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    Corrections: with Low Blood Sugar Issues

    Some of you have told me that you absolutely cannot do any intermittent fasting because of blood sugar issues.

    So here are a couple of ideas for making corrections when that is the case and when you need to still eat at frequent/regular intervals:

    1. Lean Protein Days

    To do a lean protein day, you can just snack on something like cooked, plain chicken breast all day (could be grilled and seasoned with spices or lemon and salt) but the idea is to leave out other oils and calories for the day and just snack on the meat protein.

    Protein causes the satiety hormone to rise to it's highest levels, more than carbohydrates or even fat (surprisingly!) so it's easier to eat less on a high lean protein day without feeling deprived. Additionally, this obviously means you won't be eating any carbs that day as well.

    2. Use Miracle Noodles in more meals

    This works well I find because you really do consume less calories in a day without really FEELING like you ate less because of how filling all the fiber in these noodles is. If you add a bag of those noodles to whatever dinner you are having, you will automatically have a lower calorie day that day.

    You can also easily probably combine the 2 above if needed as well.

    Ideally, if you CAN fast, I think this is the best thing, so if you do not have a blood sugar problem, I wouldn't default to this automatically just because of perhaps feeling intimidated by not eating for several hours, however for those with legitimate issues here, I hope these 2 ideas gives you a tactic to try!


    1. Hi Rayzel,
      What are your thoughts on full-fat greek yogurt days to correct? A lot of times it is called Full Fat Fage correction because Fage (love btw) is the brand most use. From what I’ve read and done, it calls for dividing 32oz of full-fat Fage and 8oz of berries into 3-4 servings and only eating that throughout the day. For me, it corrected by 3 lbs in my last P3.
      I’m currently in my last week of P2 in what I plan on being my last round of HCG and would like to know if you think this is a viable correction option in P3toLife.

      1. Rayzel says:

        Hey there Deb! Personally, whatever works for you – do it! If you find this to be effective for you, go for it. There’s so many ways to accomplish the same result. I hope that helps!


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