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    How Fasting Affects the Scale

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    Disclaimer: Intermittent fasting is considered a controversial topic by some AND depending on your health may not be a good idea- so you are responsible for checking with your doctor or medical professional before doing this. I am not a medical professional and the following are just my opinions based on my own experience and the research that I've done. There are quite a few books that expound on both the history and proof of the efficacy of fasting and I firmly believe in it's use, when done the right way, myself.

    Fast Days and the Scale - did you really just permanently lose 2 lbs?

    • It's common to lose 1-3 lbs overnight from a fast day. What I want to make sure you understand here though is that MOST of this is NOT fat. Most of this is water weight and then a small portion of it, maybe 1/4-1/2 lb of it is fat. Which leads to my next very important point to be aware of and to know is expected and normal:
    • The weight you see on the scale the morning after an intermittent fast will not stay that low. Almost without question. You will go back up to some degree the following day and if not then, 2 days following the fast- this is not something to be discouraged over, this is simply some of that water coming back from eating more normally that following day.
    • The other positive thing this helps us realize though is that when you GAIN say 1-2 lbs overnight while trying to stabilize and find yourself facing a steak day, know that this also isn't ALL fat gain.
    • So you will usually notice the scale fluctuate a bit after a fast day over the next couple days and this is nothing to be worried out. Think long term here. So then, if need be, 3 days later, you do another fast day, or perhaps a week later, depending on where you're trying to be on the scale, and once again, you may have a bigger drop but then gain a good portion of that back in the next 2 days. What you will notice is that you are see-sawing down overall- the trend will be down, so that you can lose 2 or 3 lbs over the course of say a month, where you eating a normal amount of calories everyday but those 2-4 fast days you did. Pretty cool if you ask me. I love not being on a "diet" the majority of my time.

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