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    Mandoline Slicer

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    Mandoline Slicer

    How to use a mandoline slicer? I know a lot of you are scared, I was scared too! It's intimidating but I've been using this for years now with no accident.

    The reason that they are so great is it's a really quick way to make small bits of vegetables. Small bits of vegetables really does make the difference!

    The mandoline slicer I have comes with different blades and the most important thing is the food holder.

    Here's how to use the mandoline slicer:

    1. Cut the vegetable to make a flat surface.
    2. Place the food inside the food holder to guard your hand from the blade. Keep your hands away from the blade at all times!
    3. Use the right blade for the size you want.
    4. Slide the vegetable down the blade until done.

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