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    Stabilizing Within 2Lbs

    You can post pictures in your comments below! Please feel free to share your P3 living stuff you're doing to help other P3toLifers visualize and get ideas for how to do this!

    Disclaimer: Intermittent fasting is considered a controversial topic by some AND depending on your health may not be a good idea- so you are responsible for checking with your doctor or medical professional before doing this. I am not a medical professional and the following are just my opinions based on my own experience and the research that I've done. There are quite a few books that expound on both the history and proof of the efficacy of fasting and I firmly believe in it's use, when done the right way, myself.

    Stabilizing within 2 lbs with the use of steak days/fasting days

    I have some articles on my blog - at hcgchica.com - that are free that describe that there may be scenarios when it isn't logical to stabilize in the 2 lbs window or may be impossible for various factors- so for now, you can check that out.
    But in a nutshell, it seems wise to utilize steak days 1 day at time, but again, I wouldn't use the back to back EVEN IF I'm still over the 2 lb window. Becoming stable is really the main goal- whether it's a couple lbs higher to me isn't the point.