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    Strategy 7: Meals Must Not Be Boring and Bland

    I REPEAT. Your meals must not be boring and bland. If they are I will personally come over and throw spaghetti at you.

    You want to find and use REAL recipes full of flavor to psychologically fill you (not just physically).

    What happens when the meals aren't all that tasty? You get really tired of them, and you think, "I feel like eating out tonight." OR, you find yourself at home after your meal continuing to nibble and snack on other things like chips and guacamole.

    To be clear: there's nothing wrong with eating out. There's nothing wrong with chips and guacamole. But it becomes very easy to simply overeat or not eat home-cooked food frequently enough when we simply aren't getting consistent psychological satisfaction from our day-in and day-out meals. This then leads to the slow creep up of the scale.

    P3tolife recipes are tasty fats, spices, herbs, vegetables and proteins, all mixed together to create a literal flavor explosion in your mouth, bite after delectable bite, you are left with a feeling of being CONTENT with what you eat each day. So you don't go wandering around the kitchen looking for more, or getting puppy-dog eyes for the pizza joint you're driving by. Just the other day my husband told me he doesn't care about eating out nearly as much anymore because our food tastes so much better than restaurant food.

    But seriously, don't believe me - there's a major conflict of interest going on here since I'm the program creator.

    Here's what a few P3tolife members wrote in to me:


    THIS is the sort of thing that allows for long term maintenance because you are truly content with your overall daily eating pattern because your meals fill you up and satisfy you psychologically.

    Darlene put it so well:


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