lol!! I LOVE ALL YOUR RECIPES!!! (Thank goodness the HCG keeps me from drooling with hunger!) I have downloaded everything, bought dishes and spices and next week I’ll buy non-perishables. My question is, how many weeks do you think you’ll offer? These recipes are truly going to be a life-saver and I am sure I will use them for life!!! I am so excited (and terrified) to get started 🙂

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey girl! Since you got in now, you will end up getting 7 weeks total! That will be the final premium program which all current members are premium members. Also 3 entertaining menus/recipes are coming as well! I’m so glad you are excited, I think you will find it goes well.

        1. THANK YOU!!! I just now saw this message (sorry!).

          Tomorrow is cook day. I have all my stations set up and I am oddly excited… I start “real life” on Monday haha!! Question… can you do the Apple Spice Morning Mug Bread in jumbo muffin tins? I have plenty of mugs, but was going to put it in the muffin tin, but as I was re-reading all of the information… it seems it may swell too much??? Any thoughts?

          I was going to make a few for emergencies….

          1. Rayzel says:

            Hey! You know what I’m not sure – it seems likely that the jumbo muffin tins would totally work – the timing for cooking those in the oven tends to vary it seems depending on people’s ovens too just FYI there – just periodically check them – they won’t get like super dry inside because of the nature of flax but they shouldn’t be all soggy either. I hope that helps- man you sounds totally organized – you may need to share some pics with us of your cooking set up girl and we can learn from you!

            1. I ended up doing it in french soup tureens (the individual serving kind) and it seemed to work great. Texture looked good and they smelled divine… however, I cannot pop them out of the tureens, which means I also cannot freeze them… didn’t think that one through all the way haha!! The cooking went really well but took far longer than I thought it would. I think this was because I was unfamiliar with where the ingredients were (what they looked like) cuz so many were new, running out of printer ink so I had to use my laptop which was far more problematic than flipped paging, general fatigue from being on the VLCD diet, but I pulled it off (and even managed NOT to graze lol).

              Today was day one and all of your recipes are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! Like seriously good stuff I will incorporate into my diet forever lol. I’d never made a curry before! ^_^ Sadly I could not finish lunch or dinner, much less do the smoothie.. .I was just stuffed to the brim with about half the serving. I really tried though… I know it’s important to get all the calories in 🙂 I did finish the egg cups (and by finish I mean DEVOUR WITH VIGOR!!!!) They tasted like manna from Heaven. I’m pretty sure I was making unfortunate groaning noises at the taste of bacon again LOL

              Just thought you should know I really appreciate all of your time and effort. Not only are these recipes life saving and convenient, but they’re DELICIOUS!!! Just smelling the chili and looking at the chia pudding… I can hardly wait 🙂

              Thank you!!!!

    8. This is my third round of HCG. My first two rounds, I gained 15 lbs each. This time I am determined to do better! Thanks to having your game plan in place, I do not feel like I am flailing in the wind on my own while trying desperately to grab on to some kind of lifeline to reel me back in to safety. I am a picky eater, was raised on meat and potatoes every day, always end up overeating no matter how good my intentions are, and was kind of skeptical about how I would feel after 1 day on your meal plan for phase 3. I am very happy to report that I am happily content and couldn’t even eat all of the food for today! I could only eat half of it before I noticed that I was going to overdo it if I didn’t stop. This food seems like it was designed to not let you fail. I am very optimistic about this round in phase 3 and have no desire to even think of the trigger foods that always suck me in and cause me to gain weight. Thank you so much for this!

    9. I already have egg white protein powder but it’s chocolate flavored. Would that be a fine subsitute or do I need the vanilla flavored?

      1. Rayzel says:

        I think that’s just fine because it’s in the chcolate chia pudding – probly just make it more chocolately! Or you could potentially use less or no cocoa powder to compensate depending on the taste.

    10. I am allergic to chocolate. Do you have a non-chocolate option for week 1?

      1. Rayzel says:


        Yes if you look at the week 4 recipes there’s a strawberry chia pudding you could replace with the chocolate chia pudding, and for the dessert smoothie, you could just have more of the other 2 smoothies instead that week. I hope that helps!

    11. I am on day five of week one food plan.I love all the meals and am amazed how satisfying they are without giving a “OVERLY FULL” feeling.I followed your tutorials during the weight loss phase and it is one thing hearing how eating habits can change-when it actually happens it is almost a miracle!Thank You so much for all your time and for sharing what you have learnt-the program is unbelievably comprehensive.

