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    Spiralizer - Veggie Noodles

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    Spiralizer - Veggie Noodle

    Steps on How to Make Veggie Noodles

    1. Cut both ends
    2. Pick the size of noodles you want. Some brands have a blade you need to slide in, some brand like the one in the video you just have to turn the blades.
    3. Stick it in both sides of the spiralizer.
    4. Turn the handle.
    5. TAADAA!

    You can also just chopped the veggies really thin.

    If you're a big noodle eater then this might be a good choice but I do have to say that I don't use this that often unlike my Vitamix or Instant Pot which I use everyday. But as I said, if you are a noodle person then this is worth a try.


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