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    Stevia Sodas - How and Why to Make Your Own

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    Make your Own Stevia Soda

    While I do really like the Stevia Sodas you can buy in stores these days, I find that I have to use it in moderation or it will cause me stomach discomfort. For whatever reasons these brands have too much so what I do is make my own stevia soda.

    Here's what I do:

    • I use a BIG glass.
    • Add a flavored or plain sparkling water.
    • Add in STUR flavored drops.
    • Add the powdered stevia and stir.
    • Watch it froth up which is really FUN!
    1. I do this with my soda stream!! It gets me through the day sometimes and makes me feel like I’m cheating!!! Love it!

    2. I am definitely trying this!

      1. Rayzel says:



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