      1. Rayzel says:

        I’m so glad to hear that Bev. I am keen to hear your progress as you continue! It’s been a long journey that’s for sure – I had no idea honestly if the things I shared in the program would help others or not, but I had to try and I’m so glad to hear that it seems to be doing what I had hoped. – Rayzel

        1. Hello again.Today is the last day of three weeks on the foodplan.What a pleasure it has been to have no ups and downs and finish under my “weight to mantain.You have made it such an easy process to follow and so tasty.Also love all your bohemian tops/clothing!Look forward to the release of the next stage programme recipies

          1. Rayzel says:

            I’m so glad to hear this bev! We are actually working on the week 4 documents this week- the recipes and photos are done, we are now getting them all compiled – hope to have them up in a couple weeks – I will email you guys as soon as it’s been added. And following behind that I finish photographing week 5 recipes this week too! So hopefully in a month we can have week 5 recipes up too. Woot woot.

    12. Okay I’m almost done with my first week of P3. Highlights for me are the morning mug bread, Indian curry, deconstructed egg roll and the Spanish Cauli Rice and steak (pic below). I am having so much fun cooking new things. I look forward to going home and getting started with my next creation. I haven’t done so well with the smoothies but I am still trying and they are getting better. Thank you so much Rayzel for giving so much of your time, blood, sweat and tears to help us hopefully achieve the success you have. You inspire me.

      1. I was having trouble with my dessert smoothies as well until I bought a regular ice cube tray instead of using my automatic ice maker. The automatic ice was not thick enough and was making my smoothies watery. Not sure if you have already tried that but it made a huge difference for me.

        1. Rayzel says:

          oh good so glad you mention this! I will have to add a segment discussing ice-cube size hehe.

    13. Bacony Egg Muffins Fresh out the Oven ????

      1. Rayzel says:

        Oh man those look amazing! I just made 2 DOUBLE batches myself in the past 2 days for my parents while I was visiting them- we ate them up so fast lol!

    14. First P3 dinner yammers!!!! Saving a portion for lunch

    15. Day 1 of P3 Lunch a little rogue need something ???? rutabaga fries very small portion with low sugar ketchup

      1. 3oz portion of smoky salmon, Brussels and rutabaga fries

        1. Rayzel says:

          Oooh was there supposed to a pic with this? The rutabaga fries sound awesome Twila!!

          1. Growing up I hated rutabagas but these where delish!!! A very good sub for me bc fries are one of my weakness ????

      2. Rayzel says:

        Oh there’s the pic! That really sounds like a nice addition indeed.

    16. Day one of P3 ???? Break fast

    17. My first day of P3 and my meal choices for the day where delicious ????!!! Okay I did go rogue for lunch bc TOM is here and I realllllly want fries today ???? Butttt I made rutabaga fries and had a 2oz portion with low sugar ketchup…Satisfied ☺️☺️

      1. Rayzel says:

        I’m so glad it was yummy twila! You totally made such a good choice to fill that TOM craving girl! Good job on that. We make it work right??

        1. Having this structure REALLY helps and I can’t thank you enough for creating this ????

    18. Hi Rayzel! I just completed my P3 Day1 on your plan and it was fantastic!!! Thank you!! I did decide to have a bulletproof coffee (the Leanne Vogel recipe for White Chocolate Rocket Fuel Latte) in lieu of the egg dish and also switched the Friday dinner for the Monday dinner since hubby wanted salmon! Oh, and I just doubled the recipe so he could join me for dinner. So perfect!! Here’s a pic of my food from the day!! ????

      1. Rayzel says:

        Awesome thank you so much for sharing! And for showing us your yummy P3 food too! And I love that you’re making the program your own and changing it up – that’s awesome. Please do keep in touch! I actually just had salmon last night too lol. Rayzel

    19. You’re doing awesome! The updates are very helpful. Spelling correction suggestion: under “subbing ingredients” there’s a “your” that should be “you’re.” Thank you for all of your hard work!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Thank you will fix!

    20. Rayzel says:

      Okay another year hehe! Here’s the mango coconutty dessert smoothie I love making.

    21. Rayzel says:

      Just doing a test here guys to show how can add An image to your comment! Took this pic of wheat I’m looking like almost 4.5 years into maintenance.

      1. Rayzel says:

        Alright so it’s not perfect – turned sideways in this case – but it’s still cool!


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