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    Meat - Frozen

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    What do you do when you forgot to thaw your meat? You don't go to McDonald's!

    Here's a few solutions:

    • Frozen shrimp defrost fairly quickly. Just put them in a bowl of water.
    • Grill frozen burger patties. They do take a little longer for about 20-25 minutes and you want to barbecue it at a slightly lower temperature (Medium-Low)  than usual to get it to cook through evenly.
    • You can cook frozen chicken in the Instant Pot in 20-25 minutes.

    For emergencies:

    • You can keep canned meat on hand. You can make a canned salmon real quick with that. That's one of the recipes in my list of quick meals to make when you're rushed.
    • Have a couple of protein powders you like when you're in a pinch.
    1. I love how you are so real. You have been so helpful in this process. Thanks so much.


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