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    WEEK 2

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    Download this for Week 2:

    Two versions of the Simplified Week 2 Meal Plan available.

    DEVICE version - all colorful & stuff:
    Download Simplified Week 2 Meal Plan in FULL Color

    PRINTABLE version - a lot less color & stuff (who wants to spend $653 on printer ink right?):
    Download Simplified Week 1 Meal Plan PRINTABLE PDF

    The Simplified Meal Plan PDF contains:

      1. Calendar Meal plan layout for week 2 (what dish you'll be eating each meal and each day this week).
      2. Grocery List
      3. Batch Cooking Schedules
      4. The Recipes! Can't get too far without those.....
    1. PattyCake says:

      I’m reading ahead to prepare for week two. I don’t really care for pork. Can I use ground chicken instead or substitute a week 1 recipe?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Yes for sure that’s totally fine!

    2. Week one went so great! My weight initially went up 2 pounds from the non-injection low, but fell right back down throughout the week. The food had so much depth of flavor. Even though I used to love to cook, I’m a busy trader and got used to eating all day “out of a bag”…processed food. It’s fun getting back to cooking. Re the Cauli Fritters, I could not find lean ground pork at my store. I know I could have probably made my own from raw pork in the food processor, but I bought the only ground pork I could find. It looked pretty fatty, so I mixed it with equal amounts of lean ground chicken, cooked it all together to render the fat, and rinsed it all in hot water to remove fat. I think it will work great. My fritters did not stick together (probably due to the meat being already cooked), but I made crispy cauli-pork hash. A taste tells me DELISH!!!

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hi there! i’m so glad week 1 went so well. :)- Would love to know how week 2 has gone. That’s a great solution you figured out re the pork and chicken mix – glad you thought of that too, because you’re right regular ground pork can be much higher calorie- later in maintenance, that might be fine. oh gotcha yes – well like you said, a hash works good too!

    3. Hey! Thanks for the recipes. I love them! I was wondering what you’d think the best way to heat up frozen pork cauli fritter would be?

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey Chloe!

        I’m so glad you are loving the recipes! So are you in week 2 of p3 right now then?
        My ideas for that would be to microwave it from frozen if you are comfortable with using a microwave- I used to not use one anymore but I’ve moved on a bit now lol and occasionally use it because it makes eating healthy meals just so much easier at times and stops me from eating a “snack” that’s not as real. Otherwise you might reheat in oven – you might have to experiment a bit with that as far as if defrosting or heating from frozen is best and how long it takes.

        1. Thanks! I’m not in week two yet, but prepping as far ahead as I can. Classes at school are starting soon so I’m trying to prep meals as much as I can now before it gets too busy! I’ll have to try experimenting a bit and see what works best but I figure I’ll end up microwaving. Thanks again!

          1. Rayzel says:

            Sounds good – yep I bet microwave will be fastest- would love to hear how it goes for others!

    4. I knew week 2 was going to be a busy week so I batched cooked for the week on Sunday. The meals were delicious and I didn’t get tired of the repeated meals. I looked forward to them. If I would not have been prepared for the week I would’ve had to grab fast food or may have cheated. Thank you for the Simplified option Rayzel. I can now look forward to the meals I didn’t cook this week on P4.


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