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    You can post pictures in your comments below! Please feel free to share your P3 living stuff you're doing to help other P3toLifers visualize and get ideas for how to do this!

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    But first: The Mayday Pointers.

    Please download and read this over because this will help you navigate P3 and utilize the meal plan in the best way for you and also answer questions that may come up for you.

    Download Mayday Pointers

    Two versions of the Simplified Week 1 Meal Plan available:

    DEVICE version - all colorful & stuff:
    Download Simplified Week 1 Meal Plan in FULL Color

    PRINTABLE version - a lot less color & stuff (who wants to spend $653 on printer ink right?):
    Download Simplified Week 1 Meal Plan PRINTABLE PDF

    The Simplified Meal Plan PDF contains:

      1. Calendar Meal plan layout for week 1 (what dish you’ll be eating each meal and each day this week).
      2. Grocery List
      3. Batch cooking schedule options
      4. The Recipes! Can’t get too far without those…..
    1. What is happening right now! Wow. This food is amazing. The turkey chili! Wow. Then the chicken curry. Totally looking for that flavor. Today I made the pork bowl and was a little skeptical but holy smokes is that fantastic. The flavor blends so well together. You did it, made this program easy and ridiculously delicious. Thanks for taking the time to put this together! Oh maintaining for the first time ever and actually still losing. Amazing.

      1. Rayzel says:

        Aww I’m so glad to hear that!! If I had access to an emoticon right now I’d put one lol. You are so very welcome, and I’d love to hear how your weight does as you get into week 3! Love, Rayzel

    2. PattyCake says:

      The turkey chili is amazing. My chocolate chia pudding didn’t really set, but it tasted like a delicious chocolate smoothie. For dinner I had to improvise cause I ran out of time. I used a cup of the turkey chili and mixed it with about 1/2 cauliflowers rice and stuffed it into a yellow bell pepper. Not sure what that equates to with calories, etc., but it was delicious. I used my Niteibullet for the blackberry lime zinger. Turned out okay, kinda like a weird shaped popsicle, cause after I made it I stuck the nutribullet in the freezer. Anyway, this is my first day on P3 and I’m impressed with how much food and how satisfied I feel. Big thanks for doing all the leg work. Well worth it????

      1. Rayzel says:

        So glad you enjoyed the chili patty! With the chia pudding, i think sometimes there must be some variation in the chia seeds- using more of course would totally help it to gel for sure, but that adds more calories so we tried to find the minimum amount that would still allow gelling – but you can try adding a little more to help it next time. Your improv sounds wonderful! Honestly, with the layout of this program being so full of veggies, it’s really not necessary to sweat the calories – we aren’t dumping in cups of whipping cream or other calorie dense ingredients, so you can pretty safely eat the veggies to satisfaction. You are so welcome!

        1. PattyCake says:

          Thanks! I have to admit that I ate the exact same thing on day 2 and woke up this morning and I was down 2 pounds and I feel amazing. I’m 2 pounds away from a total loss of 40 pounds. Honestly, don’t mind if I get there or not, if I can continue to feel this great.
          I am so stoked to be a p3tolifer! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to all of us.

          1. Rayzel says:

            This is so great Patty!

    3. PattyCake says:

      I’m prepping for P3 week 1 this Thursday. I just batched cooked some turkey chili. Question. I only found very lean ground turkey in 1.49 lbs. I just cooked the whole thing. Also don’t like mushrooms and added 4 oz less of tomatoes (bought the wrong size) I added green and red peppers, onions and celery. Smells and looks good. So my question is, how much of this do I eat per meal? 1 cup, etc.?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey Patty- it should be more than 1 cup actually- if you take the whole lot and see how many cups it made, then divide it by the number of servings you made, that’s the best way to know how much to eat (or alternately you can weigh the whole batch and divide it by weight).

        1. PattyCake says:

          Makes sense. Thanks! Looking forward to tomorrow. Yum!

    4. I start my first P3 tomorrow. I just made the Turkey Chili for my next 4 lunches. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? How can I eat this massive meal??? I started making it in a smallish pot…quickly had to pull out my big spaghetti pot for it. I can’t tell you how delicious this looks and smells. You’ve said often in your videos that you like “big meals.” If the rest of the program has meals like this….this is going to be awesome!


      1. Sorry for all the posts, just one more thing: Waking up this morning to day 1 of P3 with Chocolate Pudding was kind of like Christmas morning. The message I got was “Hey, you busted your butt to get here, you worked REALLY hard. Way to go! Now have some chocolate!” I can’t believe chia seeds make a pudding that rivals anything I’ve ever had. That recipe is a keeper for the rest of my life.

        1. Rayzel says:

          Aww I’m so glad you enjoyed it that much! It makes me so happy that you are enjoying your food- I feel like that’s what we should really be able to do while still maintaining.

      2. Rayzel says:

        Heehee- I hope you enjoy! Yes I do like big meals! The veggies is what makes that possible for reasonable calorie amounts.

    5. I was planning on going about 50 days for my first round, but I haven’t been feeling top notch the last couple days. Headaches, dizzy, “buzzy”….so I decided that 43 days is long enough for this round. 22.5 pounds gone in 41 VLC days…I’m normally a slow loser but this felt very FAST! Today was my last injection. I’m rounding up the shopping list for starting P3. Thank you Rayzel for showing us how to do this right!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hello there! I really hope it goes well on P3, please do check in and let us know! you can email anytime at [email protected].
        And wow girl 22.5 pounds is a great round congrats!

    6. bethbeth66 says:

      I just finished my first breakfast – the chocolate chia pudding. OMG! It was so delicious! After 6 weeks of P2, I pretty much ate this chocolately delight like my ship was going down. I feel like I’m cheating here! But I’m trusting the process! PS: I made the double batch, which I just doubled everything on the recipe correct? I am not a cook so this whole process including cooking will be a learning process for me. I actually took a picture of my fridge last night because it’s NEVER been this packed!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey Beth! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yes you are doing just fine girl – if the recipe says to 2x the recipe, that’s correct you double the recipe you see. Ohhh please send a photo of your fridge to us! We’d love to see it! [email protected] 😉

        1. bethbeth66 says:

          Here is my week one fridge!! Yeah!!! 🙂

    7. What is the purpose of nutritional yeast? Can it be sunstituted?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hi! It has a cheesy flavor that makes things taste cheesy without cheese. You could skip it- it will be just less cheesy and less savoury without it. I hope that helps!

    8. Jacqueline says:

      Is there a recipe I can substitute for Indian Curry in week 1? I don’t like curry & coconut. Thanks

      1. Rayzel says:

        Yes totally – if you look at the original week 1 plan or even the all p3 recipes document under PDF downloads and just choose a p3 recipe that has a similar calorie per serving and use that!

        1. Jacqueline says:

          Thank you Rayzel!!

    9. What can be used in place of mushrooms?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey there! I think you could use either like Zucchini, or green beans, or something like that? Would those work for you?

    10. if we batch cook, is there somewhere where it says how much is a serving of our batch?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey there! Yes in a couple place but most likely you will use what it says on the recipe itself – it will say “botch cooking” in a little box ok the recipe and say “makes 4 lunches” or something like that and you would just eyeball dividing it out. I hope that makes sense!

        1. Yes it does. Thank you!


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